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Do Cats Need Water Fountain

Do Cats Need Water Fountain

If you’re an enthusiast cat owner, I believe at some point you’ve asked yourself this burning question. Not all cats are the same. While some may enjoy drinking from your glass of water, some may refuse entirely and instead meow all day until you turn your tap on to drink from the running water. Whatever the case, a water fountain is an essential product that might offer a great solution for your loyal feline.

Little facts about cats and water

Water makes up to about 80% of a cat’s body meaning these pets need to drink a significant amount of water to maintain various body processes. Unlike most animals, cats originated from the wild desert. Due to this reason, these species have an inherent low thirst drive thanks to the wet prey they occasionally feed on while on the wild.

Speaking of our indoor felines, most cats are fed with a dry food diet that doesn’t provide enough moisture. Due to this reason, most cats become chronically dehydrated resulting in certain exacerbate illnesses such as kidney failures and urinary tract illnesses.

As you all know, cats are extremely sensitive to odors. Just like their wild ancestors, indoor cats prefer drinking fresh and moving water as it has greater chances of survival as compared to stagnant and contaminated water. This is the reason why most cats dislike drinking from bowls as most bowls have odors and flavors that drive cats away.

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So, why you should get a water fountain for your cat?

In my opinion, a water fountain is basically a much better investment for your cat’s health as compared to a bowl. Unlike a bowl that keeps the water stagnant and prone to odors, a water fountain has a great advantage of providing running water making it perfect for all felines.

Cats have good hearing and peripheral vision. Due to this reason, the sound of flowing water attracts most felines especially playful and super active cats. Another thing is that moving water gives cats a visual cue to estimate exactly where the level of the water is to avoid dipping their nose and whiskers into the water.

Another major advantage of a cat water fountain is that it re-circulates water thus removing odors while still infusing oxygen into the water. This technique keeps the water cool, odorless and better tasting for your feline to drink on. Also, if you’re a pet parent always on the go, a water fountain will save you the hassle of having to change the water every time and still save you monthly water bills in case you think of leaving the taps running just to provide your dear cat with clean moving water.

Finally, a water fountain is a perfect remedy for cats that have the habit of jumping on sink tops, bathtubs and toilet bowls in search of clean moving water. Jumping on such high places is not advisable as there are numerous risks of fall injuries or even drowning in case your feline slips and falls.

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What’s the final thought?

Before I conclude, let me mention that there are serious health issues that may arise if your cat is not drinking enough water. Some of the common health issues include: urinary stones, urinary crystals and urethral plugs. The worst thing about them is that they’re responsible for kidney damage which can lead to death if waste products and toxic substances are not eliminated from the body properly.

Having said that, I believe you’ll agree that a water fountain is essential for domestic cats especially for those that are fed on dry food diets. The moving water provides your feline with hours of entertainment while still enticing her to drink more and more water.

Finally, just as we mentioned at the beginning of this post, water accounts for up to 80% of a cat’s body. It’s therefore vital for a cat to drink a lot of water as it helps your pet to maintain a long and healthy life.

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