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Is San Diego a Dog Friendly City

Is San Diego a Dog Friendly City

San Diego is among the cities with one of the most amazing weather in the country. The city is never too hot or too cold, which makes it perfect destination for most people including dog owners. With just a minimal amount of rainfall throughout the year, the city is one of the suitable vacation places for you and your dog. However, it is good to mention that at times weather in San Diego can vary a bit.

San Diego has consistently been among the most dog-friendly cities in the U.S. For instance, a study by WalletHub, a financial website that searched where pets experienced the top quality of life ranked the city third on the list of 100 urban areas in the country. The city excelled in pet business per capita (first position), where it came first, animal shelters per capita (second position), dog-friendly restaurants (first position). However, the ranked poorly in walkability and veterinary care costs, where it ranked 30th and 51st positions respectively. But considering the pet owners’ strengths in the city, it is likely that they are comfortable with bearing costs for pet health care.

San Diego also ranks high in the highest number of dog-friendly shopping centers, housing prices and boasts of more than 200 restaurants that have a space reserved for dogs. With almost 200 local restaurants on list, which are ideal places for pet owners to bring their dogs, the city ranks high in the list of the cities with dog-friendly eateries. Besides, the city has fewer dog parks, but it makes up for this with several dog-friendly beaches.

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Also, you can find a lot of dog friendly hotels in San Diego, what is very important considering that staying in the hotel with a dog may be a problem.

Apart from the city of San Diego, there are other metropolitan areas within the county that are worth the consideration of any dog owner. These include:


Encinitas is a dog-friendly town in the coastal region in San Diego County. The town has 42 wonderful pet-friendly restaurants, which include Beachside Bar & Grill and Potato Shake Cafe. Besides, the city also offers plenty of places to go and many dog-friendly activities.

El Cajon

El Cajon is city nestled in a valley and surrounded by mountains. It is home to one of the famous off-leash dog park known as Wells Park. The park has a fenced in dog section with benches, drinking water, shade trees, as well as light, which allows for night walking. In addition, El Cajon boasts of 18 pet-friendly restaurants, which include Luna Cafe and Downtown Cafe.

La Jolla

La Jolla has 80 pet-friendly restaurants, such as Spice & Rice Thai Kitchen and Cody’s, which makes it among the best places in San Diego County. Apart from the restaurants, the town has 120 pet-friendly stores.


This metropolitan area features three off-leash dog parks, including Pat Merrit Dog Park, Riverwalk Dog Park, and Carlson Dog Park. The town is also ideal for doggie hikes in the Wildlife Preserve and Hidden Valley Nature.

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is one of the beautiful coming neighborhoods with among the most dog-friendly environment. The area has 9 pet-friendly restaurants listed on BringFido and excellent dog beach.

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Overall, most households own a dog, and almost 70 percent of the owners consider pooches as part of their family. Therefore, finding a home that is ideal for the family when settling down and checking the concerns of your furry friend is equally important. San Diego is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the country as it has over 200 restaurants that offer spaces for dogs. Besides, it is also home to other facilities that ensure that dogs enjoy the best quality of life.

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