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Tips For Dressing Up A Dog

Tips For Dressing Up A Dog

Though we may always find dogs suit up in apparels cuter, pet owners should take precautionary measures to guarantee their hounds’ safety and comfort.  We did some research to present these vital but straightforward tips for dressing up your pet dogs!

So, is putting your canine in a sweater or wrapping a bandana around your dog’s neck a good idea? Remember to give your pet’s safety and convenience your main priority before garbing them out.

The right tips for dressing up a dog that he’ll/she’ll love!

It may look cute for the onlookers to see a canine all dressed up. But is your pet dog comfortable with what it’s wearing? Is he safe wrapped around those clothing? These tips for dressing up a dog will guide pet owners on how to do it safely and more comfortable for their pet hounds.

Pet owners should always be cautious if clothing makes their pet untroubled and most of all safe. It’s crucial to remember that no matter how adorable your DIY or ready-made dog costumes are, the dog inside should be the owner’s priority. The last thing we dog-lovers want is to have fun, but sacrificing our loved pets their comfort and safety.

There are no right or wrong reasons on how we should dress up our furry friend as long as we make sure there are no dangers. Even collars or bandanas for small dogs may be dangerous, because they could get wrapped tighter on their neck.  The owner should use its best judgment on clothing its pet.

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How to identify that your dogs are not comfortable or safe under the clothes:

It’s never a delight anymore if you see your dressed dog lowers its head, its ears flat, and eyes are round. They’re a call of a distressed pet. We may find them dainty, but these are symptoms that our beloved canine feels stressed. Before flaunting your dressing up a dog ideas on the street, spot these signs first at home.

According to Petful here are some signs not to ignore when dressing your canine:

  • Dog’s whiskers are flat
  • Eyes are wide
  • Pinned-back ears
  • Licking their lips
  • Dogs keep yawning
  • Dog’s heavy panting
  • Your pet dog is slinking away from the owner
  • The dog keeps shaking its body as if after its bath

Dressing Your Canine And How To Do It Safely

Our pets are very much like their owners. They have different preferences and personalities like humans when dressing up! And some puppies are more difficult to work than the others. These situations can be a challenge when putting our canine friend into their OOTDs. So, here are tips when dressing up your pet:

Gently introduce the pet apparel

It’s not best to force the pet into the outfit in a snap of a finger. A lot of pets get terrified by the new feel of the material. This sudden action makes some pet respond resentfully. Certified dog trainers recommend to slow things down. Gradually  allow your puppy familiarize the process into smaller steps:

  • Let the dog be familiar with the smell of the clothing by allowing your furry friend sniff the material.
  • To allow your pet to be familiar with the feel of the clothing, let him/her lay its back on the apparel. In this way, your pet becomes familiar with the texture of the garment.
  • Reward your pet every time she reacts positively on your dressing up session.
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Petful  presented the proper pet costume rules on dressing your canine to ensure safety and comfort:

  • To ensure your pet’s safety, be sure the fit of the apparel is not too tight or not also lose. Your furry and loyal friend should be able to walk, sit, and toilet commonly.
  • Make sure the costume doesn’t cover the dog’s mouth, whiskers, eyes, or ears as not to impair their senses.
  • Pet owners should also check if the material doesn’t have any strong chemical scent or odor. A dog’s sense of smell is utterly sensitive, and any strong odor will distress the pet.
  • Stay away from flammable materials. Check all the time for candles and lanterns around your pet. This alert is to prevent horrid accidents from happening.
  • Cover small parts like buttons to avoid your dog chewing them off and swallowing them. You can use Velcro to secure the costume.


Be cautious before deciding to flaunt your pet with the cutest stuff in the universe around it.

Their safety and comfort should be our primary concern before the fun of it. When we love our pets, we do all things, not for the joy in our part, but their bed of roses.

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