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Best Large Dog Stroller Reviews

Best Large Dog Stroller Reviews

There are many people who want to provide the best care for their dogs. They treat dogs as babies and as their best friends. This care is in turn for the fact that dogs provide the most genuine companionship, compassion and love to their owners. In doing so, dog owners invest in a lot of accessories for their dogs. One of these accessories is a large dog stroller. A large dog stroller is an accessory for your dogs that is used to carry them around. You can keep your dog in the stroller, fasten it, and then push them around. The stroller is supported by a set of wheels which are the best feature of the stoller. Even though usually the stroller is used to push around babies, there are some best large dog strollers available in the market. You can use these strollers to put your large dogs in and take them out for a stroll. Here, in this article, we are going to review the best large dog strollers that you can buy. We will list them all for you with our brief review along with their pros and cons. The information about the best large dogs stroller is not our own opinion, but is also based on the large number of reviews on the internet.

Why Do You Need The Best Large Dog Stroller?

Although at first glance it might appear that a dog stroller is just another accessory for people to show off their pets, there’s a lot more to a best large dog stroller. A large dog stroller is mainly used to take care of old dogs, or dogs with a certain disability. In such cases, the large dog stroller becomes one of the most important aspects of your dog’s life instead of being a fancy accessory. One of the best ways you can use a large dog stroller is by taking your old dog, who is unable to walk on its own, for a walk around the park. Dogs who are sick due to paralysis or other issues that hinder mobility, a large dog stroller is a blessing. These dogs are still able to enjoy the outside, go walk around their favourite parks and have the outside world experience. This is true even for blind dogs. It has been found that blinds dogs can not walk for long, and thus are prone to issues due to lack of outside experience. Hence, a large dog stroller can be very useful to take your large dog out for a stroll and give them outside experience.

Best Large Dogs Strollers For Your Pet

1. Ibiyaya Large Pet Stroller

Starting with the best pet strollers for large dogs, first in the list is from Ibiyaya, available on amazon. The heavy duty but easily collapsible frame made from robust aluminium alloy with steel reinforcement can support dogs weighing up to 110 lbs. The modern design of this stroller without adding on weight, creates enough space for your pet to comfortably sit or lie down. The cover has large front and rear mesh windows for ventilation and 3 spacious openings with a zipper door allowing superior in and out access to your dog. Large accessory pockets at the back gives you a lot of extra places to store leash, your dog’s favourite toys and treats or any necessary items for your outdoor escapade.

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The air-filled tires provide excellent shock absorption on rough roads and include safety reflectors in its spokes to protect you and your pet in darker conditions. This quick release folding design and snap easy pneumatic tires makes folding possible in under 7 seconds. The handlebar comes with three level height-settings to maximise your comfort. Additional foot leverage handle is given at the bottom to help you manoeuvre over obstacles. The sleek lightweight design together with air filled tires makes this pet stroller move smoothly yet sturdy enough with your large pet sitting comfortably and comes with a rain cover for added protection.

Size available: 39.37 x 30.71 x 37.8 inches for dogs up to 110 pounds


Large internal compartment

Sturdy and safe movement



Air filled tires are not puncture proof

2. ibiyaya 2 in 1 Heavy Duty Dog Cart / Bicycle Trailer

Ibiyaya’s 2-in-1 Dog Stroller/ Bike Trailer is another choice for pet strollers. A practical pet stroller that can be used as a trailer as well with spacious front and rear doors for easy entry of your pet. This door is covered by a zippered mesh screen layer for ventilation and witnessing the amazing views and making sure you have direct vision to keep a check on your dog. Another cool feature is the sunroof for your dog to stick his head out and enjoy the cold breeze. Frame is covered with a well sewed aesthetic cover with removable scratch-resistant padding. This stroller is available on amazon and comes with an all-weather clear non-toxic PVC rain cover to protect your dear dog from rain or shine and has ventilation holes to let the fresh air go in and out without interruption.

