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Best Dog Bike Trailer 2020 Reviews

Best Dog Bike Trailer

Having your pet as a riding partner on your bicycle can be a fascinating idea. There are various feature-loaded dog bike trailers available in the market for pet parents who wish to give in to the idea. So, if you’ve been struggling to make the right choice, the market has some exceptional options at hand. A best dog bike trailer is a personalized compartment that helps your dog tag along with cycling pet parents on mini trips. After careful consideration of the fronts of utility, appeal, portability, and several other factors, the decision becomes a lot clearer. These detailed reviews, along with an exhaustive buying guide, will help you make the right choice.

1. Allen Sports Deluxe Bike Trailer

Top Pick

Allen Sports Deluxe Bike Trailer


Foot guard tube protect passenger’s feet, and a padded 5 point safety harness comfortably holds your child in place

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The design introduced by the Allen Sports Deluxe trailer is suitable for small pets. Pet parents can conveniently take medium-sized breeds around 50lbs on this competent trailer. The shades on the trailer are pleasing and the material used displays quality. The two in one design helps it stand out as a trailer as well as a stroller. The lightweight construction of this trailer comes with quick release wheels that are approximately 16 inches. The foldable design makes the trailer easily storable.

This bike trailer by Allen Sports Deluxe is undoubtedly a good choice if you’re looking for something reliable. The quality of the wheels stands out, and movement is smoother than ever. A five-point safety belt makes room for additional security. Such standard security measures shape a durable and dependable trailer, turning it into the best dog bike trailer if it meets your specifications.


  • Light steel construction
  • Two in one (stroller/trailer) design
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Foot guard tube
  • Foldable design


  • Quick-release wheels allow easy movement as well as storage
  • Ideal convertible design


  • Not ideal for heavy pets

2. Instep Best Dog Bike Trailer

Top Pick

Instep Best Dog Bike Trailer

2-In-1 Canopy Carrier, Multiple Colors

Take your children along for the ride with the InStep Take 2 double tow-behind bike trailer carrier.

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Instep Bike Trailer is another best dog bike trailer out in the market. The colors of the model are subtle, and the movement of the trailer is smooth. The pneumatic tires have molded rims and are about 16 inches. Such a feature brings competent performance and maximum safety on the cards. A safety flag and five-point harness provide maximum security to pets riding in the trailer. The trailer’s collapsible design makes it further desirable as it barely occupies any space when not in use. Storage being easy is an advantage like no other.

Quick-release wheels also guarantee easy transportation and storage. The rear window and the weather shield are a few other features that cannot easily be spotted in most strollers. Such features make this trailer further unique. The maximum weight tolerance of the carrier is approximately 80 pounds. However, the storage limit presents an additional weight tolerance of 12 pounds. With appropriate storage and efficient movement, the design combines all the features that pet parents expect to see in a good bike trailer. The model is available in three different colors to present the needed choice to users.


  • Pneumatic tires with rims
  • Folding frame design
  • Quick-release wheels
  • Two in one canopy
  • Compatible with most bikes


  • The weather shield and bug screen are great additional features
  • Pneumatic tires make way for a smooth and safe performance
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  • Initial assembly can get a little testing

3. Ibiyaya bicycle trailer

Top Pick

Ibiyaya bicycle trailer

Medium & Large Dogs

PRACTICAL PET TRAILER: When you go to the park, the supermarket or other outdoor occasions, your beloved dog can stay in the pet dog bike trailer comfortably. So you can free your hands and enjoy the leisure and beautiful outdoor time. And you can give the pet trailer as a gift to your dog-loving family and friends.

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On the lookout for the ideal convertible bike trailer and stroller? Ibiyaya’s convertible design paves the way for the perfect stroller cum trailer. The trailer brings together quality materials and a variety of useful features. The moment you wish to take your pet along with you for a mini bike trip or give it a neighborhood stroll, this trailer comes to your rescue. An additional rain cover is complementary to the trailer, and this makes it further recommendable. The interior has enough space to give your pet a comfortable ride. The adjustable leash feature makes sure you never compromise pet safety. The trailer features three adjustable leashes.

The washable and removable lining on the floorboard gives way to luxurious satisfaction and comfort. Entering and exiting the trailer is super easy with a two-way entry-exit mechanism. Ventilation holes allow adequate ventilation to give your pet a breathable and enjoyable ride. Your pet can easily use any of these for accessing the trailer or hopping out of it. The trailer floor is strong and durable, making it ideal for all kinds of dog breeds. That being said, the reflective system makes for safe night strolls when needed. This simple bike trailer can easily be transported or stored because of its admirable collapsible design.


