Cats Dogs Blog The Ultimate Pet Blog Wed, 21 Oct 2020 12:06:59 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Prop money that used in Cats & Dogs movie Wed, 21 Oct 2020 10:00:40 +0000 Prop Money is getting a high momentum day by day as it is extensively in-use in several industries nowadays. This Prop Money is a part of Cinema, Production, Finance Departments, Theater, Commercials, and much more where money showcasing is involved. The prop money is also used in Cats & Dogs movie! So, what is it that prop money?

Prop Money is of many types and qualities, and the selection of any kind of prop money majorly depends upon the need for the criteria.

If the scene demands extensively real prop money, a double-sided fully and sincerely printed prop money is considered.

If you are in the same boat and need to know how to get the best quality Full Printed Two Sided Money, read the guide below. Don’t forget to thank me later!

An Essential Guide to Full-Print Double Sided Prop Money:

The following are the factors you need to consider to get the finest quality double-sided prop notes that depict realistically.

Get a Rightly Sized Piece of Paper:

Measure the exact size of the currency that you are going to replicate for the prop money. Try finding a solution to cut more pieces in less time, and for this, you can use professional paper cutters. You can also order the accurate-size papers to a paper company to save time.

You can also play smart here, print the money over a roughly sized paper, and then cut to fit the size. The choice is yours!

Printing the Prop Money:

For printing, you can either download the money worksheets (templates) available online or use government-issued watermarked images.

Try using layout templates that let you change texts and numbers to avoid legal issues.

Give your Printed Money a Realistic Touch:

There are specific ways you can use to make the printed paper look real. The most common method is quickly dipping it in the coffee water or tea water to give it a pale brownish or greenish look.

Perfecting the Paper Structure for Real-Look:

The notes are never wrinkleless and straight like a paper right out of the photocopier. They have wrinkles and cracks, and to depict reality, ruffle up the paper money and roll them up to roughen up the paper.

Piling a Stack of Notes:

Once you are done with the printing, sizing, and final touches of the prop money, it is time to compile them in a stack. Just grab some of the fake currency and put them one another to make a pile. You can even approach 20000 in 20s.

To finalize a pile or stack of money, you need to wrap it with a money band or a simple elastic band, and you are all ready to rock!!

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A Quick Guide to Magnetic Screen Door for Dogs Wed, 21 Oct 2020 09:13:33 +0000 If you were searching for a magnetic screen door for dogs or looking for its benefits, get happy because you are in the right place. We will brief you on the advantages of a magic screen door and the ways to mesh screen doors.

Magnetic screen door keeps the privacy, comfort, and safety of your home intact, but meanwhile, it gives you a chance to see outside of your home without opening the door. The more exciting thing is passerby cannot foresee inside your house even if the doors are open.

It allows the sunshine and fresh air to enter the door without letting the door open. But the thing is how to mesh screen doors and how to avail these practical advantages??  Just scroll down to know the quick guideline of weaving the screen door; we have compiled many reasonable steps for your ease.

PART 1- Preparing the Magi Mesh:

  •     Spread out the Magic Mesh over the ground or another large and even surface.
  •     Pick up the magnets and arrange them symmetrically.
  •     Now peel the 12 adhesive strips and apply it to the back of the Magic Mesh screen.

PART 2- Applying the Magic Mesh:

  •     Use a clean and damp piece of cloth to wipe away dirt or debris from the surface door frame and let it dry.
  •     Measure the door’s height using a measuring tape because it will prevent it from touching the ground.
  •     Use a measuring tape to determine the width of your door frame and mark the center point with a pencil.
  •     Now you are just a few steps far, join the top and middle part of the Magic Mesh.
  •     Attach the mesh around the perimeter of the door and move out towards one side of the door, later another.
  •     Put the tacks through the mesh and push the nails into the wooden frame.
  •     Now all the steps are done, and it turns to Test out the Magic Mesh screen by walking several times through its center.

