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How to Choose a Good Cattery

How to Choose a Good Cattery

If you are a cat owner/lover, then you are familiar with the guilty conscience associated with leaving your cat in the care of a stranger. This is a normal feeling, especially if you are so attached to your feline friend. However, sometimes there’s nothing you can do other than getting the best cattery for him or her before you jet off to your holiday destination.

With numerous options to choose from, finding the right cattery can be demanding. But don’t worry, the following tips will not only match your cat with a suitable place to stay but also give you the much-needed peace of mind while enjoying your time away from home.


Since grades of catteries vary from budget to luxury, you should check the price and choose from those you can afford. For example, if you are in eastern England, pay attention to Cattery365 with their superior service. The daily price Cattery365 offers is very affordable, so you can lodge your cat there without emptying your wallet.

Dietary requirements

Although it may sound basic and obvious, the nutritional health of your cat is a crucial factor to consider when looking for an excellent cattery.  In case your feline buddy has some special dietary needs that have to be met, then you have to find a location that can handle such requirements with ease.


You want to leave your cat in a place that feels like a home away from home. As such, make sure that the location you choose offers individual units for the cats to stay in as opposed to a shared space. The accommodation must also be warm and allow ample natural light. The running section should be separate from the sleeping area. Only cats belonging to a similar household should occupy this area together. What’s more, ensure that the individual pen has enough space to allow the separation of the litter tray and feeding bowl.

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Vaccination and medical issues

Only deal with a cattery that requests for recent vaccination records relating to flu and other illnesses such as enteritis, a widespread contagious disease. Do not take any chances as far as your beloved cat’s health is concerned. If he or she has not received any vaccination jabs against such diseases in the past, then you have to start planning for your holiday or trip early enough. The reason is that the vaccination takes about five weeks before being fully effective. Also, if your cat has any existing medical issues, find a cattery that will take proper care of him or her, including administering the appropriate medication and care.

Outdoor run

Bear in mind that some catteries only offer indoor accommodation. If your cat is a fun of the outdoors, then a location with an outdoor run is ideal. The good thing about such features is that they provide better ventilation, which prevents the widespread of illnesses and bacteria.

Safety passage

Select a cattery that has a safety passage, as it helps in enclosing the entrances of the individual cat units. This feature makes the recapturing of the cats that try to escape easier. Keep in mind that these animals are fast, and they can easily outrun anybody who opens their pen to clean or feed them. However, a safety passage can prevent them from going anywhere.

The above tips can help guarantee the safety, care, and well-being of your cat when you are away. However, nothing beats a physical visit to some of the potential cat boarding near you so that you can see if what they claim on their website represents the actual situation on the ground. Also, getting recommendations from your friends, family members, or colleagues can prove useful.

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