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Best Indoor Cat Enclosures 2020

Best Indoor Cat Enclosures 2020

Managing your pet can sometimes get a little out of hand. Pet parents face additional problems in several other scenarios like introducing a new pet, welcoming guests, tending to your sick pet, etc. Whether it is about emergencies or the everyday discipline routine you wish to achieve, best indoor cat enclosures can be your one-stop solution. Unlike portable or outdoor cat enclosures, these give your cat enough playroom and resting space. If you’ve been facing a tough time picking the right home for your cat, here are our chosen picks:

1. Midwest Cat Playpen

Top Pick

Midwest Cat Playpen

Attaching Cat Bed & Wheel Casters

Cat Playpen includes a FREE cat bed, an easy to remove leak-proof plastic pan, 3 adjustable cat resting platforms & 4 locking wheel casters for easy positioning in your house

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Cat Playpen by Midwest is carefully designed for one to three small cats and offers health and happiness with a homely look. The enclosure comes with three different seating levels and is made out of metal with a black E-coat to keep the rust away. It provides an extensive play and nap area for your cat and earns its name as the best indoor cat enclosure.

The three resting platforms are adjustable, and the complete enclosure comes with a collapsible design. It can easily be disassembled and stored aside or carried away when needed. Large front doors and secure latches make sure cleaning and pet entry is never a problem. A slide-out tray comes with the enclosure that helps catch all the litter and ensures the environment stays clean. The enclosure boasts a contemporary design and durability.


– Double door front access

– Multi-level seating area

– Safe door latches

– Roll and Lock Casters for easy movement

– Simple fold-down design


– Storage convenience offered by the fold-down design

– Soft and Plush Chenille bed as an accompaniment

– Easily movable through rotatory wheels

– Litter tray as an accompaniment


  • Not the best choice if you’re looking for a cat enclosure on budget

2. IRIS Cat Condo

Top Pick

IRIS Cat Condo


Heavy-duty epoxy-coated wire sides and door Includes a wooden perch and hammock Dimensions: 35.83″L x 19.69″W x 66.93″H Easy-to-clean molded bottom tray Wide sliding access door with positive-lock latch

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The IRIS Cat Condo acts like another ideal little home for your cat. It is a 3-tier, brown-colored enclosure that works perfectly for compact homes where lack of space is a major concern. The heavy-duty, coated wires are sturdy and bring a sense of strength to the simple design. A bottom litter tray comes as an accompaniment to help keep the cat’s play area clean at all times.

The added cat hammock is colorful and brings a winning touch to the overall appeal of the condo. Since this indoor enclosure lacks wheels, moving it is not just as easy. Nevertheless, its well distributed-weight and careful design don’t shut the door on portability entirely. IRIS’s indoor cat enclosure can be seen as another best indoor cat enclosure.


– Heavy-duty, coated wired construction

– Hammock and wooden perch as an accompaniment

– Easy to clean bottom tray

– Broad sliding door

– Effective safety latch


– A hammock for the cat to relax

– Sturdy, rust-resistant design

– Comes with a wide litter tray that is easily washable


– Ideal for just one pet

– Does not have wheels for easy movement and portability

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3. Meow&Woof Best Indoor Cat Enclosure

Editors Choice

Meow&Woof Best Indoor Cat Enclosure

Dog Play Pens for Puppy Large Size Sturdy Struction Long Lasting Use

More than enough play space for cute cats and dogs to rest, play with themselves and their babies.Able to accommodate pet family and pet supplies.

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Strikingly different from the other two choices discussed so far, this option brings different qualities to the plate. The Cat Playpen by Meow&Woof is compact and space-saving. It is a good choice if you’re investing in an enclosure only for extreme days and do not want your cat to spend most of its time there. Despite its small design, the enclosure is sturdy and creates a spacious playroom for your kitten.

You can “Do it yourself” as you unpack the bag and build a little castle for your cat from scratch around a wooden framework. The enclosure comes with a chew-proof mesh making sure your kitten can bring no harm to its tiny home. Made out of Oxford fabric and a wooden frame, the Playpen is durable and reliable. It is an extremely safe indoor enclosure for small pets, allowing them a 360-degree view of their surroundings. The two-way entrance makes for another likable characteristic.


– Comes with easy assembly DIY parts

– Chew-proof mesh

– A spacious play and restroom

– A complete view of surroundings

– Two-way entry


– A safe and compact play and nap area for your cat

– Two-way entry

– Chew proof material of the mesh protects the Playpen


– Ideal for small kittens

– Comparatively smaller

– Not ideal for constant, everyday use.