The magnet will automatically split away when you pass through the magnetic screen door and close back together once you leave the doorway.

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What You Should Know Before Buying CBD Oil For Your Pet Sun, 18 Oct 2020 10:37:39 +0000 Do you have a young pet suffering from severe anxiety? Or the opposite, an old pet dragging her legs due to arthritis and severe joint pains? Well, I believe you’ve already heard of CBD oil for pets. But, does this dose really work for pets as it is with humans?

You see, Cannabidiol effects have been making headlines lately due to its magical effects to humans. According to reports, CBD has been discovered to treat a plethora of common illnesses such as inflammation, pain, anxiety, and some types of cancers among others.

Taking the curing effects of CBD to consideration, it has been discovered that pets can also reap the same health benefits as humans ranging from treatment of anxiety, arthritis to seizure.

Now, while CBD oil for pets has been gaining popularity in most states, there are a lot of things you need to understand before rushing to the nearest store or to your local vet to make a purchase. Due to this reason, this article has gathered some key pointers that are of paramount importance before buying CBD oil for your pet.

Are there any possible side effects of CBD on my pet?

This is the first thing you need to know before you think of buying CBD oil for your canine or feline friend. Although there’s no proven data on the effects of CBD oil to pets, its effects on humans might give you a slight idea of how it might react to pets. Some of the common side effects that your pet might experience include;

  • Dry mouth: CBD can lead to decreased saliva in the mouth which might be manifested by increased thirst by your pet.
  • Lower blood pressure: CBD can lead to a slight reduction in blood pressure creating a feeling of light-headedness.
  • Drowsiness: since CBD oil is used to treat anxiety, the calming effect can cause slight drowsiness to your pet.

Check the certificate of analysis

You should know that the CBD oils market is now dominated by low-quality sellers looking to make a fortune by selling off-shore and knock-off products. To avoid buying off-shore CBD oils for your pet, check for the certificate of analysis to determine the product’s authenticity.

The certificate of analysis contains laboratory tests and results which should show high amounts of CBD and zero THC on the oils you’re buying.

Quality of the CBD oils matters

The quality and potency of the CBD oil you’re planning to buy is greatly determined by the method in which it’s emulsified. The best CBD oils will highlight “Liposomal emulsion” or “Nano-sized emulsion”. This means that these CBD oils contain small particles that have good to excellent absorption rates. You can also produce the best CBD oil by growing its plant in a grow box kit.

Only go for organic hemp products

It’s said that nature knows best right? So, for your dog to benefit entirely from the phytochemicals and therapeutic effects found in hemp, you need to buy CBD oils made from organic hemp.

Also, choose CBD oils labeled “Full Spectrum CBD Oil” instead of those labeled “CBD Isolate”. This is because the former (Full Spectrum CBD Oil) contains lots of cannabinoids and terpenes found in hemp while the latter (CBD Isolates) contains only CBD.

What common illnesses can CBD oil treat in pets?

Although there are no definitive data, most pet-owners have confessed of anecdotal evidence of what CBD oil can do to your pet. Most of them have claimed that CBD oil can aid in relieving pain (such as neuropathic pain) and treating common seizures.

According to research, CBD oil contains anti-inflammatory properties, anti-nausea benefits, anti-cancer benefits, cardiac benefits, and appetite stimulation which are aimed at helping your pet in one way or another.

Check the price

Before buying CBD oil for your pet, make sure that you compare the prices to avoid landing on off-shore products. If a CBD oil brand is cheaper than the rest, chances are that the manufacturer has cut corners on quality. Therefore, you need to be careful here to avoid exposing your pet to severe health problems.


Before shopping for CBD oil, there are some key aspects you need to know to ensure that you don’t expose your pet to any health problems. If the information above is not enough, and you want to know more about buying CBD oil for pets, I recommend reading this article:

Finally, you should never forget, that animals react differently when exposed to THC as compared to humans. Therefore, the CBD oil you buy should contain zero THC as even the smallest amounts can cause your pet to react violently.

