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The Health Benefits of CBD for Pets

The Health Benefits of CBD for Pets

Cannabidiol and CBD are used interchangeably because they mean the same thing. CBD is a chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant. Currently, scientists have found that cannabis has nothing less than a hundred different variants of cannabinoids.

Marijuana is the first thing that comes to the mind of most people when the cannabis plant is mentioned. Marijuana has a reputation for getting humans high, but there is no need to panic about your pets getting high from the use of CBD because it does not contain the primary psychoactive ingredient contained in marijuana. This psychoactive ingredient is called tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC.

On the contrary, pet owners should be enthusiastic about CBD for pets as it has a lot of health benefits. That explains its increasing popularity for the treatment of different health related issues.

Cannabidiol has been proven to be good for maintenance of homeostasis and treatment of pediatric seizure disorders in humans. However, that extends beyond only humans as it holds so many benefits for pets as well.

What Are the Benefits of CBD for Your Pets?

Different studies have revealed that CBD has numerous health benefits for pets. Some of these benefits include:

  1. CBD helps in anxiety reduction

Just like humans, pets get anxious. This explains why pets like dogs exhibit some separation anxiety traits such as excessive barking anytime their owners leave them.

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When dogs are anxious or stressed they become aggressive, tend to chew shoes, rubber or furniture or even go as far as urinating and defecating abnormally.

A lot of pets also have noise phobias which affect their reaction whenever there is a strange noise. By administering CBD on your pets, they get less anxious and they are able to remain calmer.

  1. CBD is an effective pain reliever

CBD is popular among humans as an effective pain reliever. Well, that effectiveness isn’t limited to the human system. What is good for man is sometimes good for the pet.

Studies indicate that CBD helps in relieving different types of pains like inflammation and mobility pains. In essence, it functions as a reliable anti-inflammatory. It explains why so many dog owners use it for relieving the chronic pain of older dogs that have arthritis.  Administering CBD on your older dogs make mobility easier for them and helps them retain more active energy.

A study was recently conducted on dogs with osteoarthritis. Some of the dogs were treated with CBD daily while others were treated with placebo oil. The result of the study at the end of 4 weeks indicated that the dogs who were treated with CBD oil improved more significantly than other dogs on placebo oil. These dogs had less pain. They were also more active.

  1. CBD serves as an anticonvulsant

Pets also have seizures, spasms and tremors. CBD is an effective treatment for any of these conditions and it has no harmful effect on the liver. This is a side effect of a lot of other medicines for treatment of seizures.

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In most instances, medications such as phenobarbital administered for the treatment of epileptic pets have some extreme side effects.

Research has, however, shown that CBD could be the right treatment of this condition with no side effect.

  1. CBD makes pets regain lost appetite

When your pet is exhibiting any signs of loss of appetite then you should consider administering CBD. It has a way of getting them hungry. Also, when your furry buddy feels nauseous, try  CBD.

There are several other medications like aminopentamide, acepromazine  used in the treatment of these conditions. While these drugs may be helpful in reducing nausea and vomiting, they have several adverse effects like strong sedation, excessive drooling and diarrhea.

On this front, CBD remains a better alternative as it can be used for treating nausea without these adverse side effects.

  1. CBD helps in fighting cancerous cells

Studies highlight that CBD likely has an anti-tumor effect which can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Also, it contributes to the death of tumor cells by preventing the continuous production of energy.

  1. CBD helps to maintain homeostasis in your pet’s system

Homeostasis occurs when the body is in equilibrium and physiological systems are functioning properly. However there are times when this may not be the case and that opens the system to diseases.

Studies have shown that CBD can help in striking a balance in the body system as it affects so many bodily processes.  Thus, CBD can be used not only as a treatment for an illness but also as a regular health supplement.

  1. CBD helps to reduce the effects of different  autoimmune diseases

Studies have shown that CBD has the potential to reduce the production and consequent release of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Inflammatory cytokines can cause your pet to develop hypersensitivities or any form of allergy.

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Autoimmune diseases are primarily caused by the inflammatory autoimmune phenotype. CBD can decrease its occurrence. Its anti-inflammatory advantage also helps with the reduction of the symptoms that comes with autoimmune diseases.


CBD holds so many benefits for your pets. You should speak with your Vet to know which form is most suitable for your pet. However, if you are buying yourself,  purchase products that are made for animals. Some CBD products made for humans contain trace quantity of THC. As earlier mentioned, THC may be toxic to the animals.

There are different CBD care products in varying forms. CBD pet care products could be chewable or capsules. It could also be in an oil form that can be added to add to your pet’s food, or in the form of topical balms or creams that can be applied straight on their skin.

It can also be administered in treat form or liquid form. It appears that while treat may be more appetizing, liquid option encourages ease of administration of different dosages.  How you choose to administer to enjoy the benefits indicated above largely depends on preference, prescription and purpose.

However, regardless of the form of  CBD, its benefits for your pets remain constant.

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