The quick release large air-filled rear wheels with shock absorber and built in suspension system makes it suitable to move the stroller on all terrains. The front lockable swivel wheel makes switching direction convenient and safe. The brake system and a pair of reflecting plates are installed at the back for extra safety. It is easy to fold and compact for storage, thanks to the simple snap and click wheels and lightweight steel collapsible structure that allows this amazing stroller to connect or disconnect in just 3 seconds.

Size available: 28 x 18 x 25 inches


Multiple storage pockets and cup holder

Free rain protection cover


Tires susceptible to wear and tear

3. HPZ Pet Rover Premium Dog Travel Carriage

Next in the list we have HPZ Pet Rover convertible stroller or travel carriage for large dogs. The unique pet friendly design with zipper-less canopy and a reversible handle gear makes this stroller stand out among others. Canopy has 3 level stops so you can adjust the size of the internal compartment as per your dog’s needs. It might hold a large dog or even multiple small pets, making it useful not for just large dog owners but everybody. This heavy duty stroller is constructed from extra thick stainless steel tubes and aluminium alloys making it durable and lightweight. The choice of material will keep it safe from rust for years and years. This whole frame network is covered with a breathable mesh cover on top made from 100% polyester which is a high density odourless UV reflective material.

Large volume under-basket, accessory bags and a bottle holder provides you enough space to pack your dog’s toys and other necessary stuff while traveling.  The foam filled rubber tires wont flat in rough terrains and require no pump. The front wheels are capable of 360 degree rotation easing direction and movement. One step hand free system to fold or unfold it is cherry on top and make its management hassle free. This premium product with human grade suspension and comfort wheels with front rotation and rear braking system will make the best stroller for your furry friends.

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Size available: 30 x 22 x 42 inches for dogs upto 75 pounds


Water resistant canopy

Easy management


May not be suitable for all dogs


4. Gen7 Pet Jogger Stroller

Moving on with the list, we have G7 Jogger Pet Stroller. It is similar to other strollers on the list in terms of physical structure- lightweight frame, mesh cover and zippered clear windows. But the smart innovation and incorporation of technology sets it apart and makes probably the best stroller so far. There is a smart canopy that retracts without taking up much space. The wheels are made of durable EVA foam that keeps it from running flat on rough grounds. The front wheel is convertible that is, it can swivel on smooth terrain and locked for rough surfaces. It has two interior adjustable tethers to keep any dog up to 75 lbs. safe and secure.

The Smart-Reach handle to not hinder your freedom of motion or space. The accessory tray comes with a lid to hold your belongings in a convenient and generous way with rear zipper access. The best feature that I have seen so far is its smart fold technology that collapses the entire stroller by pressing a button on the handle with one hand. Thoughtful and really convenient. This G7 jogger pet stroller is available on amazon. Designed with the thought to create the perfect pet stroller packed with all smart features, it will be the best choice for active owners.

Size available: 39.5 x 22 x 40 inches


Flat free foam wheels

Smart button for folding


Not for dogs above 75 lbs.


5. Pet Gear Stroller without zipper closure

Another great pet stroller is Pet Gear’s NO-Zip Stroller for large dogs. It has a zipper-less dual entry that eases movement of your dog in and out of the stroller from any side. This eliminates the need to lift heavy dogs making the process convenient for you owners as well. The door is mediated by a push button that quickly locks and unlock the door when required. The inner compartment is spacious enough to let your pet flex and relax keeping it safe. Superior quality nylon is used in making the cover with zippered mesh windows on top for the effective penetration of light and air.

Frame can easily support the weight of dogs up to 90 lbs. The sturdy Air filled tires provide extra comfort to the dog and result in an effortless stroll. The front wheels can be locked for stable and secured movement. Height of the handle can be adjusted as per your height and comfort. The whole assembly is easy to fold or construct within a few seconds. It can be easily transported and stored owing to the lightweight and innovative design of the stroller. The internal lining of the compartment is removable to facilitate easy cleaning.