So, there you have it. If your pet is suffering from anxiety or severe pain, I believe you’ve found the ultimate answer.

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Top 5 Pet Apps for Smartphone Sun, 18 Oct 2020 10:36:44 +0000 Now that we live in a digital age, there’s an app for everything, even for your pets! Thanks to these handy mobile apps, our pets are happy and healthy as never before. When we talk about pet apps for smartphones, the streamlined design of these applications makes them easy for you to use. From social media to healthcare, exercise tracking, etc., these apps are specially designed for your pets. However, with a plethora of options available, it can be daunting to choose the best app. This is the reason we have come up with some pet-friendly apps for you to look at.

Let’s get started.

#1 Dog Walk

If you want your dog to get on an exercise schedule, then the Dog Walk app from Tractive is the one to download. The app uses your phone’s GPS for recording your dog walking route. The route is displayed on the map along with total distance and time. The best part, you can take pictures from within the app, record your dog’s walking routes, and share them with your friends and other dog walkers, and you can even use the app to record activities. This is the best way to get your dog and yourself on routine.

#2 Pet Pals

There is a new social media app for our pets. The Pet Pals is an iOS and Android application, which is basically like Instagram for pets. You can share photos of your pet, send out friend requests (pals) to other pets, and more. This is a photo-sharing app for pets that come with a “Pet of the Week” feature where your pet has the opportunity to submit its profile and win the title of pet of the week. This is something fun that pet lovers can do. It not only lets your pet meet new animal friends but is also beneficial for owners as well, allowing them to meet new people from the pet-loving community.

#3 iKibble

If you are unsure about the foods that your dog can eat, download the iKibble app now. This app provides you with a list of the common foods that tells whether they are dog-friendly or not. This is the best way you can prevent poisoning your dog. Each food on the list comes with a health rating system. So, you can know whether to share your lunch with your dog. You should install this app, especially if you are new to dog ownership and parenting.

#4 Cat Fishing

Does your kitty constantly keep on staring at the aquarium? If yes, then give it a chance to fish and have fun. No, we are not talking about letting your cat jump into the aquarium and catch some fish. The Cat Fishing app lets your cat virtually fish with its immersive design and interface. It is a game that gets harder with every fish caught.

#5 VitusVet

VitusVet is your pet’s very own medical record keeper that stores all the medical information, including the disease your pet had, the medications prescribed, and more. Most importantly, if you have pet insurance, you can submit your claims and share medical records with the agents straight from your phone.

These are some of the best apps for your pet that you can consider downloading. All these apps are free to download, and you will get the most out of it for your pet.

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Tips for Keeping Pets in New York City Sun, 18 Oct 2020 10:35:48 +0000 New York is considered to be one of the busiest cities in the world. The city is actually a “hustle and bustle” type of place where everyone is busy working hard to earn a living. But, living in cramped apartments and a busy lifestyle doesn’t mean that New Yorkers can’t spare some space for a pet or two.

In fact according to the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), there are roughly 1.1 billion pets in New York City with 600,000 being dogs and 500,000 being cats. With such statistics, it’s likely that in every three homes there’s one with a pet.

But, the reality is that owning a pet in the New York can be tricky. While some apartments do allow them, there are others that give restrictions while others charge extra bucks.

Now, having done immense research on the subject, this article will offer you some useful tips on how to keep pets in the New York City.

Know where the parks are

In New York alone, there’s nearly 29,000 acres worth of park space. The best thing about these parks is that they offer immense amenities for your four-legged friend especially if you have proof of ownership and your pet is rabies vaccinated.

Parks such as Central Park (800 acres) has immense recreational amenities for your pet such as enclosed dog parks and endless jogging and walking routes. Other parks that offer outstanding dog services include Riverside Park and Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village.

