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Can I Use Human Shampoo on a Dog

Can I Use Human Shampoo on a Dog

If you run out of dog shampoo, can you use human shampoo on a dog? The answer to this question is no and there are so many reasons why. Read on to see why you shouldn’t use human shampoo on dogs and what you should do instead.

Why Human Shampoo Is Bad for Dogs

Some human shampoos are filled with chemicals that can be harsh on human hair. Now think about what it can do to a dog with more sensitive skin.

  1. It ruins the dog’s pH balance

The biggest reason why you should not use human shampoo on a dog is the effect on the pH balance of the dog. The shampoo affects the delicate pH balance which must be intact or the pet’s skin could become dangerously dry. Since the shampoo is too acidic for the pet’s skin, it will make it susceptible to parasites, bacteria and more.

Dog shampoo is specially created to cater to the delicate needs of their skin. The shampoo has the right concentration of alkaline which helps ensure that the skin is hydrated at all times by retaining the moisture the skin needs.

  1. Dog skin is too sensitive

Your furry friend has sensitive skin and coat. Some humans have such skins, but human shampoos can cause severe damage when used on a dog. All chemicals and fragrances found in human shampoos reduce the ability of the dog’s skin to maintain a shiny and healthy coat. Even if you want your dog to smell nice like the human shampoo, it will work but the coat will be damaged in the process.

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The damage from using such shampoos on pets may not be noticeable by the dog’s owners. Long term use will make it more noticeable. The dog’s coat will become dull and stringy, putting the pet in grave danger from infections.

  1. It strips the natural protection of the dog

Dogs are protected by natural oils which are embedded in their coats. Using human shampoo on your furry friend will strip away these natural oils in the coat. The natural oils protect the dogs in so many ways. They help promote a healthy coat and fight off the bacteria and parasites. When these oils are stripped by human shampoo, they become more susceptible to bacteria and parasites.

If you run out of dog shampoo, never use human shampoo on your dog. It is a lot safer to use only water if your pet urgently needs a bath. Later, you can get a dog shampoo for the pet. Your pet needs specially designed shampoos for canines. They are available at different pet stores. Also, they are not cheaper than pet shampoos and keep your pet’s coat and skin healthy.

When searching for dog shampoos, opt for hypoallergenic as well as oatmeal formulas. They cater to sensitive skin in dogs while also leaving them with a great smell. After considering all these reasons why you should not use human shampoo on dogs, is it worth the risks? It is much safer to use pet shampoo & conditioner for dogs.

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