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Cute Dog Food Container Reviews

Cute Dog Food Container Reviews

According to most veterinarians, your furry child should be fed a well-balanced and healthy diet for optimum growth and well-being. The dry food for dogs has a long shelf life, but it may affect your pooch’s health if they’re not stored correctly. Even purchasing the highest quality pet food will go bad if it’s not stored perfectly. It will do more harm than good in such a case. Pest contamination, food poisoning, stomach ache, altered taste, and texture are a result of how you store your pet’s food. The risk gets multiplied when temperatures rise and the humidity of the summer seeps inside your food storage container. The solution to this problem is investing in a cute dog food container. 

While looking for a decent pet food storage solution to safeguard and store your pet’s chow might seem like an ordeal because of the plethora of options available in the market. Every situation and dog parent is different, some want a large capacity with stainless-steel satin finish, and others want a small airtight, food-grade, BPA-free plastic container. We have covered a broad spectrum of products for every unique occasion and owner. The products mentioned below are mentioned on the basis of different aspects like portability, strength, design, materials, product dimensions, and many others to find a product that best suits everyone’s distinct choice and needs. Here’s is a list of products that we assure can deliver quality and style:

  1. Amici Pet Maltese Metal Food Canister By Amici Pet

The Amici Pet Maltese Metal Food Canister is a small and cute metal food canister for storing pet food in an impressive quantity of 5lbs to 6lbs. Its primary function is to ensure the safe storage of your four-legged friend’s treats. It ensures no paws reach the canister, with all the credit going to such a resisting build and a tightly-fitted lid. The important safety feature that this food canister boasts is the gasket. The metal storage has a silicone gasket inside the metal container to lock in the freshness and nutrition of the treats while keeping unpleasant friends from visiting the canister.

The metal food canister is quite large, measuring a hefty 7″ in Length x 7″ in Width x 10″ in Height. This best food canister offers a 140-ounce fluid capacity. This canister can house all your canine companion’s delicious treats while leaving some more room for it. This Canister isn’t all function and no style. It has a minimalistic design and aesthetic approach. The food-safe canister wears gold lettering on a glossy white background and a teal lid with a golden bone-shaped knob. The aesthetic has a universal appeal with contrasting colors. A round-shaped canister with hints of gold let’s it fit well with any home decor styling. It is a bit pricey, but it delivers the quality of the product.

  1. Geyecete Cute Dog Food Container

The Geycete Dog Food Container is an incredible product for anyone who loves their pets. The food storage canister has amazing dimensions to perfectly fit your pets favorite snacks and food. It is 9.0-inches in height and has a diameter of 7.0-inches; perfect for dogs, cats, or just about any domesticated living being. It is just the right size for carrying it around (portability) without it being much of a hassle because of its bulkiness while being able to carry the necessary pet snacks. The dog food container can hold up to 4-lbs of food or treats with the utmost safety and preservation of freshness for your friendly little or huge companion.

The 4-lbs capacity storage offered in the tin with a metal lid ensures that the insides of the container are safe and tightly secured with a sturdy metal lid (ensures the treats are out of the pooches to reach). The metal canister is suitable for storing dry dog food like cookies, biscuits, and pet treats. It is a healthier and pet-friendly option for storing your pet’s kibbles; keeping the harmful chemicals from dust, moisture, boxes, or paper bags at bay. This container comes with a sturdy metal serving spoon that helps you transfer food to your dog’s bowl with ease and comfort.

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It is easy to clean, rinse, and wiping with a soft cloth is all it takes to maintain the quality. This meticulously crafted metal canister isn’t only practical and functional but also has an aesthetic appeal to it. Outside, it comes in an all-white enamel with “Dog Food” emblazoned on it in a vintage-style font. The subtlety and practicality in its design is pleasing and brings a smile to everyone’s face.

  1. Gamma2 Vittles Vault Home Stackable

The Vittle Vault stackable food container is a unique product in this niche market by Gamma2. The Vittle Vault is an amazing investment to maintain your pet’s interest in their snacks and treats at home. Sometimes, like kids, dogs refuse or slow down their eating of food or treats for a broad spectrum of reasons. Most of the time your furry child is upset with the food quality deteriorating which affects the taste and feel of the edibles. With the Vittles Vault stackable food container, your pet is sure to gobble down all the healthy and nutritious food along with rewarding treats for good behavior.

