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Tips for Staying in Hotels With Dogs

Tips for Staying in Hotels With Dogs

If you’re an enthusiast traveler and you happen to be a pet-parent at the same time, chances are that you’ve once taken your canine companion to a Spring break vacation. Well, there’s nothing to be afraid of. After all, we do understand that one difficult part of any avid pet-parent is leaving your beloved friend behind when going out for a trip or vacation.

From my own research, I’ve realized that most pet-parents are kind of torn between two worlds when it comes to trips. Some people prefer leaving their dogs behind under the care of caretakers, neighbors and loved ones. Well, while this might be a wonderful idea, most dogs tend to get bored or even sad when they notice their owners are not around.

Luckily, having heard the cry of most pet-parents, a number of top-class hotels have gone ahead to offer a rare accommodation for travelers or rather customers with canine companions. This means that if you’re a dog owner looking to settle-in either for one night for several days, you can have a chance of sharing the luxurious experience with your dog without getting worried about other guests.

With that said, this post will go ahead to discuss eight tips you need to be aware of to make your hotel stay more pleasant without interrupting other guests and hotel users.

Choose a dog friendly hotel

The first tip of enjoying a great summer break with your dog is searching for the best dog friendly hotels. You see, a hotel that offers accommodation for guests with pets doesn’t necessarily mean its pet-friendly.

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Some of these hotels charge high fees for guests with pets while others don’t even provide food or treats for your dog as freebies. Therefore, to avoid any disappointments, make sure the hotel you choose fits your budget and offers a wide range of freebies and rewards such as free breakfast, Wi-Fi and lots of attention to your dog.

Understand your dog

You’ll never learn how to travel with your dog until you do it. You see, dogs are not the same. While some breeds are comfortable when traveling, most dog breeds tend to be stressful and nervous when visiting unfamiliar territories.

Don’t be surprised or even angry when you see your dog behaving weirdly in a hotel. Instead, try and figure out what exactly is causing your dog’s anxiety and try to fix the problem if it’s possible.

For instance, if your dog is not comfortable with elevators, you can opt to book a room either on the ground floor or near the stairways. On the other hand, if your canine friend is highly distracted with noise from people walking in or out, you can try leaving the lights and the TV on just to create a friendly environment for your dog.

Create a comfortable environment for your dog

To ease your dog’s anxiety and create a comfortable environment for her to stay in, you may want to bring along some familiar staff such as her favorite toys, blankets or maybe her crate or carrier just to make her feel like she’s at home. This way, your dog will calm down and feel more comfortable thus reducing the possibility of an accident especially when you’re away.

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Understand the hotel’s pet policy and rules

Before booking a hotel, it’s highly recommended that you read through the hotel’s pet policy and rules to gain a solid understanding. It’s also advisable to make your bookings via a phone call so as to ask the necessary questions.

Among the questions you’re supposed to ask include: whether or not there are pet fees, can you leave your dog alone in the room, will you pay for damages caused by the dog, does the hotel have a special staff that can take care of your dog while you’re away and, are there weight and breed limitations?

Pack the right gear

When preparing for a vacation, you should always remember to carry your dog’s essentials depending on the length of your vacation and the mode of transport. To avoid carrying unnecessary staff, it’s wise that you first make a call to your hotel destination to inquire about their services to help adjust your dog packing checklist.

Some hotels may offer dog beds, treats and bowls all at an affordable fee while others may offer the same services but at an unbearable fee forcing you to pack your entire doggie staff to avoid overspending.

Stick to your routines

Going to vacation doesn’t mean that you should change your dog’s eating, exercising and sleeping routines. Just like how you do it at home, your dog should be fed at the same time, exercise and sleep in a normal routine. If your dog is used to socializing with other pets around, you should try and find a dog park nearby to help her calm down and feel like she’s at home.

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In addition to that, the location of the hotel you’re in should be near an outdoor park, a market, a beach or a monument where your dog can go out to play. Remember, the more tired up your canine companion is, the better she’ll enjoy her sleep.

Share your phone number with the front desk

If you have to leave your dog all alone in the room time after time, then it’s best that you share your contacts with the front desk. This way, the hotel’s management will easily contact you in case your pet is nervous or stressed. Remember, continuous barking or whining of your dog can cause discomforts and tension to other guests and dogs alike.

Mind your mess

The first rule you should adhere to the minute you check in with your pet is to clean up after your pet. If your dog relieves herself outside the green space, you should clean it up by placing the poop in your poop bag. In case of any damages caused by your pet inside the room, you should call the front desk immediately to resolve the issue.


Traveling with your dog can either be fun or challenging depending on how well or how badly prepared you were. Since most people prefer traveling with their pets, making proper preparations beforehand is one way of guaranteeing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both you and your furry friend.

Having mentioned eight tips you need to adhere to when staying in a hotel with your dog, I believe your next summer or winter break will be more fun-filled than ever before.

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