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Target Dog Food Container Review

Target Dog Food Container Review

A dog food container is a must to purchase thing as it helps to keep the food of your dog in a safe and secure position. However, it also prevents your dog from overeating the food. Thus, choosing the target dog food container is easy now with the below-mentioned information. In this article, we have concluded the best products that you can purchase online.

Lixit Treat Jars for Dogs

Top Pick

Lixit Treat Jars for Dogs


AIRTIGHT SEAL: Our pet food containers feature an airtight seal to ensure the freshness of your pet’s foods. WIDE MOUTH DESIGN: Makes it easy to add and remove the contents from the jar.

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Lixit has introduced airtight treat jars for dogs with paw-some prints to safeguard the quality and freshness of the treats. The product measures 4” in length x 4” in width x 8” in height. It also weighs a little south of 8 ounces, a fairly good weight for such a large container product. Quite effortlessly, the treat jar can hold up to 128 ounces of dry dog or cat pet treats. Lixit has 2 other sizes in which the product is available: 44oz, and 64oz. There are two colorways available in this particular model: white (bone print) and grey (pawprint). You can purchase a size and color that suits your taste.

This is a sturdy jar made of top-grade, BPA-free plastic, making it safe to preserve all your pet’s kibbles. The airtight feature makes the dry snacks last for longer with the same freshness you witnessed while opening it for the first time. Although your dog loves the whiff of his treats, it may seem funny to the human nose, that’s why the airtight feature helps in keeping odors inside the treat jar. The wide-mouth opening for the jar brings you all the comfort when rewarding your canine companion. The wide-mouth makes it easy to add and remove the contents. One can easily grab a handful of treats during feeding time.

This product’s design is a rare mix of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Outside, dog-bone or paw prints give it a cute, pet-friendly, charming vibe. These prints are on a transparent plastic background which helps to understand the content levels of the treat jar. It is a fun and exciting way to store kibbles and treats in a market full of homogeneous products.

Petmate Mason Treat JAR 150OZ

Top Pick

Petmate Mason Treat JAR 150OZ

Holds up to 150oz of treats

Screw top lid keeps food fresh Transparent design lets you know when to refill Made in USA

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Another brilliant product on the market is the Mason Treat Jar by Petmate. This Mason jar-inspired pet food storage container is a standout item in the plethora of options available on the market. The Petmate treat jar measures 12.0″ in length X 12.0″ in width X 16.7″ in height while weighing anywhere in the ballpark of 2.5 pounds. The nice dimensions and flat sides produce a stackable product, ensuring food saving and space-efficiency. The simple dimensions make it easy for a very house-friendly product. It’s a mid-sized option in its range and is capable of holding up to 30 pounds of treats and kibbles at a time.

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The range offers two other options in the same color: 15 pounds (smaller option) and 50 pounds (larger option). You tend to save more if you shake the container while pouring in the treats or kibbles. Petmate Mason Jar is made up of high-grade, BPA-free plastic that is pet-friendly and is safe to make contact with dry treats. The plastic, while pliable and flexible, is thick enough to easily hold up for anywhere around half a decade. It is super easy to clean and care for, with only a light scrubbing session once a month. The airtight feature with a rubber-sealed lid helps in keeping the contents fresh and eliminates the perishability aspect.

The easy-grip lid and wide-mouth make the food easily accessible. The treat jar has a shape inspired by the mason jar. It has no fancy or playful prints or colors on it. The multicolored tint on the treat jar is a boon for the pet owner. It provides color while helping you understand the level of content. So, refilling a jar is a cakewalk. Overall, this product is a very straightforward and practical solution to storing your pet’s dry food.

Set of 2 Glass Jars with Lid (2 Liter) | Airtight Glass Storage Container” for Food, Flour, Pasta, Coffee, Candy, Dog Treats, Snacks & More | Glass Organization Canisters for Home & Kitchen | 68 Ounces

Top Pick

Set of 2 Glass Jars with Lid (2 Liter)

68 Ounces

BPA-FREE CRYSTAL-CLEAR GLASS – We don’t cut corners with our kitchen accessories. These 5.5 x 8-inch candy jars are made from thick, pro-grade glass. This BPA-free, lead-free glass is ultra-durable.

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Tired of storing all your dog treats in the same ineffective containers? Marbelous has brought you an all-new 68-ounce Glass Jar Set with Lids to add a new, classy and effective way of preserving your pet’s chows. Each of these jars measures 5.5” in length and 8” in width. These sweet dimensions make it ideal for pet food organizers in the kitchen or pantry. Considering the glass-based make, both glass jars weigh anywhere around 7.2 pounds, a little heavy in the segment.  Marbelous offers another variant of the same range, a set of 3 Glass Jars of 34-ounces with very similar features except for a few additional features that make the larger one a better choice.

