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What is the Best Dog Food for Puppies

What is the Best Dog Food for Puppies

If you’re a new pet-parent, one thing you need to know is that your puppy’s health begins with a healthy diet. Just like toddlers, puppies too require food with minerals and lots of vitamins to aid in brain and muscle development as well as give your pup shiny coat and good vision.

But, unlike adult dogs, puppies have delicate stomachs which require them to feed on easy-to-digest foods to avoid any complications.

Now, if you’ve already searched for the best dog food for puppies, I believe you’ve come across a myriad of food options. Terms such as lamb, all natural, hypoallergenic, semi-moist, dry, wet and grain free have been used as part of advertisement slang by different manufacturers to market their products.

To save you the hassle of doing all the research by yourself, here’s a list of 5 of the best puppy foods that will offer your canine friend a well-balanced nutrition for a healthy strong body.

Merrick Grain Free Dry Puppy Food

Merrick is one of the most authentic dog food manufacturers. They know that a healthy puppy thrives and grows on high-quality proteins, minerals and most importantly healthy fats. With this fact in mind, the Merrick Grain Free Dry Puppy Food is fully packed with useful ingredients such as poultry, fish, fresh produce, minerals and, of course, deboned chicken as the first ingredient.

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What makes this dog food even more reliable is the fact that it doesn’t contain filler, grains, by-products, wheat, soy or any gluten which might cause an allergic reaction to your delicate puppy.

Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Puppy Food

Domesticating your puppy doesn’t mean that she can’t have a taste of what’s in the wild. By giving her this kibble, you’ll have fed your puppy with a combination of essential ingredients which will benefit her body in multiple ways.

First, this dog food is heavy on buffalo, lamb and bison. Secondly, it comes with a healthy addition of fruits and vegetables.

With such a combination of essential nutrients, fatty acids and antioxidants, your puppy will have just enough to boost her immune system, her digestive health and have enough to support her nourished lifestyle.

Blue Buffalo Dry Puppy Food

This dog food is packed with essential all organic ingredients that make you feel like you’re cooking everything from scratch. One upside with this dry dog food is that it’s all natural meaning it doesn’t contain any flavors or artificial sweeteners.

Among the key ingredients you’ll find in this dog food include; real fish, deboned chicken, fruits and garden veggies, minerals, essential nutrients and anti-oxidant rich ingredients.

Hill’s Science Diet Large Breed Dry Puppy Food

This is another fully functional dog food that’s mostly intended for large breed dogs just like its name suggests.

Designed with a precisely balanced high level of ingredients, this dog food will offer lots of nutrients, minerals and healthy fats that are needed for a growing dog. Your puppy will have healthy joints and bones all thanks to its dog food.

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Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Puppy Food

Pups too have their own nutritional needs. If you’re looking for dog food that will cater for your small dog, then this dry dog food will be your ultimate answer. Made from salmon, turkey, and oatmeal, this dog food is packed with lots of useful proteins, amino acid, vitamins and minerals for healthy brain and perfect eye development.

Bottom line

If you’re buying the first dog food for your puppy, then you’re looking for quality food that offers real ingredients that resemble what you use in your own kitchen. From what we’ve just seen, all the dog foods we’ve highlighted here are made of well-balanced nutrition and are free from any artificial by-products, colors, preservatives and flavors which can pose a potential health danger to your pet.

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