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Best Cat Enclosures 2020 – A Buyers Guide

Best Cat Enclosures

Protecting our pet is something we always keep in our mind. However, pet enclosures work as the ideal safety equipment when you take them out. Choosing the best cat enclosure might be a hassled task to do. Here we have listed some of the best products that you can purchase to keep your cat safe.

1. Catry Wooden Cat House Cando

Top Pick

Catry Wooden Cat House Cando

Jute Fiber Fan-Shaped for Any Size

WHAT WE USE: We use only the best materials with our high quality laminated wood and jute fiber to provide your kitten a safe and cozy house. It will become your cat’s favorite and without worrying about the safety of materials.

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Catry’s wooden cat house condo is an all in one option that keeps your cat happy no matter what. Unlike most other cat enclosures, this condo has a sturdy wooden base that is perfect for supporting all kinds of weights. This durability gives the enclosure the strength to stand tall at all times.

The coveted design is a unique one with its activity pad so that your cat doesn’t end up all the furniture at home while you’re gone. The top and bottom wooden panels are covered by soft and comfortable material so that your cat can make full use of its enclosure no matter what.

The washable pad inside can be taken out at any given time and machine washed. This helps you to clean your enclosure conveniently. The entrance is a unique small door-like entrance which is followed by a spacious unique interior. This is what makes Catry’s wooden condo one of the best enclosures for cats present in the market today.


  • Unique design which blends in well with the aesthetic of the house
  • Great look and feel gives it a regal aesthetic


  • The material can be a little challenging to clean.

2. Furhaven Pet Collapsible Room Ottoman Footstool

Top Pick

Furhaven Pet Collapsible Room Ottoman Footstool

Felt Cat House Cave-Style Cubby for Cats & Small Dogs

MULTIPURPOSE: The ottoman-inspired design ensures multifunctionality, allowing the hideaway to be used for storage or as a footstool for lounging humans; it’s sturdy and durable enough to hold 130-pounds of static weight

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The best thing about this Furhaven classic is that it comes in almost every color you can think of. Depending on the kind of furniture you have at your place, you can then easily select the right material, which goes well with your room. The collapsible ottoman design makes it easy to stack it up when not in use.

The ottoman itself is quite sturdy, and you will find that it can easily take the weight of your legs as well as your cat. The material used is soft and does not hurt the cat. It is also resistant to scratching and won’t tear off easily. The polyester walls and surface make this little cat haven a special place to nap whenever it wants. The qualities of this best quality cat enclosure are many, and Furhaven has done an outstanding job at ticking a lot of boxes with this unique design.


  • Small and compact design
  • A multipurpose item which can be carried anywhere you need


  • The size is a little small and may not be ideal for big cats.
  • It can be a little slippery on certain surfaces.

3. Petsfit Indoor Wooden Pet House

Petsfit indoor wooden pet house is the perfect little compact house for your cat. Usually, cats tend to be a little reckless with their enclosures no matter what. That is where the durability of the wood used in this enclosure shines. Indeed, one of the best and highly trusted cat enclosures you will come across, this little enclosure is rigid from the outside and spacious from the inside.

The top of this enclosure has a nice sturdy wooden top so that you can use it as a shelf or a table to keep things. With the help of a few easy steps shown in the manual, you will be able to assemble your wooden cat enclosure in no time. The screws, once fitted, hold the enclosure together for a long time to come, and you can even get this painted to match the design of your room. Cats can easily use the inside as a scratching post, and the excellent sturdy structure makes it a good option for outdoor cat enclosures.


  • A sturdy wooden build ensures durability and shelf life.
  • It can be painted or colored to the owner’s liking.


  • You have to take out time and assemble this enclosure.
  • The interior is not soft and comfortable enough compared to other enclosures.

4. Unipaws Designer Multi-Function Cat House

Top Pick

Unipaws Designer Multi-Function Cat House

Easy Assembly, Fit Most of Litter Box

Multi-Function Cat House:Beautiful night stand hides your cat’s litter box or bed. Stylish furniture look blends with your home decor.

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While most cat enclosures have a stereotypical outlook, this Unipaws model sets a benchmark for other cat enclosures in terms of space and style. This spacious enclosure is perfect for your cat and serves as its own little home.

