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What You Should Know Before Buying CBD Oil For Your Pet

What You Should Know Before Buying CBD Oil For Your Pet]

Do you have a young pet suffering from severe anxiety? Or the opposite, an old pet dragging her legs due to arthritis and severe joint pains? Well, I believe you’ve already heard of CBD oil for pets. But, does this dose really work for pets as it is with humans?

You see, Cannabidiol effects have been making headlines lately due to its magical effects to humans. According to reports, CBD has been discovered to treat a plethora of common illnesses such as inflammation, pain, anxiety, and some types of cancers among others.

Taking the curing effects of CBD to consideration, it has been discovered that pets can also reap the same health benefits as humans ranging from treatment of anxiety, arthritis to seizure.

Now, while CBD oil for pets has been gaining popularity in most states, there are a lot of things you need to understand before rushing to the nearest store or to your local vet to make a purchase. Due to this reason, this article has gathered some key pointers that are of paramount importance before buying CBD oil for your pet.

Are there any possible side effects of CBD on my pet?

This is the first thing you need to know before you think of buying CBD oil for your canine or feline friend. Although there’s no proven data on the effects of CBD oil to pets, its effects on humans might give you a slight idea of how it might react to pets. Some of the common side effects that your pet might experience include;

  • Dry mouth: CBD can lead to decreased saliva in the mouth which might be manifested by increased thirst by your pet.
  • Lower blood pressure: CBD can lead to a slight reduction in blood pressure creating a feeling of light-headedness.
  • Drowsiness: since CBD oil is used to treat anxiety, the calming effect can cause slight drowsiness to your pet.
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Check the certificate of analysis

You should know that the CBD oils market is now dominated by low-quality sellers looking to make a fortune by selling off-shore and knock-off products. To avoid buying off-shore CBD oils for your pet, check for the certificate of analysis to determine the product’s authenticity.

The certificate of analysis contains laboratory tests and results which should show high amounts of CBD and zero THC on the oils you’re buying.

Quality of the CBD oils matters

The quality and potency of the CBD oil you’re planning to buy is greatly determined by the method in which it’s emulsified. The best CBD oils will highlight “Liposomal emulsion” or “Nano-sized emulsion”. This means that these CBD oils contain small particles that have good to excellent absorption rates. You can also produce the best CBD oil by growing its plant in a grow box kit.

Only go for organic hemp products

It’s said that nature knows best right? So, for your dog to benefit entirely from the phytochemicals and therapeutic effects found in hemp, you need to buy CBD oils made from organic hemp.

Also, choose CBD oils labeled “Full Spectrum CBD Oil” instead of those labeled “CBD Isolate”. This is because the former (Full Spectrum CBD Oil) contains lots of cannabinoids and terpenes found in hemp while the latter (CBD Isolates) contains only CBD.

What common illnesses can CBD oil treat in pets?

Although there are no definitive data, most pet-owners have confessed of anecdotal evidence of what CBD oil can do to your pet. Most of them have claimed that CBD oil can aid in relieving pain (such as neuropathic pain) and treating common seizures.

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According to research, CBD oil contains anti-inflammatory properties, anti-nausea benefits, anti-cancer benefits, cardiac benefits, and appetite stimulation which are aimed at helping your pet in one way or another.

Check the price

Before buying CBD oil for your pet, make sure that you compare the prices to avoid landing on off-shore products. If a CBD oil brand is cheaper than the rest, chances are that the manufacturer has cut corners on quality. Therefore, you need to be careful here to avoid exposing your pet to severe health problems.


Before shopping for CBD oil, there are some key aspects you need to know to ensure that you don’t expose your pet to any health problems. If the information above is not enough, and you want to know more about buying CBD oil for pets, I recommend reading this article:

Finally, you should never forget, that animals react differently when exposed to THC as compared to humans. Therefore, the CBD oil you buy should contain zero THC as even the smallest amounts can cause your pet to react violently.

So, there you have it. If your pet is suffering from anxiety or severe pain, I believe you’ve found the ultimate answer.

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