4. AmazonBasics Large 3-Tier Cat Cage Playpen Box

Editors Choice

AmazonBasics Large 3-Tier Cat Cage Playpen Box

36 x 22 x 51 Inches, Black

3 shelves offer vertical space for resting or playing; 2 swing-open doors for easy inside access; secure-locking door latches

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The cat playpen by AmazonBasics stands out for the amazing playroom it provides for your cat. The thoughtful design is rust-resistant and collapsible, making the enclosure easy to store and move around when not needed. The play area is spacious enough to encourage plenty of feline fun for one or more kittens. The wired cage structure ensures your pet’s safety, along with a manual latch that your pet cannot interfere with. The E-coat finish is another desirable feature of the Playpen. The enclosure comes with 4 rolling wheels that facilitate easy movement every time you wish to give your cat a taste of different surroundings.

Adequate horizontal rests and the vertical design make for perfect play and nap time within the enclosure. The design is sturdy and easy to assemble. It works equally well for kittens and adult cats. Leakproof plastic floor pan makes sure your floor does not fall prey to whatever happens within the enclosure and remains as spick and span as ever. This indoor enclosure has two large swing doors that allow the litter box to be cleaned from time to time. Overall, the model is extremely user friendly and ideal for compact storage.


  • Two large swing doors
  • 3-tier Playpen
  • Removable and leak-proof plastic floor pan
  • Easy transportation and storage
  • Fold-down design


  • Vertical playroom encourages maximum activity
  • Perfect horizontal rest spots
  • Rust resistant


  • Constant assembling each time after the Playpen is dismantled can get a little tiring.

5. Petsmatig Wire Cat Cage

Cool Pick

Petsmatig Wire Cat Cage

3 Platforms, 3 Ladders, 1 Hammock, 1 Bottom Tray, 4 Wheels and Free

ALL IN ONE METAL PET CRATE: The PETSMATIG WIRE CAT CAGE will be your cat’s favorite place to feel safe and comfortable wherever it is set up; with 3 adjustable platforms and ladders

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The Petsmatig Wire Cat Cage wraps all features into one, making it the best indoor cat enclosure for your feline friends. The model consists of ladders, platforms, litter trays, cat hammock, front opening, side opening, and several other features. The perfectly sized wheels also allow easy movement if you wish your cat to see a new side of the home each day. This cat enclosure is one of the most pet-friendly options you can invest in. There are no limitations when it comes to creating the perfect activity and rest zone for your cat.

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This model by Petsmatig is a foldable, pet-friendly crate that comes with the much-needed user manual. Grooming gloves are another great addition that you receive with the package. Setting up the Playpen and dismantling, it is extremely easy once you have read the instructions. No additional tools are needed for setting up the enclosure once you receive your package. 360-degree movable wheels make moving this enclosure easier than ever. The design is certainly suitable for cats. However, it works equally well with other small pets. The construction is that of hardened steel wire, making it durable and impact resistant. Pet safety remains uncompromised with Petsmatig. The hammock is made of polar fleece, making it a snug and comfortable place to rest.


  • 360-degree wheels
  • Three-way entrance
  • Easy assembling
  • Ladders and hammock for a fun playtime
  • Additional litter box
  • Pet-friendly housing


  • The hammock serves as a great kitty companion, allowing your pet to play and rest.
  • The enclosure is easy to transport.


  • Two people are needed to assemble the enclosure effectively

6. IRIS Two-tier cat cage

Cool Pick

IRIS Two-tier cat cage

Cat Cage, Yellow

Cat condo features 4 wheels and easy twist to open door latches Door hooks can prop doors open, so your cat can come and go Top opens for easy access into the cage Plenty of room to add cat toys, cat food, or even a litter box Dimensions: 32.48″L x 22.24″W x 46.81″H

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Another great playpen option for your cat is brought to you by IRIS. The bright colors of this Playpen make it stand out. If you believe in a vibrant atmosphere in your house, this Playpen will do a lot more than just being your cat’s home. The bright yellow and white enclosure is comparatively smaller. However, it is a great two-tier playpen for one pet. Made out of plastic, it is the ideal condo for smaller homes that lack ample space. The plastic’s quality is durable and strong to support all your pet’s playing and resting needs. Mobility is not a problem with the enclosure as it comes with four swift wheels for easy transportation.

The door latches come with a simple twist mechanism that is easy to grasp for pet owners. However, your pet cannot interfere with the entry and exit points at any time. This makes the enclosure safe and reliable even when you cannot keep an eye on your pet. Another enticing feature is that top access is also allowed in the Playpen. Despite being a smaller alternative, the enclosure has enough space for your cat’s litter box, toys, food and water bowls, and all other necessities. Door books give your pet the option of entering and leaving as and when it likes.


