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Why Do People Like Funny Cat Gifs

Why Do People Like Funny Cat Gifs

Since their domestication several thousand years ago, cats have walked with humans through evolution and progress and especially in technology. Today, the media is awash with videos and pictures of cats posted by their human fanciers all over the world. These have attracted quite a massive number of fans who browse the web just to see them.

Did you know that there were an estimated 6.5 billion cat pictures on the internet as of 2015? Today, websites with funny cat gifs attract hundreds of million users. This is just but one of many such websites. Something has got to fuel such a huge commitment. This begs the question, what inspires the love for the gifs of cats?

Human-like expressions

Human beings like things that they can relate to. Each of the cat pictures represents an emotion behind it. By looking at one, you can tell if the cat is happy, relaxed, angry, frustrated or many other things. Well, these felines are not so different from us after all.

Cats are cute

One cannot really get enough of the pictures that represent different aspects of a cat’s life. A kitty looks cute whether it is playing, sleeping, talking to you, self-grooming or just walking gracefully. Some cat breeds outshine others so much that you want to reach out and pet the image.

Cats are part of humanity

How does it feel to look at captured family moments and events? It is just human nature to want to capture such things. Luckily for cats, they have managed to edge themselves into this part of human nature and it’s only normal that others would want to share in it. Cat owners use photos to share their life with other fanciers out there.

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Cats are funny

Cat gifs are in the list of the funniest pictures on the web. Their mischievous and curious nature makes it easy for you to catch them mimicking humans, performing gymnastic fits to draw your attention, pausing for photos, sneaking up on you, making faces and sprawling on the floor in weird positions among others. You will have to fight really hard not to burst out with laughter watching these pictures.

Cats remind us of who we are

Cats are intrigued by things that they cannot understand. They don’t have much regard for rules and order and that’s why it is easy for them to mess your house up and still manage to look indifferent. If human beings are allowed, there is a force that beckons them to throw caution to the wind but well, they would rather have cat pictures to remind them of that.

Cat pictures have commanded a large fan base since they started making their way to the internet. Cat lovers have come together on social platforms to share, admire and comment on cat gifs all over the world. People like cat pictures for different reasons. They represent emotions, beauty, cats’ interaction with humans, humour and just a dash of human nature as seen in cats. Cat gifs are a way of capturing moments that words cannot describe.

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