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Best Washable Dog Beds to Buy in 2020

Best Washable Dog Beds

Picking the ideal and best washable dog bed to partner for your furry pet can get a little difficult along the way. Considering you want to give your pest only the absolute best, here are the best quality washable dog beds to buy in 2020.

1. Bedsure Dog Beds

Bedsure Dog beds have been a fan favorite of dog owners for a long time. Their combination of style and affordability makes them perfectly suited for all dog owners. These beds are easy to set up. By simply following a 4-step guide, you can set up your dog’s resting spot no matter where you are.

These beds have a special inner layer that you insert during the setup. This layer is completely waterproof and can handle a wide range of circumstances. Thanks to the easily removable exterior, you can machine wash it any time anywhere without having to put any extra effort.

The plush polyfill stuffing is a special kind of filling that provides your dog with the right type of support. The filling used in any bed matters a lot. Your dog will be more agreeable to use beds of superior quality that complement its posture rather than challenge it.

These beds come in three sizes, and you can easily select the one that best fits your little furry friend. The best part about using a Bedsure dog bed is that you can easily transport it from one place to another. Not only is it easy to disassemble, but it also weighs next to nothing. These rectangular beds are minimalistic in design and high in comfort. Overall they are the perfect amalgamation of efficiency and utility. That’s why various dog owners all over the country trust Bedsure when it comes to finding the best and cheap washable dog bed.


  • Multi-layered design that is scientifically beneficial for your dog
  • Waterproof design


  • Assembly required
  • A simple rectangular shape which may feel to flat for your dog

2. Puppbudd Best Washable Dog Beds

Choosing the perfect dog bed is not an easy task at all. At times you will find the ideal option only to realize that your dog doesn’t want to get on it at all. Finding the right bed for your dog may be time-consuming, but Puppbudd makes it easier for you with a wide range of dog bed skins that your pup can explore.

These beds are uniquely designed so that your dog can be as comfortable as possible when it is on them. Their orthopedic design is medically beneficial for your dog and supports all its postures correctly. It results in fewer back problems in the future. If you have an aging or a medically fragile dog, you should get an orthopedic bed for it.

These beds are super cozy as their material comprises eco-friendly soft fabric. They are stuffed with a comfy cotton blend, which is relaxing as well as comfortable. Their feel is incredibly soft and cozy. Due to the cotton fibers, they do not retain a lot of heat and won’t get stuffy for your dog.

You can easily wash these beds via machine. Puppbudds are probably the most preferred and washable dog beds as the entire bed can be put for machine wash without damaging the structure or the design. These beds are made for some rough wear and tear and can withstand almost anything at all.


  • They come in a wide variety of exterior colors, classic brown to pink.
  • Relatively comfier due to the material used


  • Run of the mill design
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3. Milliard Premium Dog Beds

Milliard’s premium orthopedic dog beds are unlike any other dog beds you’ll see. These special beds are specially designed for your dog so that they can be as comfortable on them as it wants to. Thanks to their simple rectangular shape and bulky design, they don’t tend to get thrown off from one place to another. They are also very easy to adapt to as they don’t have an additional cover.

The best feature of these beds is that since they are a single unit, you can simply pick them up and machine wash them as and when required. The washable cover simply zips off when you need it to, and you can wash and dry them in next to no time at all. The stuffing is made of premium memory foam, which is arguably the highest quality of material out there in the market today.

Widely used in mattresses for people, memory foam provides your dog with a supreme resting place where it will be relaxed and cozy no matter what. Dogs often tend to be apprehensive of their new beds, but thanks to the simple design by Milliard, this process becomes a whole lot easier.

There is a perfect Milliard bed for every dog out there. Thanks to the easy wash feature of these beds, they truly stand out as the best dog beds for dog owners as well.


  • Memory foam provides your dog with an additional layer of comfort.
  • Zipp off cover


  • Come in only four sizes.

4. Laifug Dog Beds

When it comes to dog beds with a regal look, Laifug surely knows how to craft the best dog beds in town. Laifug’s dog beds steer away from the traditional simple rectangular mattresses and add a little extra for your dog. The special design of these mattresses is unique and suits your dog well, regardless of whether it needs to sit or sleep.

The side ends of the mattress are protruded to provide your dog with that extra bit of comfort that it needs. These mattresses come in a few mild colors that are easy on the eye and consequently easy to adjust to for your dog. The waterproof liner means that you don’t have to be walking on eggshells around this mattress all the time. This feature comes in handy, seeing as to how clumsy your furry friends tend to be.

The bed has a removable and machine washable cover that is easy to clean and dry. Despite all this, the feature that makes Laifug’s beds the trusted and washable dog beds is what is at the core of every Laifug dog bed. Every Laifug dog bed is a special, uniquely designed bed that gives your dog the orthopedic support that it needs to keep it healthy. The bed is made of memory foam material, which ensures that even in its sleep, your little puppy is just as peaceful as it is happy during the day.


  • Orthopedic support to give your dog back support
  • A waterproof layer prevents stains from spills.


  • Slightly bulk
  • Simple rectangular design

5. Barkbox Memory Foam Beds

Barkbox dog beds have been around for a while and for a good reason too. These revolutionary dog beds are the epitome of comfort and are available in all possible sizes you may need. Regardless of the temperament or the size of your dog, Barkbox dog beds have a perfect option for you. These rectangular beds are minimalistic in design and sturdy in structure.

Often, your dogs tend to be rough with their dog beds, resulting in shorter life spans for your beds. Thankfully, this is not the case with Barkbox. Barkbox uses unique memory foam layered beds with durable covers that can withstand a lot. Built to last, these beds come in varying sizes ranging from small to extra-extra-large.

