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7 Best Dog Trailers to buy for your Canine Companions with a Buyers Guide

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1.Petique All Terrain Jogger-Blazin’ Berry Pet Stroller

Dog trailers are an essential part of every pet owner’s life, and having the best dog trailer is very important to owners. Having a safe dog trailer is indeed your topmost priority. This is exactly why Petique’s unique model might just be the dog trailer you’ve been looking for. This model has everything you could want in a dog trailer, from an intriguing style to the safest structure.

This all-terrain trailer comes with an adjustable handle that has a nice foam grip on the handle so that you can take charge of your journey with your dog. The one-step brake system is a must-have as you never know when you’ll have to step on brakes immediately. The supporting bicycle wheels are great for shock absorption and influence your movement way better than most other counterparts.

The trailer comprises a special kind of removable fabric that can be machine or hand washed. There are two appealing colors that this trailer comes in. Getting yourself one of these is a one-stop buy as you get everything that you could need as a part of the package. You will receive a tire pump with the trailer so that you don’t have to worry about inflating your tires time and again.


  • Great optional features that can benefit you
  • Special attention is given to safety.


  • Optional features have to be purchased separately.
  • The weight can be challenging to tug around for novice bikers.

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2. HPZ Pet Rover Premium Heavy Duty Dog Stroller Travel Carriage

TheHPZ Pet Rover premium is one of the most compact trailers that you will see. The simple folding mechanism that it boasts allows dog owners to carry it anywhere. Wherever you are, you can fold your dog trailer up in next to no time at all. This is what makes this trailer the best dog trailer money could buy.

The wheels featured on this trailer are unlike any other and can handle heavy-duty work without a sweat. If you’re looking for a trailer that has an elegant build and a safe structure, this trailer might just be the one you need. The Pet Rover Premium features 360-degree rotation wheels which can adapt to all terrains and has a rear end braking system to ensure that your puppy is always safe and sound.

The top cover is made of breath mesh material, which will prevent all odors from getting in. This special cover will also protect your dog from UV radiation. This makes it extremely safe to take into use at any given time. The internal compartment given is customizable. You can make a few adjustments to change the size of the compartment depending on how big your pot is. This makes the trailer perfect for all kinds of pets and you can even adjust the size as your little dog grows.


  • Spacious and comfortable for all breeds
  • Very easy to move around


  • Does not fair very well in weather conditions
  • Limited color options which may upset certain owners

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3. Ibiyaya large pet stroller for large or multiple medium dogs


Dog trailers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes but the ones with an aluminum frame are in a league of their own. Ibiyaya’s large pet stroller is a really good option for all kinds of pet owners as it combines power with safety. Finding the best dog trailer is a priority for any dog owner as they are always concerned about their pups. This 15-kilogram dog trailer works perfectly for pet owners who are trying to find the cream of the crop for their pet.

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The trailer features special tires with a quick-release function. When you need to carry your pet around, using stock tires can be very risky and this is why you need special tires for your dog trailer. These quick release tires have special spokes that will help you navigate at nights and are good at absorbing all kinds of shocks. This means that your pup will be safe regardless of whether the road is rocky or plain.

The handlebars too have three kinds of setting to help you maneuver through all kinds of roads and terrains. With the help of the specially designed handlebars and the tires, this trailer makes for the perfect ride for your precious dog no matter where you go.


  • A strong aluminum framework ensures sturdiness no matter what.
  • Maneuvering capabilities make it an ideal carry along with no matter where you take your dog


  • The solid framework is heavy and can be inconvenient to carry over long distances

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4. Schwinn Joyrider, Echo, and Trailblazer Bike Trailer for Dogs

The Schwinn Joyrider is a special lowrider that can handle all kinds of rides thanks to its unique and creative design. This stroller has everything that a dog owner needs starting from rough and ready wheels to protective screens for your dog. The stroller comes in two colors, red and yellow, and has a nice and light appeal to it. The two behind style backseater is specially made and can fit into almost all kinds of bikes. This makes it especially easier for bikers and bike enthusiasts.

The screen atop of it is a dual-screen that can protect your dog from harmful radiation and also keep the bugs out. There is ample space at the back and the horizontally inclined interior space allows your dog to be comfortable and spread out. The stroller also boasts a rear ventilation window so that your dog does not feel suffocated in the trailer.

Overall, this is one of the best dog trailers that you can buy. It combines versatility and style to give you an all-around dog trailer that can handle almost anything. The convenient size also allows you to fit it in the trunk of your car with ease.


  • Great buy if you’re looking for a unique design
  • Light and fun colors that do not absorb a lot of heat


  • Not ideal for large breeds
  • The horizontal style may be repelling to some dogs

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5. Burley Design Tail Wagon Bike Trailer

Burley’s unique design wagon trailer is surely one that stands out among most trailers in the market today. The unique stroller comes in a majestic yellow and black reminiscent of old London cabs. The design for the stroller is well crafted as it can efficiently be lugged around in a handful of environments. Most of the time, you will not even feel like you have to per se carry a lot of weight around. This is all thanks to the unique design that Burley has which allows for it to be carried over long periods with proper weight distribution to not inconvenience the owner.