Marbelous makes these glass jars without cutting any corners in the production process. They use thick, pro-grade glass to make these premium treat jar storage solutions. The benefit of using the best quality materials is creating crystal-clear BPA-free, lead-free glass which is more durable than most low-grade storage jars. Each of these jars incorporates airtight technology and comes with a sleek glass lid and a rubber gasket that forms a tight-fitted seal. This assures the pet owner that all the edibles inside maintain freshness, providing safety and security from pests. It delivers protection from humidity and moisture to keep the food from going rancid. The wide opening of the mouth makes it easy to access and fill in the dry pet foods in the storage jar.

Cleaning and maintenance is bliss for anyone busy, it is dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe for every individual’s convenience. This Glass Jar is an aesthetically-pleasing and functional option in your home. The crystal-clear glass is the perfect solution to add to your home décor while organizing things and making it space-efficient. The chic option to store your dogs’ treat jars is a perfect complement to any interior design. Marbelous has found a product with limitless application, whether it is for storing your kitchen essentials or your pet’s necessities. They’re great for storing items like dog treats, cat food, birdfeed, snacks, cookies, flour, sugar, coffee, pasta, spices, tea, and so much more. It’s a truly versatile product that rises for every and every occasion.

Vtopmart Cereal Target Dog Food Container Set, BPA Free Plastic Airtight Food Storage Containers 135.2 fl oz for Cereal, Snacks and Sugar, 4 Piece Set Cereal Dispensers with 24 Chalkboard Labels

Top Pick

Vtopmart Cereal Target Dog Food Container Set

135.2 fl oz for Cereal, Snacks and Sugar, 4 Piece Set Cereal

Pour the Food Out Easily—- With a hole in the lid, you can pour the food out easily without opening the lid. To enhance the sealing capabilities of these plastic food storage containers, we add the silicon seal around the flip lid opening. Our airtight containers are designed with comfortable ergonomic grips, you can hold the container effortlessly even it’s full.

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Vtopmart has innovated an unrepeatable pet food storage container that comes in a set of 4. Each of these is 3.6-quart large containers available in the set, measuring  9.6” in length x 4.3” in width x 9.75” in height. The dimensions are perfect to keep the containers on the countertop, shelf, or inside the cabinet while ensuring space-efficiency and great organization in the kitchen or pantry. These containers are available in different colorways: blue, black, pink, and multi-color, to suit your personal preferences. Vtopmart has a long list of similar products that may fulfill your pet food or kitchen storage needs depending on your personal needs and size.

The pet food storage container is made up of first-class, BPA-free plastic material, so you don’t have to worry about the toxins your pet’s food will be in contact with. Thanks to the superior quality, the pet food container has improved its durability by ten folds; it surely will last even after 4-years of daily use. These are specifically built to take the wear and tear of a daily food storage container in the kitchen or pantry. It has one of the smartest and most sophisticated sealing capabilities. The 4 sided-locking lids have the usual sealing ring on the inside of the lid. Also, an added silicone seal on the flip lid opening that ensures no humidity, moisture, or water from seeping inside the container.

This upgraded sealing innovation ensures that dry pet snacks and other kitchen staples are super fresh, dry, and secure. The design of this product is impeccable. We all have surely dropped the pet’s food storage container, considering this as a recurring problem, Vtopmart has come up with an amazing solution. The container has a comfortable ergonomic grip that lets you hold onto it firmly without using much grip strength. The top 2 standout features that distinguish the product are: Labels and Food Dispensing Hole. The container comes along with 24 label pieces, they’re reusable, you can just wipe with a damp cloth to change whatever you’ve written.

All you have to do is peel, stick, wipe, and re-stick to label the container with chalk, or a white marker. The food-dispensing hole in the lid helps you pour the content with ease without having to open the entire lid and scoop out the treats. The airtight food container is perfect for storing not only pet dry snacks and storage but also storing flour, brown sugar, grain, nuts, beans, snacks, pasta, coffee, tea, etc in an organized manner. The multipurpose usage and protection makes it one of the top-rated products on multiple e-commerce websites.

GreenJoy Airtight Pet Food Storage Container with Dish Bowl+ Measuring Scale+ Seal Buckles (3 Packs), BPA-Free Plastic for Dogs, Cats, Birds and Label Removable

Editors Choice

GreenJoy Airtight Pet Food

BPA-Free Plastic for Dogs Cats Birds and Label Removable

[BPA Free Food Grade Plastic] – Made of no odor and food-safe material, it’s safe enough to hold any kinds of food for pet and people.

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Greenjoy brings you an all-new set of 2 Plastic Pet Food containers with a dish bowl. This set is sure to provide utility to all pet owners in storing and feeding your pet conveniently. This set of 2 airtight plastic food storage containers measures 8.1” in length × 3.7” in width × 8.1” in height with a 2” radius hole on the lid for dispensing food. Each of these containers has a food and water holding capacity of 2.25 pounds and 2.5L, respectively. The collapsible dish bowl can hold up to 400 ml of liquid and 0.4 pounds of solid treats or edibles. Great storage capacity makes bulk-purchasing ideal. The brand also offers a bigger option of the same product for storing and serving pet food to big-sized dogs.