Be aware of annual pet events

Although New Yorkers are considered to be busy individuals, they do have a sense of love and affection for their four-legged friends. This is demonstrated by annual events where they spare some time to celebrate and interact with their pets.

Most of these events, such as the Easter Bonnet Festival, are pet-friendly or rather pet-centric meaning you and your pet will have a chance to interact with lots of other pets and pet-parents across the city.

Go for a ride

Need to give your pet some ride around town? No problem. Your pet will receive a warm welcome in aboard the Metro-North Railroad either on leash or in a case provided it doesn’t interfere with the comfort of other passengers.

Other areas include MTA buses and the Long Island Railroad provided they’re nestled safe and sound in a canvas bag or a case.

Are there pet day cares around?

Just like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, New Yorkers are busy people. For that reason, if you’re a pet-parent who spends a larger part of the day doing office work, finding a dog daycare is a brilliant way of ensuring that your four-legged friend will get proper care and the much needed attention.

The best thing about daycare centers is that they not only socialize with your pet but they also offer extra services such as grooming, training, feeding and veterinary care for your pet.

Find dog-friendly restaurants

If you have a pet in New York, you need to be creative and plan ahead. By this, I mean that you have to recognize pet-friendly restaurants that are within your vicinity. This will help you save more as you don’t have to travel long distances just to get a meal for your pet.

Nose hoop for your cat, really?

A unique and distinctive style in your personality.  Maybe you won’t be as beautiful as your cat, but nose rings will upgrade YOUR look! Which jewelry you should buy? Do not look for another nose ring than Opal Nose Hoop.

Final words

So, if you’re a pet-parent living in the New York, then I believe these five tips will prove to be helpful to you and your pet. The best thing about this city is that it has immense pet-friendly resources which are enough to meet all your daily pet demands.

Unfortunately, New York has some restrictions for keeping pets in apartments, so I would recommend to move to a house on Long Island for more space and a yard for both humans and the pets.

Whether it’s taking a walk across the park, eating some meals in pet-friendly restaurants or exploring the city via the subway, there are plenty of activities you can do with your pet provided you’re creative enough to plan ahead.

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The Health Benefits of CBD for Pets Sun, 18 Oct 2020 10:34:52 +0000 Cannabidiol and CBD are used interchangeably because they mean the same thing. CBD is a chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant. Currently, scientists have found that cannabis has nothing less than a hundred different variants of cannabinoids.

Marijuana is the first thing that comes to the mind of most people when the cannabis plant is mentioned. Marijuana has a reputation for getting humans high, but there is no need to panic about your pets getting high from the use of CBD because it does not contain the primary psychoactive ingredient contained in marijuana. This psychoactive ingredient is called tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC.

On the contrary, pet owners should be enthusiastic about CBD for pets as it has a lot of health benefits. That explains its increasing popularity for the treatment of different health related issues.

Cannabidiol has been proven to be good for maintenance of homeostasis and treatment of pediatric seizure disorders in humans. However, that extends beyond only humans as it holds so many benefits for pets as well.

What Are the Benefits of CBD for Your Pets?

Different studies have revealed that CBD has numerous health benefits for pets. Some of these benefits include:

  1. CBD helps in anxiety reduction

Just like humans, pets get anxious. This explains why pets like dogs exhibit some separation anxiety traits such as excessive barking anytime their owners leave them.

When dogs are anxious or stressed they become aggressive, tend to chew shoes, rubber or furniture or even go as far as urinating and defecating abnormally.

A lot of pets also have noise phobias which affect their reaction whenever there is a strange noise. By administering CBD on your pets, they get less anxious and they are able to remain calmer.

  1. CBD is an effective pain reliever

CBD is popular among humans as an effective pain reliever. Well, that effectiveness isn’t limited to the human system. What is good for man is sometimes good for the pet.

