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Prop money that used in Cats & Dogs movie

Prop Money is getting a high momentum day by day as it is extensively in-use in several industries nowadays. This Prop Money is a part of Cinema, Production, Finance Departments, Theater, Commercials, and much more where money showcasing is involved. The prop money is also used in Cats & Dogs movie! So, what is it that prop money?

Prop Money is of many types and qualities, and the selection of any kind of prop money majorly depends upon the need for the criteria.

If the scene demands extensively real prop money, a double-sided fully and sincerely printed prop money is considered.

If you are in the same boat and need to know how to get the best quality Full Printed Two Sided Money, read the guide below. Don’t forget to thank me later!

An Essential Guide to Full-Print Double Sided Prop Money:

The following are the factors you need to consider to get the finest quality double-sided prop notes that depict realistically.

Get a Rightly Sized Piece of Paper:

Measure the exact size of the currency that you are going to replicate for the prop money. Try finding a solution to cut more pieces in less time, and for this, you can use professional paper cutters. You can also order the accurate-size papers to a paper company to save time.

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You can also play smart here, print the money over a roughly sized paper, and then cut to fit the size. The choice is yours!

Printing the Prop Money:

For printing, you can either download the money worksheets (templates) available online or use government-issued watermarked images.

Try using layout templates that let you change texts and numbers to avoid legal issues.

Give your Printed Money a Realistic Touch:

There are specific ways you can use to make the printed paper look real. The most common method is quickly dipping it in the coffee water or tea water to give it a pale brownish or greenish look.

Perfecting the Paper Structure for Real-Look:

The notes are never wrinkleless and straight like a paper right out of the photocopier. They have wrinkles and cracks, and to depict reality, ruffle up the paper money and roll them up to roughen up the paper.

Piling a Stack of Notes:

Once you are done with the printing, sizing, and final touches of the prop money, it is time to compile them in a stack. Just grab some of the fake currency and put them one another to make a pile. You can even approach 20000 in 20s.

To finalize a pile or stack of money, you need to wrap it with a money band or a simple elastic band, and you are all ready to rock!!

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