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Best IKEA Cat Enclosure 2020 – A Buyers Guide

Best IKEA Cat Enclosure 2020

Kitties love their place to lounge, hide, and play. They often love to experience fresh air rather than sitting inside a room. However, outdoors poses a lot of danger to cats. Thankfully, there are various catios or cat enclosures available that allow your cat to stay happy and safe outside. But someone with no prior experience of buying a cat enclosure can end up wasting time and money. Here we bring you the top 7 best IKEA cat enclosures along with an easy-to-understand buyer’s guide to help you pick the best house for your cat as per demand.

1. AmazonBasics Collapsible Cat House With Bed

Top Pick

AmazonBasics Collapsible Cat House With Bed

Cat House with Bed

Cube-shaped cat house offers kitty a fun, relaxing place to lounge, hide, and play

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The AmazonBasics cat enclosure is a unique and handy enclosure that will never cause space problems for you. Unlike dog beds, cat enclosures tend to be spacious and may take up more space than the owner is comfortable. If you live in a flat or a small house, you will want to check out this handy IKEA cat enclosure. Through simple assembly steps, one can quickly assemble and disassemble this enclosure as and when needed.

The outside and base are made of suede, while the inside of the enclosure has a den-like napping space. It gives your cat its privacy and lets it be cozy inside. Despite the high cubical shape, you will find it incredibly light to remove, and you can collapse it to carry it with you when you’re on the move, making it the best cat enclosure in the market today. It is also a major convenience that this enclosure comes in a handful of color options so that your furry pet can choose the one that it likes the most.


  • Great structure and classic design that your cat will love
  • Color options to choose from


  • Lack of creativity in the design

2. PETMAKER Pethouse Ottoman Bed Cube

Top Pick

PETMAKER Pethouse Ottoman Bed Cube

Footrest with Cushion Top and Interior Pillow

Multipurpose ottoman- This ottoman features a comfortable, study top and inner opening making it perfect for multiple uses for you and your cat, kitten, puppy or small dog

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Getting a cat enclosure is often a taxing job. For starters, it takes up a world of space, and no matter where you go, you always tend to run into it. That’s where PETMAKER’S multipurpose Ottoman bed cube comes into play. This cat enclosure works just as well as an ottoman and never feels like ‘extra’ space in your house.

These cat enclosures have a collapsible design to disassemble easily. By simply following the few step instructions given to you with the product, you will easily be able to dismantle and assemble your Ottoman cat bed when you need to. Being multifaceted, you can simply keep it aside without consuming too much space in the house when it is not in use.

The 15 X 15 x 15 inch model has a unique and compact design that folds itself into a simple 3.5-inch compact sheet when not in use so that you can virtually store it anywhere. The plush inside as well as outside makes it super likable for your feet as well as your cat. It also comes in two elegant dark and light colors. This multi-purpose cat enclosure, coupled with its adaptability to all situations, makes it one of the most reliable IKEA cat enclosures in the market today.

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  • Compact design with added comfort
  • Easy to clean material


  • Bulky to carry around with you

3. IKEA LURVIG Black Cathouse

Top Pick

IKEA LURVIG Black Cathouse

Size:Pack of 1, 13x15x13 “

Includes: Pack of 1 IKEA LURVIG Cat house Size: 13x15x13 ” Color: Black

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The IKEA LURVIG cathouse is the pinnacle of compact and steady. This cathouse has a dynamic design, unlike most other cat houses in the market today. Its durable material and sheer elegance make it a product that can stay in your home for a very long time.

Unlike most other cat houses, this enclosure is much simpler and does not require a complicated setup. It has a minimalistic build, and the stretchable material ensures that it is resistant to your cat’s persistent clawing. Due to the light material of the box, you can easily carry it around as and when needed.

This cat enclosure comes in elegant black color, and the interior is spacious enough for your feline friend to have its privacy. While the main interior is built from solid cardboard, the covering material is made of 100% polyester, making it one of the best quality cat enclosures in the market today.


  • Simple and minimalistic design
  • Light material


  • Lack of color options available
  • Slightly less durable as compared to other products

4. K&H Outdoor Best IKEA Cat Enclosure

Top Pick

K&H Outdoor Best IKEA Cat Enclosure

Olive Green 18 X 22 X 17 Inches

Keep all cats of any shape and size protected and comfortable in this easy-to-assemble, weather resistant, insulted cat shelter

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Cat houses generally come in a few standard shapes and sizes. There is a world of features to pick from for pet owners, but not many designs to peruse through. That’s where K&H shines. The cat enclosures by K&H are a class in terms of looks as well as quality.