The side battens present to provide you with great stability when the road gets rocky. These are very helpful especially if you have an active dog who tends to move around a lot. The warranty allotted is truly immersive as it covers all the fabrics and parts for the given warranty time. This means that you can keep this best dog trailer in great shape at all times.

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  • The perfect option for bikers who travel a lot
  • Immersive warranty


  • A bit pricey if you are not looking for an all-inclusive trailer

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6. Burley Bee Child Trailer

For those who are not looking for a whole lot out of their trailer, the Burley bee child is a cost-efficient and convenient option. This trailer is incredibly price-friendly and has all the basic amenities that you would want in your dog trailer. The sleek design has a compact interior space that can offer your little pup comfort. The uniquely designed interior space keeps your little pup from getting anxious and makes their trip as pleasant as possible.

The best dog trainers often have a very appealing color and that is very much the case with this old fashioned vintage yellow and black trailer. The unique Burley design and style is something that you will not be able to find anywhere. This trailer also prioritizes convenience over all else as you can easily fold it up when you need to keep it in the backseat of your car. You can also just as easily attach it to your cycle and go for a stroll whenever you want.

Due to its comparatively smaller size and dynamic features, this trailer is very easy to carry around. As it doesn’t have a world of extra features that you may never use, it is incredibly light and pocket friendly for you. If you just want a trailer to go around the neighborhood with your dog, this one is the best dog trailer for you.


  • Ideal for smaller breeds
  • Pocket friendly


  • Not preferable if you expect a lot out of your trailer
  • May not be able to fit in larger breeds

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7. Instep Quick-N-EZ Double Tow Behind Bike Trailer for Dogs

The Instep easy folding trailer is a very modern trailer that can transform into almost anything that you need it to be. The contemporary design features a compact trailer space that is spacious on the inside and convenient on the outside. You can easily assemble this trailer whenever and wherever you need. Attaching it to your bike takes barely any time and you can easily hop on for your early morning strolls with your pup right behind you.

This unique trailer has a special folding-frame design that allows you to assemble or disassemble things like storage, extra space, and lots more without any hassle. The design is very convenient for dog owners who do not have a lot of space in their house. These trailers often become problematic when it comes to storing them but the Instastep trailer is one of the best dog trainers in this field which will satisfy you greatly.


  • Great compact design
  • Ideal for smaller breeds


  • Does not pack in a whole lot of extra features
  • Is not extremely durable

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Buyers Guide

It is very important for every dog owner to have a reliable dog trailer that they can use as and when needed. If you travel a lot with your dog, it only makes sense to have a dog trailer with you. Dog trailers are especially a good idea if you tend to traverse places where the terrain might take a toll on your pup. Many dog trailers are specially equipped with high-grade material that can handle rocky difficult terrains.

The only problem with buying a dog trailer is that there are too many to choose from. These products come in all forms of shapes and sizes. Each has its unique features and an everyday dog owner can’t know which trailer is right for them. With the help of this guide, you will be able to make an informed decision that will help you understand which dog trailer is the best for your little puppy.

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Some of the most important features to look for in any dog trailer are:


The interior space of any dog bike trailer is very important. Understand that your dog will be spending ample time here. This means that it needs to be as comfortable and well-rested in here as possible. If that is not the case, your dog will only want to leap out and get restless after spending a few minutes in the trailer. The interior space of each trailer is different and the right one for you depends on how big your dog is. Many trailers also have customizable interior spaces that allow you to set the perfect space for your dog. This is a great feature as you can then keep increasing the space as your dog grows.


There is a lot that goes behind the making of the structure of a dog trainer. The best dog trailers have an aerodynamic structure that protects the trailer as well as its contents in the event of a fall. These trailers have a huge range of shapes and sizes that they come in. At first, you are bound to feel like you don’t understand which trailer is the best for your dog but if you take out the time to research the trailers and their specific structures on the internet, you will feel a lot better very soon.

These structures boast various features and you will often find their benefits in the catalog or the product description. Various kinds of metals and materials also have an added impact on the durability of your trailer.


Your dog trailer can have the best features present in the market today but it does not help you a lot if it won’t last you more than just a few months. More than anything else, dog trailers are built to last. Even if you use it with extreme precaution, your dog trailer is most likely going to fall a few times a week if you have an active dog. In addition to that, your dog trailer is going to spend a lot of time outdoors and it has to be tough. Dealing with weather, roads, handling, etc can very quickly impact it. This is why your dog trailer has to be durable. The best dog trailer that you can want is one that is rough and tough and can handle all kinds of places, conditions, and more. Many dog trailers have also been crash tested and various other things to ensure the safety of your dog in case something happens.


No one ever said that buying a dog trailer has to be a boring task. Unlike a few years ago, dog trailers in the market today come in a wide range of shapes, colors, and sizes. Many owners take their time choosing the right dog trailer for them because it is as much a style statement as a utility holding object. While some dog trailers will only have a select few dull colors, you will also find a handful of brands that offer colored meshes and covers which you can remove and change so that your dog trailer doesn’t put a damper on your fashion strides.

The size of your dog trailer also matters a lot especially if you feel like you cannot carry around certain types of dog trailers with ease. Many owners choose to have custom made dog trailers that reflect on the pet that they have. Once you have selected your dog trailer, you might want to go ahead and ask the company if they can make a special cover based on the breed that you own.

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