Studies indicate that CBD helps in relieving different types of pains like inflammation and mobility pains. In essence, it functions as a reliable anti-inflammatory. It explains why so many dog owners use it for relieving the chronic pain of older dogs that have arthritis.  Administering CBD on your older dogs make mobility easier for them and helps them retain more active energy.

A study was recently conducted on dogs with osteoarthritis. Some of the dogs were treated with CBD daily while others were treated with placebo oil. The result of the study at the end of 4 weeks indicated that the dogs who were treated with CBD oil improved more significantly than other dogs on placebo oil. These dogs had less pain. They were also more active.

  1. CBD serves as an anticonvulsant

Pets also have seizures, spasms and tremors. CBD is an effective treatment for any of these conditions and it has no harmful effect on the liver. This is a side effect of a lot of other medicines for treatment of seizures.

In most instances, medications such as phenobarbital administered for the treatment of epileptic pets have some extreme side effects.

Research has, however, shown that CBD could be the right treatment of this condition with no side effect.

  1. CBD makes pets regain lost appetite

When your pet is exhibiting any signs of loss of appetite then you should consider administering CBD. It has a way of getting them hungry. Also, when your furry buddy feels nauseous, try  CBD.

There are several other medications like aminopentamide, acepromazine  used in the treatment of these conditions. While these drugs may be helpful in reducing nausea and vomiting, they have several adverse effects like strong sedation, excessive drooling and diarrhea.

On this front, CBD remains a better alternative as it can be used for treating nausea without these adverse side effects.

  1. CBD helps in fighting cancerous cells

Studies highlight that CBD likely has an anti-tumor effect which can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Also, it contributes to the death of tumor cells by preventing the continuous production of energy.

  1. CBD helps to maintain homeostasis in your pet’s system

Homeostasis occurs when the body is in equilibrium and physiological systems are functioning properly. However there are times when this may not be the case and that opens the system to diseases.

Studies have shown that CBD can help in striking a balance in the body system as it affects so many bodily processes.  Thus, CBD can be used not only as a treatment for an illness but also as a regular health supplement.

  1. CBD helps to reduce the effects of different  autoimmune diseases

Studies have shown that CBD has the potential to reduce the production and consequent release of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Inflammatory cytokines can cause your pet to develop hypersensitivities or any form of allergy.

Autoimmune diseases are primarily caused by the inflammatory autoimmune phenotype. CBD can decrease its occurrence. Its anti-inflammatory advantage also helps with the reduction of the symptoms that comes with autoimmune diseases.


CBD holds so many benefits for your pets. You should speak with your Vet to know which form is most suitable for your pet. However, if you are buying yourself,  purchase products that are made for animals. Some CBD products made for humans contain trace quantity of THC. As earlier mentioned, THC may be toxic to the animals.

There are different CBD care products in varying forms. CBD pet care products could be chewable or capsules. It could also be in an oil form that can be added to add to your pet’s food, or in the form of topical balms or creams that can be applied straight on their skin.

It can also be administered in treat form or liquid form. It appears that while treat may be more appetizing, liquid option encourages ease of administration of different dosages.  How you choose to administer to enjoy the benefits indicated above largely depends on preference, prescription and purpose.

However, regardless of the form of  CBD, its benefits for your pets remain constant.

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The Best Fish for 10 Gallon Fish Tank Sun, 18 Oct 2020 10:33:54 +0000 The presence of a cat or dog in the house does not prevent you from having an aquarium also. Moreover, it can even become a good entertainment for your pets making them stare the fish for hours.

If you’re interested in keeping a 10-gallon fish tank, you should know what you could stock on it because it is a small tank. It is a nice starter tank that you can begin with; however, you should not overstock it. As the tank is very small, it is important to know what species do not require much space, are friendly and have a peaceful temperament.

So if you would like to choose the kind of fish for your tank, you can keep reading in the following section. It highlights freshwater and saltwater fish to consider for the 10-gallon fish tank.