These cat enclosures are specially designed for your cat, and there is a slim chance that your cat will not adapt to it soon. The enclosure comes in the shape of a house and is not only adorable but spacious as well. Your cat will surely be more than comfortable in these enclosures, and you will seldom need to change anything. Cats generally are very picky with the environment that they are comfortable with. K&H’s special cat enclosures take the extra step and provide you with a heating option for certain enclosures so that your feline friend can stay warm even through the harsh winters.

The material is made of polyester and is sturdy. This special material can take very well to your cat’s scratching tendencies and is built to last.


  • The special heating feature which makes it perfect for outdoors/indoors
  • A creative house like design


  • Bulky body
  • Requires some maintenance

5. FEXTTEN Thick Felt Cat Cube Cave

Editors Choice

FEXTTEN Thick Felt Cat Cube Cave

Foldable Cat Houses for Indoor Cats

✔ Fit In IKEA Shelving Units: Designed to fit perfectly in IKEA shelving units. The felt construction with the removable interior mat.

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There are only a few cat enclosure designs in the market today, which you will immediately like. That being said, there are even fewer enclosures out there that will perfectly fit into your IKEA furniture spaces to make you make the interior designer inside you happy.

There are various reasons why the FEXTENN cat cube is the best IKEA cat playpen  or enclosure that you need. For starters, these cubes are made of a special felt that is designed to keep your cat warm and relaxed no matter what the conditions outside are. These cat cubes do not take up too much space as they can easily fit into your IKEA shelves or even anywhere else thanks to their compact size. Each FEXTENN cat cube is specially designed by artisans because you deserve the best of products for your cat.

The interior of these cubes is straightforward to clean. The mat present inside can be removed, and you can clean it as you want, making it very convenient for you to keep your cat’s home in the best possible condition. The special felt texture is also beneficial for your cat as it regulates the temperature at all times.

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  • Light material which is easy to clean
  • IKEA compatible shelving


  • Not as durable as other enclosures
  • Neutral dull color options

6. PETMAKER Cat Pet Bed Collection

Editors Choice

PETMAKER Cat Pet Bed Collection


SLEEP OR PLAY– This kitty cave provides a comforting covered space to keep fur babies happy while they slumber or play!

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Very few cat enclosures look as luxurious as the PETMAKER cat bed. These enclosures are overall a visual delight and offer the best quality of material for your cat. The mouth of these enclosures also has a furry mane. It serves to be more than just an aesthetic as your cat will certainly love to play with the hairy material from time to time.

These cat enclosures are possibly the most trustworthy IKEA cat enclosures you will have come across. They come in a wide variety of off-route colors, each better than its predecessor. The inside of these cat beds has a removable cushion that you can take out whenever you want to adjust your cat’s comfort. The soft material provides a friendly and warm home for your cat to rest.

The large size of the cube and the spacious interior makes it the perfect home for adult cats as well as young cats. It is imperative for a cat to feel protected and cozy in its enclosure, and this cube does just that. The semi-polyester semi foam material is the perfect blend of softness and durability, which keeps your cat and you satisfied.


  • Creative off route colors available
  • Fluffy mane like covering at the entrance


  • A little smaller than other enclosures

7. MidWest Curious Cat Cube/House/Condo

Cool Pick

MidWest Curious Cat Cube/House/Condo

Color:Brown Single Story

Cat hide-away includes plush hanging ball w/ “hide & seek” cut-outs to promote play, a nice private den creates a fun cat hide-out & a comfortable cushioned top promotes relaxation for your pet cat

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Very few cat enclosures in the market combine the stability of a spacious home with the creativity of an aesthetic design. MidWest’s ambitious idea is a spot-on hit as it provides for the perfect mini home for your cat. This cat bed is not just a small cube where your cat can rest. It is a home of your cat wherein it can stretch its legs and spend hours together at a time.