This stylish piece of furniture doesn’t just blend in with your home, it is a part of the furniture in your home. The sturdy design makes it perfect to use as a shelf atop to store your items, photo frames, and what have you. This reliable cat enclosure tends to have every single feature that you could need and this model does just that. The slide-in tray makes it easy for your cat to litter and for you to clean—moreover, the spacious interior blends in perfectly with your room.

After receiving it, you will be ready to use this within an hour. The assembly is incredibly easy, and the instruction manual guides you through every step.


  • Spacious and luxurious
  • Strong material used makes it very durable.


  • Requires assembly which may deter potential customers
  • Some cats don’t prefer to keep their litter box and enclosure the same.

5. Trixie Products Wooden Pet House

Editors Choice

Trixie Products Wooden Pet House

Wooden Pet House

Classic furniture décor matching any interior design Peek & ventilation holes Wide door opening for easy cleaning Simple magnetic closure two-story unit CARB Phase II Compliant

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When you first take a glance at this Trixie wooden pet house, there is a good chance that you could mistake it for a cabinet or a mini-library. The elegant and stylish design of this pet house makes it one of the best enclosures for cats you could get. Its versatility and durability are unparalleled as you can even use it as a table.

This product has a magnetic closure, which means that no compartments will be left ajar again. Your cats will thoroughly enjoy the space that it has to offer, and they can easily flex their paws and spend hours at a time in this little aesthetic cat enclosure. This product is a two-storey unit that is ideal for multiple cats. Many cat owners also buy it for their cat to allow them that extra bit of liberty.


  • Sturdy build which can handle significant loads
  • Spacious interiors keep your cat happy at all times.


  • The two-story unit may not be ideal for owners who are looking for small compact options.

6. BANIROMAY Large Cat House

Cool Pick

BANIROMAY Large Cat House

Spacious Cat Storage Cabinet

【WIDE TOP WITH ROUND EDGE】The indoor cat litter box enclosure has a wide top, so you can put the magazines, cat toys, and cat mats on the wide top. Even if the cat is crawling around on the top, the smooth round edge protects the cat to stay away from the scratch.

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Buy Now From Amazon

The BANIROMAY large cat house is a unique product: the pinnacle of spaciousness for your cat. When the enclosure is small, your pet can feel suffocated at times. Thankfully, you’ll never face this problem with the BANIROMAY cat house, which provides your cat with the space that it needs.

The removable divider wall allows you to clean the litter quite easily without creating a fuss and keeps your cat healthy and safe. This dynamic build also comprises a magnetic door system to keep everyone safe, making it one of the most reliable cat enclosures in the market today.


  • A large interior which gives your cat
  • Ample space
  • The magnetic door system ensures that no one will trip on it.


  • Hard walls are not the best option if your cat happens to prefer soft material.

7. ecoFLEX Albany Best Cat Enclosure House

Cool Pick

ecoFLEX Albany Best Cat Enclosure House

Cat House

Made with ecoFLEX, the Albany will never fade, warp, splinter, crack, rot, or succumb to bugs Two entry/exit points that outdoor cats need Easy, no-tools-required assembly Durable, strong, “guaranteed tough”! Weather-proof, bug-proof and rot-proof

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Few outdoor cat houses look as good as the ecoFLEX outdoor cat house. Its majestic appeal mainly lies in its structural elegance. The unique design looks like a miniature house for a cat. To add to the delight, the colors on it are merely brilliant.

What truly makes this cat enclosure the most trusted cat enclosure in town is how packed it is with features. This enclosure is weather and bug resistant, and your cat will be safe and healthy as long as it is in this enclosure. The durable material is built to last for years, and the best part is that you don’t require any tools to put this together.


  • Very spacious
  • Tough build which won’t wear down quickly


  • Requires assembly, which may deter potential customers
  • Mainly an outdoor cat enclosure that is not suited for indoors.

Buyers Guide

Finding the right cat enclosure can be more complicated than it seems. It is easy to be swayed away by the various models on the internet. Today, cat enclosures come in all forms of shapes and sizes. Finding the right enclosure can take you some time. It is very important to know your cat well. After all, it is your pet’s comfort that trumps everything else. Most people do some research and make a checklist of the things that they want in their enclosure. Consequently, whichever enclosures meet the requirements are shown to the pet. Whichever enclosure the pet takes a liking to can then be its new home.

