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Looking for Pet-Friendly Apartments What You Need to Know

Looking for Pet-Friendly Apartments What You Need to Know

Finding a new pad for a living is one thing, and finding one that allows your Fido to join you is another course entirely. With that said, no matter where you live, it is never easy to find an apartment that’s pet-friendly when it is time to move to a new location. Your pet is a member of the family. As a result, you would not want to abandon them or put them in a shelter home when you are moving home. For your luck, there are plenty of apartments that allow pets. However, finding a place that allows your furry friends to join you is not the only thing that matters. Leaving home can be hard for pets, especially cats and dogs as it takes them a while to get used to new places. So, you need to be careful when looking for pet friendly apartments.

In this post, we will share some tips and advice that you should consider if you are moving home with your pet.

#1 Start an early search

The internet is indeed a pet-friendly blessing. Since the introduction of the internet, finding apartments has never been this easier. However, it will take time from narrowing down the best apartments you like to choose the one that fits your and your pet’s needs. Hence, you are advised to start an early search. Starting early will give you plenty of options. It will allow planning your budget, review on what you need and what you don’t, and the opportunity to visit the places you have narrowed down to have a thorough look. On the other hand, if you are currently renting, leaving things pending till you are a week or two away from the expiration of your tenancy could cause problems. For starters, if you fail to find a pet-friendly apartment on time, you may have to leave your pet in a kennel or a shelter (where you have to pay) until you find a suitable place.

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#2 If possible, look for private landlords

Private landlords often welcome pets. They have no issue opening their home to loving families and their pets. In most cases, landlords don’t mention pets in their ads. Thus, you should ask the question. Contact the landlord, get in touch with them, and discuss your pet. You may realize that they are perfectly fine with having your Fido. On the other hand, professionally-managed buildings have a strict no-pet policy. But some may allow if you are able to talk your way into it. Overall, seeking the services of a private landlord is the best and recommended.

#3 Get in touch with local animal societies

You may be surprised to know that there are several animal societies in your local area that are dedicated to the protection of pets. These societies can help you answer – how to find pet-friendly apartments. They can help you find a place that has been welcoming pet owners over the ages. Moreover, if you are lucky, they may also help you find a place that’s dedicated to pet owners. The best part about contacting such societies is that you will get information that’s more detailed than the adverts. They can provide you with information about what types of pets different apartment communities allow. This will prevent you from looking at the wrong places.

#4 What’s the size of your pet?

While no one wishes to discriminate against dogs, if you have a Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Great Dane, St. Bernard, or any other large dog, property owners might be afraid of their safety or the safety of their property. Hence, you need to keep this in mind when searching for a new apartment for you and your Fido. Some places you look into might have restrictions on the size of the pets the landlords are willing to accept. These criteria aren’t mentioned in the adverts they post on newspapers and online. Some landlords have strict restrictions about the pet’s size. Some say that the pet must weigh between 20-50 pounds, while others have no restrictions. So, you must discuss this factor in person with the landlord.

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#5 You need a place that’s nearby green space

Pets, especially dogs, need lots of exercises, and it is not possible when you are limited by space. Seek out for a pet-friendly apartment that’s nearby green space or is located nearby a park. This is important because you will need a place for Fido to do his business and for getting those four legs stretched and the right amount of exercise. A park is a convenient place for such kind of activities where you can play fetch, throw a Frisbee, or simply walk, allowing your dog to sniff and explore the area.

#6 A place that’s near your workplace

It can’t be said that you will spend a whole lot of time with your pet. Well, you need to pay the rent, bills, or focus on your studies. So you will be out of the apartment most of the time leaving Fido alone. However, if your office is nearby, you can come at any time to check on your pet. That is, if you work away from home, make sure that you can get back easily to walk your pup. Else, you need to appoint a dog walker who will take care of your dog’s needs.

#7 Lastly, consider the flooring of the apartment

Dogs, when left alone, tend to make messes. And even if your dog is well behaved, accidents can happen. He may tend to chase down a rat or chew down the carpets, etc. As a renter, you will be responsible for your dog’s deeds. The flooring, for example, is important in this perspective. Carpet flooring can be easily chewed down by Snoopy. Moreover, it can trap allergens, dirt, and hair. This can be harder to clean and maintain. Hardwood flooring, on the other hand, is easy to take care of, but water damage can be a concern. Concrete flooring is the best option when it comes to upkeep.

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Final Words

Finding an apartment that’s pet-friendly may seem easy at first. However, numerous factors go into the play when searching for pet-friendly apartments. If you have any queries regarding this aspect, feel free to ask us.

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