MidWest’s range comes in various colors, and each house has its little terrace-style top, which the cats tend to love. The different color options are also a huge blessing as your cat can decide which one it likes best. The faux suede material is comforting and liberating for your cat. Your cat can easily stretch itself in its spacious home. Unlike other stuffy cat cubes, this home lets your pets have their space. There is also a two-story variant that you can look into, which adds to the product’s elegance. Considering all the high end features this cat cube offers, it certainly stands out amongst all the other contenders. That’s what makes Midwest Curious cat cube the best IKEA cat enclosure in the market today.


  • Stand out design with great color options.
  • A great option for multiple cats


  • Bulkier than other enclosures
  • Not suitable to carry around

Buyers Guide

Finding the perfect cat enclosure can be a tedious task. There are various designs, styles, and features in the market today. While the added options are a good sign, they can confuse a novice buyer unknown to these elements. That’s why one should know what to focus on when shopping for a cat bed for your feline friend. Here are a few things that you will want to keep in mind:

How can you choose the right bed for your cat?

Many first-time pet owners get discouraged because their pet does not immediately take a liking to a new bed or cube. There is no need to panic at such times. It is usual for your cat to take a while before getting used to using its new bed. So, if it does not take an immediate liking to any product at the store or anywhere else, there is most probably nothing to worry about.

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Choosing the right bed for your pet can be tricky. It is difficult to know what your pet likes or can come to enjoy. The truth is that finding the right bed for your cat requires equal parts trial and error and equal parts research.

Picking the Right Material

There are various materials that pet meds are made of, and you should take your time to weigh the pros and cons of each available mater. The available materials in the market have their specific functions.

The polymer is a light blend that is very relaxing, but it is not preferable in freezing environments. It is a breezy and durable material. However, it does not do an excellent job of retaining heat.

Faux Suede has become an increasingly familiar material over the last few years. It comes with a friendly and warm feel to it, and there is always an extra tinge of coziness in a faux suede cat bed. The only downside to this is that it may not last you as long as you want it to; Especially if your cat tends to be an active scratcher.

Certain products also come with blends that are specifically designed for certain cats. These blends have their pros and cons. They are generally aimed towards a few target breeds. Be sure to do your due diligence before investing in a blend.

Which model should an owner opt for?

Depending on how active your cat is and how much it likes to fidget with its toys, you have a wide variety of cat beds at your disposal. To select the best IKEA cat enclosure for yourself, you should know the models that are most famous in the market today.

Cube Models-

The classic model is a cube that most cats are bound to adapt to. The design is simple, with the cube usually having a circular opening that is not too wide. Such designs work because cats tend to be more private and prefer their enclosures to keep them hidden away. There can always be some adjustments made to a cube enclosure. Some of these come with a soft plush top that your cat can perch itself on. Some even have a circular fluffy mane around the opening that can be intriguing. Regardless of the exterior, you will want to make sure that the interior is well ventilated. A spacious and ventilated interior can make a cat feel safe. Even if a cube design seems a bit bland to you, know that the material on the inside could be very comforting. Perhaps, your cat would best love a simple model.

Shaped Models-

Shape models are generally a bit bigger compared to cube models. This sort of improvement on the cube models and are shaped in a certain way. It is common to find a house or a tent shape with these. Due to the insignificant shape change, there is a strong chance that your cat will adapt to its new home in no time. The interiors of these are more spacious and allow your cat some privacy. This is a good thing as spacious interiors should be the main priority of your hunt. Some of these shape models also have external add ons that you can get according to the seasonal or festival changes. It is always nice to spruce up your cat home a little every once in a while as long as your feline friend is comfortable with it.

Storey Models-

Storey Models are essentially larger models that are ideal for multiple cats. Many individual cats are also known to prefer Storey models as they provide them with much more area to cover. Be sure to check the material that these models are made of and have a steady base. Otherwise, there is a strong chance that your cat might knock this bed over now and then. A repeated event like this may cause your cat to steer away from the bed as it will grow apprehensive of the house. Often, this can happen if the cat knocks over the house while it is inside it. These models also have fun roofs made of different materials. These roofs give your cat an extra choice. Depending on how it feels, it can then adapt to its home.

Overall, there are quite a few things to consider when buying the best IKEA cat enclosure. There is no reason for you to worry because, with a few guides, you will have more clarity. After doing some homework, there is a good chance that you will know precisely what you want. Be sure that you as well as your cat like their new home. As long as those two simple conditions are satisfied, you should not face any problems.

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