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Can Dogs Eat Biscuits

Can Dogs Eat Biscuits

Apart from the biscuits meant for human beings, there are others that are specifically meant for dogs. Having mentioned that, it is therefore in order to affirm that dogs can indeed eat biscuits. However,one important factor is the impact that the ingredients in the particular biscuit can have on the dog. This calls for a few special considerations. Read below for an in depth understanding.

What are the main ingredients in biscuits and what is the impact on your dog’s health?

The main ingredient used to make biscuits for human consumption is wheat flour. It contains starch, protein and fat with fibre, minerals and vitamins. Starch is not bad for your dog as long as it is kept to a minimum. When taken in excess, it can lead to weight and digestive problems.

The protein found in wheat is called gluten. Most dogs tolerate gluten well but some of them cannot. They can develop a chronic small intestinal disease. Signs to look out for are diarrhoea, weight loss, itchiness and poor hair coat.

Sweeteners would not be so cool on your dog either; some of them like xylitol can drop your dog’s blood sugar or lead to liver failure. Other added ingredients like chocolate can be fatal for your dog. Little amounts can cause an upset tummy and vomiting while large amounts can even lead to a heart attack.

These are just a few of the ingredients, there are more that may cause harm or if not, end up adding no significant value to your dog.

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Dog biscuits on the other hand are made with the dog’s nutritional needs in mind. Different varieties are made to suit the most special needs of individual dogs. They are made to cater for sensitive stomachs, gluten intolerant dogs, and even for pet owners that would prefer grain-free ones.

What do you look for in dog biscuits?

Dog biscuits should only be used as treats and not as substitute for food. However, this does not mean that they should not be healthy; you should study the ingredient list carefully to avert any known allergies and ensure that your dog gets the best. Here are a few tips to guide you.

  • They should contain a good portion of protein. The source should be stated in the ingredients list, preferably whole meat.
  • The meat meals used should be clearly identified.
  • The grains used should be whole to avoid low quality fillers.
  • Sources of vitamins should be included to nutritionally balance the biscuits.
  • Check out for additives like cane molasses and sugars; they are not necessary for your dog.

Dogs can eat biscuits. However, you can ensure that when they do, it will be more than just sharing your favourite dessert. They should feel the ‘treat’ and at the same time be able to reap some benefits without getting into any harm. This may not be achieved by giving them biscuits meant for human consumption. This is where the dog biscuits can come in handy. Made with the dog’s dietary needs in mind, they are the best way of ensuring that dogs also get to enjoy treats previously reserved for humans.

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