While it is important to keep your pets’ needs in mind when purchasing a cat enclosure, it is also essential for you to buy smart when purchasing a cat enclosure. Depending on the model, its size, comfort, and material used, you may have trouble dealing with your enclosure. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when considering your convenience.

Size and possible hindrances

You need to purchase the perfect cat enclosure according to its needs, but it is also essential to make sure that the size does not cause a problem for you. Various cat enclosures can be an inadequate size for the house. You will want to make sure that your enclosure can find itself in the right corner or wherever you see fit. Once it has a designated place, it does not feel like a troublesome object. The key to choosing right is finding the perfect blend of spaciousness and compactness. This way, both you and your feline friend have a comfortable space that you are happy with.

If you have multiple cats, you will want to make sure that these enclosures aren’t placed too close to each other. It is also vital to have a sturdy enclosure that does not budge easily. A playpen that can easily be knocked over is likely to find itself a new spot every day. This could result in you tripping over it or possibly, something worse.


There are various cat enclosures in the market that appeal to cat owners. Almost all of these come in a wide variety of colors. Most cat enclosures are not too flashy and have earthly neutral colors. These colors are given to the enclosure for it to go well with the tone of your house. People prefer buying cat enclosures of similar colors and are likely to go for wood-like tones. Your cat is most likely to prefer a neutral color rather than a flashy one. There is no reason for your cat enclosure to be too flashy unless that is something that you specifically desire.

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Cats are more likely to stay calm in an enclosure of neutral colors as this relaxes them. Flashy colors tend to excite them, and you would not want that when your cat is in its bed. There are also additional skins that you can add to your enclosures sometimes. These skins help enclosures blend with the aesthetic of the house. Such a feature is a big advantage when you are repainting or restructuring the house. Some people even get their enclosures custom colored. However, do not interfere with the material if you are doing so.


One of the most important things about any cat enclosure is that it has to be easily washable. Many cat enclosures boast elegant features but are a trouble to clean. Some cat enclosures are not suitable for a machine wash. As a result, you have to end up hand washing them in cold water. Such specific washing is a tedious task for any cat owner, especially if your cat is clumsy.

It is always best to go for a cat enclosure that can be thoroughly machine washed. You will also want to make sure that the structure of your enclosure does not get damaged after a few washes. If the design of your enclosure deteriorates every time you wash it, its shelf life won’t be very long.


Cats tend to be creatures that shed a lot. When their shedding season is in full swing, you can expect a lot of hair around your house. Since your cat will spend a lot of time in its enclosure, this is where you will most likely find large stacks of hair. Some cat enclosures are not very durable, and using the vacuum cleaner and its hot wind can damage them. When you’re purchasing a cat enclosure, make sure that you can thoroughly vacuum it as and when you need it without damaging the material. You will also notice that some materials tend to be more susceptible to damage than others.

The ideal way to clean any cat enclosure is with a hand vacuum. These vacuums tend to be less efficient with higher quantities of hair. This is why you should preferably invest in a high-end hand vacuum that does not give you many problems. You can also use a standard vacuum for this job and obtain similar results.

General Maintenance

It is always good to get a fancy cat enclosure that your cat is bound to love. Unfortunately, you might end up choosing a cat enclosure that is a little too complicated for your good in haste. To find the best cat enclosure, you must find the sweet spot between neat and convenient.

Some collapsible cat enclosures in the market require a lot of steps for their assembly. Sometimes when you assemble and disassemble these too much, their structure tends to start wearing off. The key is to find an enclosure that is not too difficult to put together. Many playpens can give you a similar set up that is less tedious to accomplish compared to others.

You can even opt for a simple enclosure that does not involve the hassle of going through this trouble. It is easier to get a simple cube enclosure, as long as your cat likes it. You may even find it easier to find a perfect place for such enclosures than bigger ones. Many cube enclosures are made, keeping the dimensions of your furniture in mind. You may also want to explore a multipurpose enclosure like an ottoman/cube enclosure. These enclosures do not feel like they take up any extra space in the house due to their utility. The best part about them is that they are comparatively cheaper than exclusive and complicated cat enclosures.

You need to keep your pet’s needs in mind, but with the help of these tips, you will satisfy your needs. Remember that no matter which enclosure you eventually choose, your pet will take a while to get used to it. It is also normal for you to take a long time to choose the right enclosure. Sometimes, you want to wait for that gut feeling to kick in. When you come across the perfect enclosure, something inside, you simply know that this is the right one.

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