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What You Need to Consider before Purchasing a Male Dog

What You Need to Consider before Purchasing a Male Dog

As any dog owner will tell you having a dog is one of the greatest experiences in life. When choosing your pet you will want to decide whether you want a male or female. And if you are thinking of purchasing a male pet there are a few things you will want to consider before you make your final decision on whether a boy pooch is right for you.

It May Be Your Only Dog

Many owners don’t realize when they initially purchase a male that they run the risk of not being able to own another male dog in the same house. Of course this is not always the case, but many male dogs won’t allow another male into home. This can be true even if they may be okay with them when outside of the home.

And some pets may be fine living with another male until their dominant position in the home is challenged which can cause fights and serious injuries to both pets. Sometimes this can occur on a regular basis. Typically the best way go if you own male already is to purchase a female as your second dog which can help to avoid male-related issues.


One of the most annoying (and sometimes hilarious) part of owning a male canine is dealing with them mounting and humping things. This can range from other dogs, to furniture, to legs, or stuffed animals among many others. This behavior is simply par for the course of owning a boy dog. Most people don’t realize that the majority of the time this behavior is actually done to show dominance. Mounting in general is more prevalent in dogs which have not been neutered.

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Urine Damage

Canines regardless of their sex will pee in areas they are not supposed to at some time during their lives, especially when they are young. This is something you have to deal with as a pet owner. However unlike females males like to pee a bit higher up. Instead of squatting like females, they will specifically seek out upright objects to pee on in the yard. That’s not only because they have to pee but also because they use their urine to mark their territory so that all dogs in the surrounding areas know it’s theirs.

Unfortunately the upright objects they choose aren’t the ones you’d like. An easy way to get your pet to pee where you want, while at the same time allowing him to mark as much as he’d like, is to give him his very own pee post. Most posts come in the form of hydrants. A dog fire hydrant can be placed in an area on the periphery of your yard or wherever it’s convenient on your property to create a bathroom space. While some dogs may require a bit of training most will use a doggie hydrant naturally on their own. (For a complete guide to hydrants check out this guide: A Dog Fire Hydrant Is Your Lawn’s Best Friend)

Neutering Is a Smart Move

While neutering your male pet is not a must, it is however a very good idea. That is unless you know for sure that you will be breeding your pet. Other than when planning to breed your pet, the benefits of neutering your dog far outweigh the drawback of him not being able to reproduce.  Neutered males have zero risk of developing testicular cancer. And they often also have a reduction in behaviors such as dog aggression and mounting. They are also typically calmer in general and can’t contribute to pet overpopulation.

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