Greenjoy has used high-quality, BPA-free plastic raw materials to make the pet food bin. The use of superior food-grade plastic ensures that there is no odor reeking outside the container or in close proximity. It is safe enough to store all kinds of pet or human food. The container has a 4-sided airtight lid-locking system which helps in keeping the food dry and safe for a longer time. The tight-fitted locking system prevents pests (ants, bugs, and mice) from seeping inside the container. Meanwhile, it also helps with food from going rancid due to moisture and humidity. The dog food container has adopted a groovy design with great ergonomics to improve the grip-holding capacity of the pet owners. The container has a measuring scale etched on the transparent exterior to quantify the snacks.

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It is a space-efficient option on the market because of the stackability of the product. You can pile one on top of the other with utmost ease. To make serving during feeding time even more convenient, they have provided a collapsible dish bowl along with the hole in the lid. This is an economical and practical solution for storing your pet’s dry snacks. There isn’t any fancy design or aesthetically-pleasing aspects to entail you purchasing the product. It is a straightforward solution that solves multiple pain points.

mDesign Tall Plastic Pet Storage Canister Jar with Lid – Hold Dog/Puppy Food, Treats, Toys, Medical, Dental and Grooming Supplies – Medium – 3 Pack – Clear

Cool Pick

mDesign Tall Plastic Pet Storage

Great for Dogs, Puppies, Cats

EASY TO USE: Each vanity jar has a removable lid and a wide mouth to make accessing man’s best friend’s necessities simple; Easily find what you are looking for; Canister jars can be used throughout the home

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If you ever need something small and sturdy to hoard your furry friend’s chows healthily while maintaining the freshness, mDesign has got the perfect product for you. Pet storage solutions offer a set of 3 identical plastic food storage canisters. This is a smart choice of pet storage solution because of the right dimensions and weight. Each of these containers measures 4.5″ in diameter x 6.4″ high, which is perfect for storing the container inside a cabinet or letting it rest on the shelves. Since these are made of premium quality plastics, they’re super lightweight to be moved around by all pet owners.

The mDesign classic canister jar is made of durable BPA-free and Chlorine-free plastic. It is shatter-resistant and can easily take away the damage of any mishappening. The care and maintenance of this container is minimal. Hand washing the container with mild soap and water is acceptable, but cleaning through a dishwasher is a big no-no. The opening and closing is relatively simple, and it possesses a removable lid with an easy-grip knob that allows for good gripping. The wide-mouth makes it simpler to access dry pet snacks, and scooping chows and a cakewalk The translucent plastic helps you to understand the content levels inside the container. All the kibbles can be easily viewed at a glance, making it easier to search, whenever needed.

This vanity jar is cleverly designed to save space while providing plenty of room to store an array of small essentials for your furry (and not so furry) pets. This container can cover a broad spectrum of functionalities and occasions. It can separate and organize wet or dry foods for dogs, cats, fish, and their accessories, medicines, supplements, and much more. The universal approach to design (transparent) makes it ideal to be put in your home for decor, in the garage to keep nugget-sized tools, etc. There is no limit to how versatile and all-purpose this tool is.

IRIS Premium Airtight Pet Food Storage Container, Smoke

Cool Pick

IRIS Premium Airtight Pet Food Storage Container, Smoke

Tapered shape from top to bottom; easy to clean

Holds 42-lbs dog food, 35-lbs cat food, 63-lbs of bird seed, 69-lbs cat litter Made in the USA; FDA-compliant and BPA-free material

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The renowned brand, Iris USA, has rolled out an all-new range of premium airtight pet food containers. This 55-quart plastic food container is a brilliant solution for storing your pet’s food. The product measures 18.5” in length x 13.6” in width x 22.9” in height while weighing around 4 pounds. This smoke-colored food storage container comes in three other sizes: 15-quart, 28-quart, and 67-quart to suit every individual’s needs. This particular food storage container can hold up to 42-lbs dog food, 35-lbs cat food, 63-lbs of birdseed, and 69-lbs cat litter.

This premium airtight food storage container is made of top-notch plastic quality. The plastic used in the production process is BPA-free and complies with all the norms of the FDA. The airtight seal keeps out the moisture, humidity, and pests to maintain the freshness while keeping it safely secured. To ensure the container is compact and sealed properly, a snap-tight latch has been incorporated to shut it tight and keep the insides pest-free. The food bin has been tapered from the top to bottom. This design helps to function the container as a stackable piece in the kitchen or pantry (space-saving).

The wide-mouth of the container helps with the cleaning and maintenance of the interiors. Scooping and refilling the food bin isn’t much of an ordeal. For easy mobility, Iris has included free-wheeling casters to move the container in and around your home. The casters make moving heavy-weighted containers a cakewalk. The plastic food container is translucent with a smoke-colored tint, which helps in making out the contents and its level. Now, you will never miss a chance to refill your pet’s dry food while also bulk-purchasing it. There has never been a more complete solution to all your pet storage problems.

The above mentioned containers are the best target dog food containers that you can purchase online. This information would turn out to be helpful in finding the ideal product for storing your dog food.

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