Size available: 22 x 23 x 32 inches


No fumbling with zipper

Perfect for older or sick dogs


Loose stitches on cover


6. Togfit P63607 Roadster Mascot

Next on the list is TOGfit Pet Roadster Pet Stroller. The stroller is lined with a removable soft and cosy mattress for the comfort of dogs of all sizes. The resilient frame is covered with tear proof, durable net that helps in maintaining perfect airflow, keeps the visibility clean and prevents insects from coming in. The dual entry to the stroller is facilitated by a zip-secured door for easy access that can be rolled up or closed. The retractable canopy provides shade to your friend. The large strong wheels permit smooth and stable motion even on bumpy tracks. The front EVA wheel can be locked or swivelled as per convenience. The rear wheels have a single foot brake that locks both the wheels. This luxurious dog stroller provides better comfort to the dog as well as to the owner with its ergonomic handle design which can be adjusted as per required height. Because of its great construction, space and specification, this has been awarded as the 2018 TTPM Pet Product Gear Award.

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Size available: 42 x 23 x 41 inches



Machine washable mattress

Awarded as the best pet product gear


Tips forward


7. Pet Gear NO-ZIP Double Best Large Dog Stroller

Next we have another stroller from Pet Gear. This no zip double pet stroller can be used solely for large dogs or multiple pets, thanks to its extra-wide carriage design of size 27 x 20 x 23 inch that offers space and comfort. Two safety tethers are attached in the carriage to keep the dog in place. The rigid metal frame is rust free, does not bend or break easily and can hold up to 90 pounds. It is covered with a superior quality 600 Denier water-resistant material that will protect your pet from all weather conditions and keep it safe inside the stroller. The inner compartment is lined with a removable plush bolster pad to make the dog’s ride extra comfy. The easy locking entry is zipper-less eliminating the unnecessary hassle while trying to open or close the pet stroller.

The 12 inches quick release air tires with quick locking foot brake system at the back ensures smoothest possible trip for the dog. To keep it amused during the journey, the design incorporates a window with panoramic view and a front bar to hold onto for support. Added features like large storage baskets or cup holders to accommodate your and your dog’s stuff. The adjustable handle height adds more convenience and comfort for the owner eliminating back pain or extra strain on the neck. The one hand easy fold mechanism makes it easier to manage the stroller while folding to store.

Size available: 27 x 20 x 23 inches


Mattress lined carriage for added comfort

Retractable canopy for protection



Not for dogs with any disability

8. HPZ Pet Rover XL Travel Carriage

Last is HPZ Pet Rover XL Travel Carriage with convertible compartments. This stroller can be expanded from 13 inches to 36 inches to accommodate large pets. The heavy duty rust free aluminium frame is covered with premium quality fabrics to make it aesthetic, durable and functional. The overhead 3 stop canopy is stitched out of water-proof and scratch-proof material to shield the dog from harsh weather conditions. It is secured in place with easy locking latches eliminating the hassle involved with zippers. There is an additional 5 inches space with a mesh cover that can be used as a storage tray for objects or increase the carriage space.

The large rear zippered door allows easy access of pets in and out of the stroller. The compartment is lined by two removable pads that can be easily washed. The reversible handle bars enhance usability for owners. For top-class motion and stability, rubber tires are used at the back to minimize vibrations. The front wheels are 360 degree rotating with swivel locks. Both wheels are maintenance free and covered by a 3-year free replacement protection. The whole product is easy to assemble and disassemble including the wheels. This stroller is available on amazon. Recently it was declared Editors’ Choice Award Winner of 2020 Dogster & Catster Magazines, because of its style and most innovative design.

Size available: 30 x 25 x 40 inches


Expandable compartment

Easy assembling



In conclusion, these are the best large dog strollers for your dog. You can get any of these strollers as per your dog weight group and your requirements. We hope we help you to decide which dog stroller to get for your large dog, so they can enjoy the outside and go for walks even in immobile condition. In case you are already using one of these strollers, feel free to share your experience and review with us. If you have any questions regarding any of these best large dog strollers, please contact us.

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