What Is 10 Gallon Fish Tank?

The 10-gallon fish tank is a water-filled tank that serves as a home to your pet fish and other living creatures including the plants inside it.

This tank is small and is ideal for hobbyists who have just started with fish keeping. It is usually made of acrylic or glass. It can be either a freshwater or a saltwater tank.

There are certain types of fish species that you can keep in this fish tank, and a few of them we’re discussing next.

Best Freshwater Fish for 10 Gallon Tank

If you are starting with a 10-gallon freshwater aquarium, you can consider keeping the following fish.

Tetra fish

You can start with Neon tetra, Cardinal Tetra or Glowlight. These cute fish is good for a small tank because they don’t have a large space requirement. One thing that contributes to that is their lack of activity, too. These fish are also peaceful and can live in co-existence with other species in harmony.


While these fish are ideal for a small tank because of their space and size requirement, they must be only with peaceful fish like the White Cloud Mountain Minnows and Ember Tetra.

Sparkling Gourami

It is another option for freshwater fish species, which are only growing up to one and a half inches in length. You will love these cute fish due to their amazing color. You can add them to your aquarium for a livelier looking tank even if they’re not too social.

Dwarf Corydoras

They are peaceful and bottom-feeding species that you can keep in schools with at least six pieces. You can also rely on the Corydoras when it comes to keeping your tank clean. However, you should give them some sinking pellets for their sustenance.

Best Saltwater Fish for 10 Gallon Tank

While the saltwater tank requires more upkeep than the freshwater variant does, it is rewarding for aquarists looking to keep saltwater fish even in a nano or small tank like the 10-gallon capacity tank. They include the following.

Catalina Goby

If you’re a seasoned fish keeper, you can choose it as one of the species for your fish tank. Their full-grown size hardly pasts two inches and have a peaceful temperament. However, take note that they are quite sensitive.

Crown Goby

The fish species are suitable for beginners because they are easy to keep. They can make your tank more beautiful because of their bright color. They are not shy, and in fact, they love it out there in the corals.

Neon Goby

The neon goby is a good choice for beginners because they grow small only two inches, and they have a peaceful temperament.

But then, these little creatures are quite aggressive when it comes to defending their territory. However, they require an extremely hardy tank but not much space.

Hoping you learned something from this post about the best fish for 10 gallon tank. Our team always works hard to share valuable information that you can use in starting a small or big tank.

Did you like this post? Tell us in the comments. Finally, share it on social media today! 

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Pet Supplies Plus Pet Supplies Made Easy Sun, 18 Oct 2020 10:32:59 +0000 Finding pet supplies for any kind of pet is very simple now than it has ever been. From a dog to a cat or any other pet, you can get pet supplies online. It’s possible to find a selection of products that you need from several franchises, for example Pet Supplies Plus, to get the most affordable of them.

Through the power of internet, you can purchase almost everything in online stores including pet food, dog supplies, cat supplies, puppy supplies, pet supplements & vitamins, pet beds, clothing, and much more.

The products available are constantly modified and if you order from Pet Supplies Plus, you can locate franchisesthat provide free shipping. You can get your pet a designer collar, a simple pet collar, cooling mats, stylish clothing, heated beds, chew toys, the products are limitless.

And don’t think that these are a knock-off or counterfeit products! Oh no, you can discover quality brand name products from companies that you know and trust. There is no need to choose between cheap pet supply online stores and reasonable ones.

Types of pet supplies

There are different categories of pet supplies are available in the Pet Supplies Plus. While some are common for all sorts of animals, there are others that may differ depending on whether you have a dog, cat, bird or another animal.

But, whatever animal you may select as your pet, you will constantly need some basic necessary products, such as nutrition, as well as a lot of other things that help you to train it, groom and keep strong. Also, to take care of any health issues, from time to time you may also need to buy certain medications.