  • Two in one design
  • All-weather cover
  • Front and back access
  • Reflecting panels
  • Extra storage


  • The all-weather shield is a great addition for a comfortable ride
  • Easy entry and exit is possible through front and rear allowance


  • Not ideal for large breeds

4. Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer

Top Pick

Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer

Quick Release Wheels, Universal Bicycle Coupler, Adjustable

Coupler easily attaches to almost any bicycle for added versatility. Rim Material Aluminum, Air filled tires inflate with standard bicycle wheel pump

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Finding the best dog bike trailer while also keeping the affordability factor in mind can get a little tiring. However, Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer manages to bring together all the essential features of a good trailer on a budget. Schwinn is a famous bike brand with its name out there in the industry and tries to make sure all the requisites are in place. The trailer can be bought in bright and pleasing colors, depending on what works right for you. Currently, Schwinn makes variants in a bright blue and a subtle orange shade.

A reliable steel frame supports the trailer. When the trailer is not in use, the design is easily foldable and portable for convenient storage or travel. All the safety measures are precisely in place for your pet, leaving no room for worry. A non-slip trailer foot further maximizes pet security. To top it all, you will discover an adjustable leash feature that works wonders for your pet. The liner present inside the trailer is easily removable and washable. Talking about weight support, the design supports pets that weigh up to 50lbs.


  • Safe travel for pet
  • Special foldable frame
  • Universal coupler
  • Adjustable internal leash
  • A rear door for effective entry and exit


  • A durable and pet-friendly trailer that is compatible with most bikes
  • Adjustable leash feature works well with pets
  • Foldable and portable design


  • Ideal only for pets up to 50 lbs

5. PetSafe Dog Bike Trailer

Editors Choice

PetSafe Dog Bike Trailer

Includes Three Storage Pouches and Tether

LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM: A light, durable aluminum constructed frame lets you easily go for bike rides with your best friend in tow

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Despite plenty of trailers being available in the market, quite a few problems can float to the surface with a large dog in the picture. Having a large dog breed does not mean you need to dash the bike trailer dreams for your pet. PetSafe’s Dog Bike Trailer has ample room for a large pet, and the material of construction guarantees a safe ride. However, pet parents might need to shell out a few extra bucks to invest in this luxurious and top-notch dog bike trailer. The trailer can handle dogs weighing up to 110 pounds. This means it probably checks most boxes when it comes to common pet breeds.

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Additional storage is also made possible in efficient ways. Multiple pockets allow space for water bottles and treat bags, making sure you can carry all the necessities with you without any hassle. A convenient travel poo bag can also tag along, and you can stay on top of all your pet’s needs. Made out of 600d polyester, the trailer features sturdy and waterproof floorboards and doors. A snug, comfortable, and washable cushion top it all as it rewards an already convenient experience with an extra dash of comfort.


  • Light aluminum frame
  • Ride with a view
  • Maximum pet safety
  • Effective storage
  • Easy to connect


  • Convenient and waterproof floorboard
  • Ideal for small as well as large breeds
  • Effective extra storage space is available on the trailer


  • Comparatively expensive

6. Burley Minnow Pet Trailer

Editors Choice

Burley Minnow Pet Trailer

Kids Bike-Only Trailer

20” push button wheels for quick removal Ready to Bike: includes Steel Hitch, tow bar, and safety flag

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Trailers by Burley Minnow are another great idea if you’re looking out for a compelling and competent design. Although the brand doesn’t advertise its tail wagon for pets, the product seems to pack all the requisite features for being a good bike trailer. This trailer alloys comfort with utility, and all the features made available are easy to use. It comes with a water-resistant floor that features a removable floorboard. Such a feature allows easy washing and cleaning whenever necessary. The entire wagon has a collapsible design and modular components. It is also compatible with standard stroller kits. When not in use, the accompanying cover can easily store the disassembled wagon parts. Transportation and storage are both effortless.

A leash friendly design makes the bike trailer ideal for various pets. Such an excellent trailer design can redefine all your outdoor trips with your pet and lessen the impacts of bumps. Easy entry, exit, and unloading make the trailer further recommendable.


  • Collapsible design
  • Appropriate storage space
  • Removable floorboard
  • Easily storable and portable
  • 100% pet safety


  • Removable floorboard for additional convenience complements the overall design
  • Collapsible design with modular components
  • Great looks as well as utility


  • Space for your pet is comparatively restricted

7. Nueven 2 in 1 Bike Trailer

Cool Pick

Nueven 2 in 1 Bike Trailer

20 Inch Wheel Size, Foldable Bike Wagon

★ SIMPLE AND CONVENIENT:The foldable double jogging stroller is easy to assemble. When folded, the volume is small and can be placed freely in any corner. The better design is that it has a lot of storage space behind the seat, which is very suitable for diaper bags, toys, drinking glasses and so on.

