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How Much and How Often Should You Feed Your Cat

How Much and How Often Should You Feed Your Cat

When you have decided to adopt a cat, one of the first things that concern you is how much and how often should you feed your cat. This is an imperative question that impacts the health of your little pet. In this article, we are helping you find the answer to this question.

How Much Should You Feed Your Cat?

According to Petsoid, answer to this question depends on numerous facets including your cat’s age, weight, the kind of food you are feeding, its activity, whether or not she is pregnant or nursing, etc.

Kitten vs Adult Cats

Kittens need to be fed more to support their growth as opposed to adult cats. A kitten up to six months should be fed at three times a day. And from the age of six months to maturity, it can do well with two times a day.  Moreover, an adult cat (one year) should be fed once or twice a day. In fact, if your cat is healthy with no medical issues, feeding it once a day is adequate.

Health Concerns

If your cat is dealing with any health complications, you may have to feed him according to its medications. For instance, if it suffers from diabetes you have to feed your cat based on the insulin insertion.  Furthermore, when your cat ages, its teeth may become weak and develop gum diseases. At this stage, you may have to offer it canned food, because dry food may be difficult for them to chew.

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The Type of Food

The kind of food you are feeding your cat is also a factor while considering how much you should feed your cat. A high-quality dense dry cat food is boasted with nutrients; hence require smaller portions as opposed to low-quality cat food. Moreover, often cat parents provide their cats with dry food, supplemented by canned food once or twice a week. If you are only feeding your cat dry food, then it is important that you encourage it to drink more water.

Generally, dry food contains around 300 calories per cup, whereas canned food contains approximately 250 calories in every 6 ounces. The average weight of the cat is around 8 pounds, so it will require around 4/5 cup of dry food or 2-3 ounces of canned food in a day. You can adjust this proportion based on what your cat prefers to eat. Typically, cat owners feed their cats in the morning and evening; but you can adjust the timing based on your schedule as well because the end goal is to get them the right kind of food and in the right quantity.

Throughout your cat’s life, you will need to change its diet to accommodate its growing lifestyle and dietary requirements. It is important that you get a veterinarian, in order to assess the health condition of your cat. The doctor will suggest what your cat needs and based on that suggestion you can modify its diet to ensure that your little pet is getting the right nutrition.

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