How to buy

Buying from the Pet Supplies Plus is easy, however first you have to understand what exactly you want to purchase and whether the required products are availble in the chosen online store. While some franchises are dedicated to the wholesale pet supplies, the others are limited to products associated with a particular creature, such as dog, cat or horse.

You can save money by comparing prices offered by the various wholesale providers. Many companies provide discount rates, while others offer free shipping or other benefits in case you buy a certain amount of goods via Pet Supplies Plus.

Advantages of purchasing online

Purchasing supplies online for your pet has never been so much simpler. Besides the obvious advantage of not leaving your house and having to visit several stores for all your pet needs, there are other benefits. For example, with one-stop on the online purchasing, you can reduce your sales tax paid as well as delivery costs.

You will also discover that online shop price is cheaper than in physical shop places. This is because they do not have as much operating expenses to pay, so they pass along the cost benefits onto customers in the form of lower costs on supplies. Also, you can look for coupon codes which can be used to reduce even more from actual price. Check coupon sites like CouponVPS, CouponFollow, or CouponChief. In addition, you’ll reduce the damage on your vehicle as well as save gas by staying at home and shopping online.

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Pet Budgeting for EmergenciesLife Events Sun, 18 Oct 2020 10:32:06 +0000 For most people, our pets are like family. They often sleep, cuddle, and take family photos with us throughout the year. Pet owners put in a ton of work to care for their furry friends and make sure they are eating healthy food and getting enough exercise to lead happy lives.

However, although many pet owners treat their animal companions like children, they’re often getting by like most Americans: paycheck to paycheck and unprepared for emergencies. But when you’re responsible for another creature, it’s important to prepare for unexpected life events and expenses to ensure that, in a worst-case scenario, you and your pets will come out on top.

Preparing for Emergencies

Preparing for emergencies often takes more forethought than a lot of people are able to dedicate to unforeseeable events, but the more prepared a person is to handle a natural disaster or emergency, the more likely they are to come out of it with the least amount of harm. Although some areas in the U.S. are unlikely to fall victim to natural disasters like hurricanes, tsunamis, flooding, volcano eruptions, or tornadoes, fires can often be man-made or caused by lighting, and their aftermath can quickly become disastrous.

In case a large fire or other disaster displaces you and your family, it’s important to have a plan of escape or a method in which you’d handle the emergency. Your family should have an escape route planned that involves gathering your family and pets safely to escape from the home so as to avoid forgetting about any person or pet. Pet taxis should be kept by the doors for easy access, because although kids are capable of following instructions, pets can be less predictable and may simply seek to hide from events, which could be dangerous. Losing pets in a natural disaster could lead them to seek shelter in abandoned structures that may be dangerous on their own, and if they’re lost for too long, they could become sick or injured by the time you find them.

If your pets gets lost, it could also lead them to become injured as part of the disaster, or they could get hit by a car or attacked by a frightened person that finds them dangerous. Approximately 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year, and in a situation where your dog finds him or herself scared and confused, even the tamest pet could lash out in fear. Therefore, it’s best to simply keep them with you at all times to avoid this situation altogether.

If pet health insurance isn’t something you already have, it’s an investment you should think about making. Veterinarian bills can become costly quickly, especially if your pet is diagnosed with a long-term illness, and for only 10 to 12 dollars each month, you can provide your cat or dog with insurance, and also save money on your vet bills. In order to help you cat or dog as much as possible, it’s important to have insurance so you can afford to help them with check-ups and the potential costs of surgery and medication. This is especially important if you live in an area that is prone to natural disasters simply because your risk for incidents is higher.

Challenging Life Events

Hopefully your pet lives a healthy life free of frequent vet visits, but even so, there are many life events that can be hard on a pet, including moving to a new home or a family split. If your family is moving to a new home, whether it be in a nearby neighborhood or across state lines, the event is easier for your pet if the move is as efficient as possible. Make a thorough plan about where your cat or dog will be staying while you move the furniture out of your home and into the new one, as seeing their home in disarray can be very stressful on pets.