The Vittles Vault Home Stackable Container features patented airtight seal technology that preserves and protects food, but only with a more kitchen-friendly aesthetic. A free measuring cup food scoop is included in this product to make feeding your pet a cakewalk. The food storage container is designed for customer convenience. It has been made slimmer with a unique design to make containers stackable to fit with optimum usage of space in the kitchen, pantries, and other such places.

The container is made of heavy-duty, BPA-free, food-grade safe plastic to ensure strength and durability (impact and chew-resistant). The dimensions of the product are: 16″ L x 9″ W x 16″ H, and possess a capacity of holding up to 65lbs of kibbles and snacks for pets and humans. It needs very little maintenance like washing it thoroughly regularly to keep the eatables inside from going rancid due to oils. All in all, an amazing product for pets at home or an economic way to save space in small apartments or kitchens for human snacks.

  1. HETH Dog Travel Water Bottle, 2 in 1 Portable Dog Water Dispenser and Food Container

Heth Dog Travel Bottle is another standout product in pet product innovation. The design is simple yet so effective in fulfilling its purpose. Heth has created a water dispenser bottle that can hold a food container on two sides. This bottle has a large holding capacity of food and water. The dual-use pet water bottle has two chambers, a 250g/7oz capacity for food storage, and a 350ml/12oz capacity for drinking water. Thanks to its large capacity, the water and snacks can last longer on walks and jogs. The practical approach to designing takes minimal space while walking or traveling while assuring that your pet is full and hydrated.

The material used in making this pet-friendly bottle is top-notch quality, food-grade, ABS & PC material, and BPA-free. This makes the bottle 100% safe for pet consumption. The three main aspects to tick while looking for a pet-friendly bottle: leak-proof, portability, and convenience; this bottle surely ticks all the boxes. The food-grade silicone has a waterproof cushion that prevents water leakage with its power of being well-sealable. No need to worry about the leakage while traveling or going around with your pet. It is super convenient and portable because you can adjust the strap rope according to your convenience to your backpack or your wrist. Also, it fits perfectly in the cup holder of any automobile. It is the perfect partner for hiking, walking, or forest adventures with your pet.

  1. Unicreate Travel Bag (Weekend Tote Bag for Dogs Travel)
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Waiting to go on a weekend getaway with your furbaby? Unicreate Tote bag for dogs has got your back. It is one of the simplistic and modernistic bags that is multi-functional. It provides everything you need to carry for your furry baby’s travel essentials. You can do away with the need to carry multiple plastic bags in trims, a messy problem with difficulty in reaching whatever you need. The Unicreate waterproof tote bag has several pockets of varying sizes, providing great flexibility for organizing your furry child’s needs while you’re away from home. It provides flexibility while enhancing the organizing capabilities making it easier to find things whenever needed.

The kit includes a tote bag, dog food carrier bag, and pet silicone bowls. The first two are insulated to keep your pet’s food as fresh as you can. Also, cleaning can get easier because of the material. The folding silicone bowl and placemat make feeding the pet a piece of cake. The product dimensions are as follows: (11.8’’×14.6’’×8.3’’) 17L. This pet travel bag is perfect for dogs irrespective of their size. You can enjoy your time traveling and relaxing on your vacation with this stress-free solution for your pet’s needs. It can hold everything with convenience like food, water, treats, leashes, frisbee, pet toys, first-aid kit, etc. Also, an added advantage is that this pet travel bag meets all the airline carry-on requirements.

The dog travel tote bag has a zippered inside pocket for firm and secure storage, and the main compartment keeps food carry-boxes, pet accessories and mandatories stacked neatly. One of its key features is the adjustable shoulder strap, making it simple and easy to carry the pet’s luggage. It doesn’t hinder while camping or traveling; suiting every individual’s height. This travel bag is the most perfect solution for traveling occasions; whether it’s a hike, a short getaway, or camping trips. There isn’t a cleverer and easier option than the Unicreate bag to travel with your furry-baby.

