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Make the Best Hygiene and Dog Care

Make the Best Hygiene and Dog Care

Prevention is better than cure, as the saying goes, so good hygiene and care for our pet consists of observing him closely and showing him regularly all the attention necessary for his good health and well-being. This care and attention make you closer to your pet, reinforce your complicity, protect his health, and let you avoid all the problems that can occur unexpectedly during a walk or a contact with other animals, such as a dry eye, an ear infection, etc.

Coat and healthy skin

Your dog is the part of the family and you should treat him as such. You should brush him regularly, so you can monitor his coat and ensure he has healthy skin, free from any parasites, fleas, ticks or inflammation.

Dental hygiene

Your dog breathes the joy of life and it’s nice to see! You take care of him daily to keep his vitality and energy. As he eats well, you think you do not need to worry about his oral health. But did you know that lack of care for your dog’s teeth can lead to serious health problems?

4 out of 5 dogs over 3 years old have oral problems (gingivitis, periodontitis, bad breath). In fact, when eating, bacteria and food remains form a plaque on the teeth, that, once mineralized, becomes a tartar, which is very harmful to the health of your pet. Tartar is responsible for bad breath, but also for larger problems such as inflammation of the gums and abscesses.

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Good dog dental hygiene is essential to keep his teeth and gums healthy, and absolutely necessary to reduce plaque and tartar. Like humans, dogs need frequent cleaning of the teeth to avoid bad breath and oral infections. So, no question of neglecting the step of brushing teeth: your dog needs specific care to ensure good oral hygiene.

You can do this by using a fingertip toothbrush (which attaches to the index finger) or a classic dog toothbrush . These accessories can reach all areas in the mouth of your dog to prevent a plaque. This care to be done at least every 2 to 3 days and must be accompanied by special products for the dental hygiene of your pet, for example an anti-tartar dog toothpaste. Spray or oral solution are also required for effective washing the teeth of your companion.

Eye cleaning

For the cleaning of the eyes of your dog there are lotions and products specially adapted to heal light inflammations, gently clean the eye area, and remove the unsightly stains due to lacrimal secretions of your dog, that are especially visible on the white and clear hairs.

Ear cleaning

Check your dog’s ears regularly. Make sure that everything is fine and it does not scratched excessively. Look at the ear canal, especially if your dog has dangling ears. You can cut the dog’s ear hairs that grow in the ear canal with round-ended scissors, so that you do not hurt it.

An auricular solution will clean your dog’s ears thoroughly. You must choose only solution based on natural raw materials, non-alcoholic and non-irritating. Some ear cleaning products have also an antiparasitic properties.

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For a perfect hygiene of your dog’s ears use wipes. Some of the dog cleaning wipes have a mild formula with aloe vera particularly suitable for frequent use.

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