Half of all marriages end in divorce, and if the cat or dog was adopted by both adults in the relationship, deciding who the pet will live with can be a complicated choice. Divorce can also cause a lot of financial stress, and depending on how prepared you are for it, the transition into living without your spouse can be difficult. An uncomplicated divorce costs about $500 on average, which can cause money to be tight for you and your pet. Therefore, it’s important to have a small savings of, ideally, at least a few hundred dollars in case something like this happens. Budgeting for emergencies and big life events can be tough, but it will give you peace of mind to know you’re prepared to take care of your furry family members if disaster strikes. By creating emergency plans, acquiring pet insurance, getting a reliable sitter, and budgeting to save money, you’ll be ready for anything that life throws at you and your animal companion.

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Keeping Your Pets Safe on the Road This Holiday Season Sun, 18 Oct 2020 10:31:09 +0000 Going home for the holidays is an exciting time for people who don’t usually have the opportunity to visit their families throughout the year. It’s a great time to grab your animal companion and hit the road for a few days of family fun. However, depending on how far you have to drive to get home and how well your cat or dog does in the car, this may be a slightly stressful time for you and your furry friend. Here are a few ways to make sure you stay safe on the road while prioritizing the needs of your pet this holiday season.

Buckle Up

Although you may trust your dog enough to let them wander in the back seat during a drive, this is usually not the safest way to travel. Having to keep track of where your dog is in your vehicle at all times can quickly distract you from driving; if they fall in a seat crack, get tangled up in a seat belt or accidentally open a window, you may be tempted to take your eyes off the road. The safest way to travel with your pet is by keeping them secure in a comfortable pet taxi that’s buckled up with a seatbelt — especially on the off chance that your car or someone else’s loses control and causes an accident.

Drive During Daylight Hours

If you have the option of driving during the daytime, this is always a much safer option than driving at night. Driving at night decreases your ability to see animals that may be crossing the road up ahead or to notice black ice that is forming as the temperature drops, which lowers the reaction time you have available to you. Similarly, by driving during the day, you are more likely to avoid drowsy driving and drowsy drivers, especially truck drivers, who are twice as likely to make driving errors at critical moments that can lead to tragic accidents.

Your dog or cat is also more likely to be at ease if you’re driving during the day, when they have a better view of what’s going on. By keeping them in their pet cab during the daytime drive, they won’t be disoriented by any bright headlights constantly passing by.

Take Breaks

If you’re one of those drivers who only breaks for the time it takes to put gas in your car, you may need to reconsider your driving strategy for this trip. Pets are like children: they get hungry, thirsty, restless and need to go potty more often than you do. Make frequent stops and schedule extra time for your drive to give them a few minutes to stretch their legs, have a light snack, and relieve themselves. This will allow them to be more comfortable when they get back in the car, which means less whining for you to listen to throughout the drive.

When you’re ready to hit the road again, make sure your cat or dog has their favorite blanket in the pet cab with them to help them get cozy until the next stop. Keep a toy available to them as well so they have something to poke at if they get bored during the drive.

Eyes on the Road

Last but not least, attentive driving is the most important part of safe driving during the holiday season. Put your phone away while you’re behind the wheel so you aren’t tempted to look at and respond to messages you receive while on the road. Check all of your mirrors regularly to remain aware of your surroundings and to avoid highway hypnosis. Although driverless cars are predicted to reduce distracted driving and cut accidents by 90 percent in the near future, we must continue driving as carefully as possible until this becomes an option.

Staying safe on the road is a really important part of keeping your pets safe during the holidays, but if for some reason you decide that this is not the right trip for your pet to accompany you, considering hiring a dog or cat boarding service that will make sure your pet is safe while you’re away. Peace of mind is important during this stressful time of year, and knowing your pet is in good hands during the holidays is an investment worth making.

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