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When you’re shopping for a Barkbox bed, you have the choice of selecting the color that you and your dog will like the most. The options are seemingly endless, and you’ll find that Barkbox offers you a much more comprehensive range of color options than most other brands.

These beds are filled with a special memory foam gel, which supports your dog no matter what position it chooses to be in. The waterproof and machine washable bed


  • Memory foam comfort
  • Minimalistic design


  • Relatively smaller size

6. SIWA MARY dog beds

SIWA MARY dog beds are some of the most versatile dog beds on the market today. These adjustable beds apply to a wide range of places, and you can place them wherever you are, indoors or otherwise. Designed with a handful of features to help you as a dog owner, these beds give you the least cause for concern.

These dog beds boast an anti-slip bottom surface, which prevents them from slipping on certain surfaces. It makes it much easier for you to place these beds as you don’t have to look for specific places where they can be placed.

Thanks to the various neutral colors that they are available in, your dog beds don’t come in the way of your home decor anymore. Many of these colors are specifically designed to complement your home furniture.

All in all, these beds are perfect for the owners as well their dogs, but the one fact that seals the deal is how easy it is to wash these beds. All you have to do is simply toss these into a machine and forget about all your woes. It is undoubtedly one of the best quality washable dog beds on the market today.


  • The padding works great in crates as well as other rough environments.
  • Various variants available to suit your needs


  • It is better to hand wash them than to clean them regularly.
  • No orthopedic design

7. JoyCO Dog Bed Crates

JoyCO dog beds have been a canine favorite for a long time now. These dog beds are designed for keeping your dog in mind. This is why their level of comfort is unparalleled, and various dogs prefer JoyCO dog beds to all other beds. At the heart of every JoyCO dog bed is premium soft plush material that is inviting to any dog and relaxes your busy canine almost instantly.

The bed crates have a beautiful rectangular design with a plushie outline that keeps your dog safe and warm. The material does not heat up a lot or gets to dry and stays consistent through all seasons. Owners find that these beds gather dust rather slowly as compared to other known dog beds.

The best feature of this bed that makes it one of the best washable beds for dogs in town is that when it is time to clean, you can simply roll this bed up and toss it into the machine. This bed is completely machine washable, and you need not spend time handwashing it personally.

Thanks to ‘Breathable,’ your dog’s sleep is not just protected but secured. This technology keeps your dog safe and sound as it naps.


  • The anti-slip design makes it convenient at all sorts of locations.
  • Available in a variety of neutral colors


  • The bed is not chew resistant.
  • Comparatively limited soz selection

8. Petmate Pet Bed

Petmate pet beds are not just useful but also very cute. The designs that Petmate offers are far more different from most of the designs out there today and come in attractive bright colors that aren’t off-putting like most other beds. The plush fabric on the inside is often of a contrasting color, which goes very well with the design of the bed.

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The plush fabric used on the inside is super soft and grows on your pet in no time at all. Thanks to the round and flexible shape of this bed, you can easily take this anywhere, ranging from road trips to extended vacations. The versatile bed shape makes it easy to place when you’re packing.

The unique home design on the front is something that you don’t see in most dog beds and has become the trademark aesthetic of the brand. The best part about the compact dog beds is that they are 100% machine washable, and you can throw them for a wash whenever. You will not have to worry about the bed losing its shape or structure ever again. In addition to that, the bolstered walls on the periphery of the bed keep your dog intrigued and let it try out various new positions in the bed.


  • A compact shape that can fit in anywhere
  • Lightweight and very easy to carry around


  • More suitable for small dogs, and the design may not suit bigger dogs.

9. FAREYY Premium Quality Dog Beds

When you look at a FAREYY dog bed, know that there is much more than initially meets the eye. The magic of every FAREYY dog bed lies inside its making, wherein a handful of specific features have been added to give your dog the best kind of comfort.

On the inside of each FAREYY bed is high-quality premium pp cotton, which not only molds itself according to your dog’s needs but also supports its postures. These beds come in a range of colors that are easy on the eye and blend it with the surroundings very well. The special anti-scratch feature of these beds is unique. This anti-scratch feature gives your bed an added level of durability. It is quintessential since chewing and scratching are common if our dog is slightly more active.

These beds make use of unique ‘anti-slip dots, ‘ which is a handy feature. Thanks to these, your dog bed is less likely to slip on certain surfaces. It is always good to have an excellent adaptable surface for your dog bed. You may have to take it with you when you’re traveling with your dog. On the other hand, the one thing that you don’t have to worry about when traveling is washing this bed. These compact little beds are 100% washable and can be machine washed as well as hand washed.


  • Special Anti-scratch surface
  • Unique design backed by soft plush material


  • Separate removable covers
  • Slightly bulky

10. MIXJOY Comfort Round Beds

MIXJOY has introduced a unique design into the dog owners market. These beds are arguably the cutest out there and perfect for your pet to snuggle in. These beds come in three sizes, which cover almost all dog sizes. They have a special base design with an anti-slip feature that comes in handy very often. The base is also specially designed not to gather a lot of dust, making it easier to clean them.

Despite the snuggly shape, these beds are orthopedic for your dog and help it with its posture and positions. Their soft fabric is very comfortable and lets your dog be at peace, whether it is resting or sleeping.

The materials used to make these beds are completely pet-safe and pose no threat to your little canine at all. These beds aren’t just made of softer fur but come in a round shape and a wide variety of colors to complete its aesthetic look. As a dog owner, you won’t have to worry a lot about washing these beds as you can choose to machine wash them as and when you want. It is what makes these beds the best washable dog beds out there.


  • Unique shape
  • Promotes sleep and reduces joint pain


  • Not the best for machine-wash

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