  • Two-tier condo
  • Moving wheels for easy movement
  • Safety latch
  • Ample play space
  • Top access
  • Vibrant and aesthetic


  • The most vibrant choice on a budget
  • Top access allows you to put your pet in its play area safely


  • Ideal only for one pet

7. Petmate Pet Kitty Condo

Cool Pick

Petmate Pet Kitty Condo

Condo with Plastic Base

Removable fleece shelf covers provide additional support for pets and are machine washable

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Precision Pet Condo comes with a plastic base and reliable construction. It is a classic black playpen that brings comfort and aesthetics out there on the front. It gives enough space to your pet for activity, meals, and naps. Adjustable fleece lofts come with the condo to bring extra comfort to your cat’s mini home. These fleece covers can easily be machine washed to keep additional careful cleaning troubles away. The plastic floor can easily be cleaned with a wet cloth to make sure your kitty always enjoys a safe and hygienic environment. The black epoxy coat covers the mesh construction, making it dust and water-resistant.

The brand gives a valid warranty on the enclosure. Simplicity in design allows extra pet visibility and maximum pet safety. A collapsible design makes the condo easily storable and portable. Wheels on the base enable significant movement across the space of your home. The precision cat condo certainly does a thorough job of creating an excellent indoor cat enclosure. The materials used are of great quality so that you and your pet never have a reason to complain about your cat’s personal space.

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  • Two fleece-lined shelves
  • Removable cover
  • Double door opening
  • Reliable plastic base
  • Collapsible design


  • The fleece lining on shelves is comfortable for your cat
  • Double door access allows easy entry and exit for pet


  • The base of the condo is made of plastic

Buyer’s Guide

Indoor cat enclosures can sometimes turn into a necessity to discipline your pet and manage your routine. Choosing the right enclosure can then turn into a big question. However, you only step away from making the right choice after considering all the given features, pros, and cons of the best indoor enclosures. If you are a pet parent and your kittens have been pushing you towards the thought of getting an indoor cat enclosure, you aren’t on the wrong track. There are several reasons one might want to invest in a cat enclosure. Let us see how an indoor cat enclosure can work wonders, what’s the ideal size, the best designs, and how to make the right choice.

Why buy an indoor cat enclosure?

On days when your pet’s safety and the home’s discipline are simultaneous concerns, an indoor cat enclosure is a great pet lifestyle product. When placed in the open, it also allows your pet to soak in the sun and marvel at nature while being safe inside a little haven. Several reasons work in your favor if you’ve been thinking about investing in an indoor enclosure.

Buying an indoor cat enclosure can be helpful if you’re trying to discipline your first pet, introduce a new pet at home, protect older pets from overactive young ones, medically tend to your kitten who keeps escaping, and for a variety of other reasons. Another reason that owners invest in indoor cat enclosures right from the beginning is to help an active young cat adjust to its social surroundings. If none of these reasons apply, it is essential to know that a good enclosure can always be a safe resting spot for your cat.

What is the ideal size for a cat enclosure?

Indoor cat enclosures do not come in the same shapes and sizes. Despite no standard size and the decision depends on you and your cat’s habits, keeping a few points in mind as a buyer is essential. Always invest in an indoor closure that gives plenty of playing space and breathing room to your cat. It is best to go for a vertical space as it works wonders for your house and your fun-driven cats that love to climb.

Horizontal rest points are also critical. Other than this absolute basic, always get a litter tray with the enclosure and position it at the bottom. Food and water should ideally be kept at the highest level. Such a placement will encourage activity and make sure your cat doesn’t unnecessarily make a mess inside the enclosure. Sick pets should be given food and water at the same level as their rest platform. A good enclosure must make space for all these necessary components while never compromising on the healthy space your pet needs.

Which are the best enclosure designs?

Indoor cat enclosures come in a variety of appealing designs. If you are deciding on picking one for your cat, these are some attractive designs you can easily find. Enclosures with a climbing wall-like structure give your pet enough room to play. Make sure you balance this out with ideally placed horizontal resting pads. Most simple designs follow this basic principle. Cats are easily startled, seeing new people in their surroundings. Such behavior makes it important to invest in an enclosure that your cat can cherish. Let your choice speak for both pleasure and the safety of your pet.

How should you make the right pick?

Cat playpens are important as they restrain and protect your valuable pet. Here are a few things you should consider while buying the ideal cat enclosure:

– The cat’s age

– The expected size of the cat breed

– The available playroom

– The amount of time your pet will spend in the Playpen

– Safety and durability

Based on these guidelines, do not try forcing your cat into it when you do bring an enclosure home. Let your pet explore it just like any other item in its natural territory. This will turn the enclosure into a desirable escape for your cat instead of bringing a feeling of being caged. Look out for these essentials and spend wisely on a good indoor enclosure. These choices allow you to look at the best designs and brands available in the market to help you bring the best indoor cat enclosure for your house.

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