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Nueven’s bike trailer comes in bright shades of red and black. It flaunts a two in one design. Pet parents can use it as an efficient bike trailer as well as an independent stroller. Safety seems to receive the greatest priority with Nueven. The trailer has a one hand brake system for maximum convenience. The ample storage space features various sections to modify your storage solutions. Like most other trailers discussed in the list, a reflective belt design helps with easy strolling/biking at night. The model is easily foldable and storable, and you can comfortably carry it wherever you and your pet go.

The design makes room for net windows on the rear side, and this, coupled with sunroofs, allows a comfortable ride for pets and kids. Adequate air circulation is another plus point with an extremely breathable design. Cushioned interiors ensure enhanced comfort for little travelers in the trailer. The carrier comes with a removable cover that helps store the disassembled parts when not in use and can easily be washed. Turning the design into a cart instead of a trailer is super easy with two additional attachable wheels.


  • Large Storage Space
  • Safety Brake System
  • Reflective design for night safety
  • Easy, foldable design
  • Five-point safety belt
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  • The five-point safety belt mechanism provides active care
  • Sunroofs and rear net windows are a great addition


  • The design is a little too compact

Buyer’s Guide

Who should invest in a dog bike trailer?

Dog bike trailers are ideal market revolutions for pet parents who are enthusiastic cyclists. If going on bike trips frequently is your thing and you want your pet to tag along, a good trailer can be the answer to all your questions. Such a purchase does not make sense for owners who don’t own bicycles or are not avid cyclists. That being said, some trailers act like strollers too. However, it is up to how you evaluate your need and spend on a product accordingly. A dog bike trailer is not something you should buy if you’re on the lookout for a simple stroller. Simple models can always meet your specific strolling needs.

If you frequently exercise with your dog, a trailer is perhaps a good idea. You can take your pet dog out on mini trips while not compromising on convenience, comfort, and your fitness.

What should you consider while purchasing a dog bike trailer?

Dog bike trailers aren’t essential for every pet owner. This means that if you do engage in a purchase, you’ve carefully thought it through and want to bring home only the best. When a variety of designs out there are flaunting features and appeal alike, here are a few factors you should consider when buying a dog bike trailer:

  1. Weight tolerance: While you’re going through with your special purchase, it is important to take a look at the weight tolerance. Every trailer has a certain weight capacity. While some trailers are only ideal for small dogs, others work just as well for large dog breeds. You need to make sure your trailer goes well with your dog’s size and weight.
  2. Easy installation: Most bike trailers in the market try flaunting the tag of being “universal.” However, all kinds of trailers do not work well with different bikes. It is always better to be sure that your bike model and trailer are compatible. This will put an end to additional future hassle or disappointment. Easy installation is an important parameter when you’re trying to pick the best bike ride companion for your pet.
  3. Storage convenience and portability: This might not be an important point on every pet parent list. Nevertheless, investing in a trailer that features a foldable/collapsible design is a good idea. It will always be easier for you to carry it around or store it when not needed with such a trait. Amidst so many other things screaming for space in a house, you probably don’t want your bike trailer to be another competitor.
  4. Pneumatic tires: Pneumatic tires can certainly be a safe choice when investing in a bike trailer. If you wish to keep the ride smooth and bump-free for your pet, this is another feature you could look out for. A lot of strollers miss out on specifying such features. That is why it is always better to have additional research in place before you end up buying the very first trailer you like.
  5. Material: The material that goes into the making of the trailer has a lot to contribute. You should be thorough with the qualities of the material to take care of the trailer later. To avoid cleaning troubles later, it is best to stay aware right from step one. All the strollers discussed above try keeping quality as their priority for creating a durable trailer you can rely on.
  6. Comfort/Easy entry and exit: If your pet is going to ride with you frequently, the comfort the trailer offers is paramount. The space inside the trailer should be adequate with a good floorboard. Easy entry and exit are other important aspects of making sure your pet doesn’t dread the mini trips.
  7. Pet Safety: A lot of features in a trailer seem to fulfill this basic need. Adjustable leash, safety hooks, and rain covers are some basic examples. Look out for the best pet safety measures in a bike trailer to ensure your canine companion’s security constantly receives your undiluted attention.


Going in for a compatible and competent trailer will ascertain even weight distribution. This will pave the way for smooth performance and your trailer won’t tow to the sides while you’re cycling. There isn’t one right choice that can work for every pet and parent. We suggest that you choose the best dog bike trailer after careful consideration and discussion. However, these handpicked products will help you decide which trailer model works best for you.

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