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What are the Side Effects of CBD for Dogs and Cats

What are the Side Effects of CBD for Dogs and Cats]

If you’re reading this, chances are that you own a pet. Now, in recent times, CBD has been a major topic discussed across the globe. Most pet parents and researchers alike have continued to discover the magic of CBD especially its ability to cure a myriad of illnesses in both dogs and cats.

Now, while the topic of CBD and its myriad benefits is gaining popularity by the day, one question is racing through the heads of most pet-parents: Is this dose safe and does it cause any side effects to dogs and cats?

Although CBD boasts of having numerous benefits that help to keep your pet strong, there are a number of side effects we can’t miss to mention. So, without wasting any time, let’s go through some major side effects of using CBD on both dogs and cats.

What is CBD?

CBD is simply a short form for Cannabidiol. Derived from the hemp plant, this natural compound is designed to interact with the endocannabinoid system to cause a wide range of therapeutic effects to you and your pet’s body.

Now, since CBD is extracted from cannabis, there has been a long debate about its therapeutic treatment. CBD doesn’t contain any traces of THC (known to cause the high). So, with that said, this article will highlight six common side effects of using CBD for pets.

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Effects of CBD on cats and dogs

Inhibition of drug metabolism

One rare side effect of CBD in dogs and cats is inhibiting the production of some liver enzymes. When given in high dosage, CBD can interfere with the metabolism process of some drugs. Therefore, to avoid this potential side effect, it’s highly recommended that you first talk to your vet before giving your pet CBD while it’s still under medication.


From what we’ve already learned, CBD has a calming effect that makes it highly usable in treatment of anxiety and panic in dogs. If given in high dosage, this calming effect can become extreme leading to drowsiness.

Dry mouth

According to tests and studies conducted on humans, it was discovered that CBD can affect the production of saliva causing dry mouth. Since dogs and humans share a similar endocannabinoid system, your pets too can suffer a dry mouth which can be manifested by increased thirst.

Lowered blood pressure

High doses of CBD have been discovered to cause a temporary drop in blood pressure in your pets. Although the drop is mild, it can cause a disturbing feeling of light-headedness on your pet.


Although CBD is natural and non-toxic, it has been discovered that high doses can increase or worsen the tremors experienced by humans suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Again, since humans and dogs share a similar endocannabinoid system, this condition can also be experienced by pets if high dosage of CBD is given to them.


Another side effect of CBD on your dog or cat is lethargy and overly tiredness. Although this condition is caused by pain, illness or infection, over dosing of certain medication such as CBD can also make your pet lethargic.

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Bottom line

So, there you have it. If you’re planning to give your pet CBD oil for medicinal purposes, I believe you have the ultimate answer. Unlike THC which is psychoactive, CBD is non-toxic and is known to have therapeutic effects which are beneficial to both humans and pets.

With that said, always use a CBD calculator to check the right dosage of CBD you’re supposed to give to your pet to avoid overdosing them.

If you still have questions about side effects of CBD for dogs and cats, the following article will be helpful: It helped me a lot in preparing to write this post.

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