  1. Bone Dry (Lattice Collection)

Bone Dry products surely stand out in the ocean of competition in the pet industry. If your canine companion loves to eat kibbles from cute and practical canisters, this is the perfect product. Bone Dry loves your pets more than you do! Bone Dry has created a non-skid ceramic treat and food canisters for storing your pet’s treats and snacks. These canisters are usable for both water and food. The container is dishwasher safe and can be cleaned and reused without it being much of an ordeal.

The ceramic treat canister comes with a non-skid silicone rim and an airtight bamboo lid. The bamboo-based lid allows the food or treats to breathe through while the silicone rims ensure that moisture doesn’t enter and affect the quality of the edibles. Also, the non-skid silicone rim keeps the pet’s eating bowl from sliding on the floor while he/she tries to gorge on their favorite treats. Although its primary function is to make sure the foods and treats are stored and preserved at its best. It offers a plethora of uses to better suit a pet parent’s life. The canister is available in various colored-prints and sizes to best suit your needs.

Bone Dry Boats is a collection of trendy prints and colors that can match well with your home decor and surroundings. The one we have here is a part of the Lattice collection; an Aqua canister with paws printed uniformly within a mosaic-like design. It is a must-have for modern urban and suburban homes to spice up the color schemes in your house. The ceramic canister is an amazing and thoughtful gift for your furry friends during special occasions or festive seasons. Bone Dry offers an array of products that complement the theme of canisters like pet beds, ceramic food bowls, drying mitts, pet blankets, pet towels, pet mats, and storage bins.

  1. Gamma2 Vittles Vault Plus 25
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The Vittles Vault Plus 25 by Gamma2 is one of the highest-rated food storage containers on the market. It is just right to keep your pet’s food fresh and nutritious in a small space with space efficiency and elegant design. This food storage canister can hold 25 lbs of your dog’s heavenly snacks and food. The Vittles Vault Plus 25 has amazing product dimensions: 12 inches in length x 12 inches in width x 13.25 inches in height. The pet food pail is made of food-grade, BPA-free High-Density Polyethylene plastic that is strong enough to withstand if dropped and can be stored in garages, barns, and outdoors.

It is perfect not only for dog food and treat storage but also for horse feed, bird feed, etc. Also, the material is completely recyclable. The pest-proof container ensures controlled moisture balance and features a threaded locking system with reliable double gaskets to contain freshness (patented airtight sealing system). The easy-grip molded handles make it more portable even when the snacks and food are filled to the brim. It is ideal for mid-size pet foods and comes with a measuring cup/free scoop (a cup’s capacity), too. The Mocha White container has paw prints uniformly embossed over it. The design of the container is subtle and cute.

It allows only one user to use a dry-erase marker to personalize your lid sticker with important feeding information, your pet’s name, etc. All in all, this is a must-have for every dog parent given the multitude of functions that a single product provides. In Vittles words, this canister is like ‘taking the freshness to the bank.’

  1. UDECO Ceramic Food Storage Canister with Airtight Lid, Pet Food Storage Jar for Dogs and Cats, Pet Treat Holder Jar 3000ml

The UDECO ceramic food storage canister that focuses only on being a pet treat jar. The canister diameter is 5.6” wide x 8” height; ideal for storage of dog treats. The storage capacity is 3 liters, perfect for storing even sugar, spices, and herbs. The Ceramic Pet Food Storage Jar is made of ceramic. It is dishwasher safe, ceramic lids need to be hand-washed and towels dry. Ceramics are a smoother, healthier, and safer option when compared with plastics. Also, it is very easy to clean. The silicone sealed ring creates a closed environment by preventing air from entering the insides.

The content is dry inside due to this engineering. UDECO offers a whole collection of trendy designs. You can match the canister with your overall home decor by choosing the design you most prefer. The multiple SKUs that are available deliver a hyper-personalized feel to you and your pet. It is also perfect for gifting on occasions to furry children or dog parents. It has multiple applications in the kitchen, pantry, or just about anywhere else. This is a simple and eccentric piece in the segment.

We have discussed some dog containers that you can purchase online. Always look for a cute dog food container to make it easy for you to identify it. The above information might help you in choosing the ideal product.

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