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Can You Buy Hemp Oil for Dogs in Australia

Can You Buy Hemp Oil for Dogs in Australia

Hemp oil has gained tremendous popularity in the last few years. They are not just good for humans; hemp is beneficial for your pet as well. They treat various illnesses in pets such as arthritis, cancer, epilepsy, etc.

In Australia, the law associated with hemp oil is quite slow; however, in the year 2016, the government legalized its use for medical purposes. In order to obtain hemp oil for dogs in Australia, you will need a valid prescription.

How Is Hemp Different from Marijuana?

Hemp and marijuana are different variants of the same plant- Cannabis Sativa L. Moreover, hemp is grown upward, similar to bamboo, and used for its seeds and stalk that are used in food, plastic, body care products, building materials, etc. That is why it is also referred to as Industrial Hemp. Marijuana is grown more like a bush, and its leaves and flowers are used for medical as well as recreational purposes.

Hemp Oil for Dogs 

Hemp oil is considered more beneficial than flax oil or flaxseed oil because it has an ideal ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3, which dogs require to stay healthy. Moreover, Hemp oil provided nourishment to your dog’s skin and fur due to its herbal natural. And when used in the right quantity and manner, there are no side effects to it. Using hemp oil for dog protects various skin conditions, including dog acne, dry nose, dog rash, dog dandruff, dog eczema, etc. This oil can improve blood circulation and stimulate cognitive thinking in your pet. Additionally, hemp oil can thicken the texture of your dog’s fur and lessen the shedding amount.

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Hemp Dog Food 

Hemp seed meal is one of the healthiest animal foods. It has the benefit of providing a healthy diet. The food fat in the hemp seed oil is great since it contains 80% polyunsaturated fat, also considered as the good fat. These fatty acids are not naturally produced by the body. This is why hemp seed oil as a supplement or ingredient in the pet’s food promises great potentials. Furthermore, hemp is enriched with protein that can be easily digested. Consuming hemp seed oil allows your dog to enjoy the following benefits –

  • Boosts the immune system
  • Facilitates a healthy weight
  • Ameliorates energy
  • Enhance the condition of skin

Hemp seed oil can turn rancid quite rapidly; therefore, it is important to store in a refrigerated section. Make sure not to heat the oil as it will eradicate all the nutritional benefits present in it.

Hemp seed oil is highly beneficial and can be obtained in Australia at certain authorized pet food stores. Since the law with regards to cannabis is stringent, its access still remains limited. However, you can easily obtain the oil for your pet from an authorized store in your neighborhood. Do a bit of research, and you will definitely find some stores that offer hemp seed oil near you for your dog.

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