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Keeping a Cat The 411

Keeping a Cat The 411

If the internet hasn’t convinced you enough to get a cat, we don’t know what will. To be honest, cat memes and snippets are what floods most Instagram and face book feeds.  Whether you’re a cat person or not, you are aware of the fact that keeping cats as a pet is not rare but rather very common. Whilst no one really knows when and how this trend started, we do know that social media and “animal pro” websites have played a profound role in the increase in cat–keeping.

Cats are known to be generally clean animals, as they usually keep themselves clean most of the time. For most owners who decide to keep their cat indoors though, they prefer to pamper their cat a great deal by giving their pet a shower and taking it to the salon (talk about having another roommate). Whilst upbringing and taking care of a cat is very much dependent on the breed of the cat and the owner itself, cats are a good option if you want a playful companion (and somehow have a thing against dogs).

Before deciding on whether you want or should keep a cat or not, there are a few things to take into consideration. The following are a few things you need to keep at the front of your mind whilst making the decision:

  1. Commitment: Are you willing to commit to the responsibilities that come with taking care of a cat? If not, this reason alone should be the reason why you shouldn’t keep one or any other pet for that matter as they all need some level of commitment. Even a goldfish bowl needs cleaning every now or then.
  2. Finances: Do you plan on purchasing a specific rare breed of a cat? Or are you still working out a budget and need help with sorting finances? If this is the case, know that a cat isn’t exactly cost-free. In addition to that claim, cat food and visits to the vet can cost you a pretty buck too. Be ready for unexpected trips to the vet and, as mentioned before, be ready for the commitment.
  3. Spaces and Places: Do you have enough room to let your cat roam free in your house? Or do you share your apartment with another partner? You need to make sure you allow the cat to have its own space. Usually, cat owners have a small place designated to your pet but beware: they are not that obedient and you’ll need to set some boundaries for your pet.
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What Breed Is Right for You?

Not all cat breeds are the same nor can they be treated as such. Some cats are lazier than others and can actually be forgotten about altogether. The most active breed out there is known to be the Japanese bobtail, a cat owned by many others due to its active, playful nature. On the other hand, other cat breeds such as the Abyssinian cat and the Siamese are also not bad options for if you’re looking for a playful cat. Keep in mind that these breeds are high maintenance and you should know this before you land yourself in the kitty box yourself!

Grooming that Fur: Taking Care of Your Cat

Whilst it’s easy to fall back into your old habits after you’ve had your fun of keeping a pet, it’s important to keep your cat groomed and clean at all times. Companies are now focusing more on grooming tools such as the FURminator due to the increase in demand of such supplies. If you’re unsure of how exactly to go by the grooming process and what chemicals you should be using on your pet, don’t hesitate to ask your vet for advice.

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