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Best Auto Dog Feeders 2020 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

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The online market is full of lifestyle products wishing to redefine convenience every day. Auto feeders for your pet are among the very first things you look out for as a pet parent. Quite a modern family essential, pet feeders take care of pets in the house while parents are away at a job. However, finding the right feeder can get a little challenging without the basic groundwork in place.

Our detailed auto feeder reviews and buyer’s guide allow you to understand all you need to know about auto feeders before indulging in a purchase.

Here is a curated list that will help you choose the best auto dog feeder in 2020 on the go:


  1. PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Pre-Portioned Automatic Food Dispenser

This simple meal dispenser by PetSafe splits your pet’s meal just as you would want. Breakfast time can now work out just right for your pet without you having to wake up. The serving size is accurate and adjustable. Another feature that comes along is a privacy panel. This allows your picky pets to have the best at all times.

Easy to clean and move around, it is among the best auto feeders in 2020 for your pet. The classic design by PetSafe holds up to 24 cups of dry food. The design is sturdy and helps you stay on top of your pet’s nutritional needs at all times. Take care of your dog’s everyday feeding needs through this routine auto feeder.


  • Portable feeder
  • Equal Division of Meals
  • Easy to clean
  • Slow feed option available
  • Privacy Panel

Material and Dimensions:

  • Stainless Steel
  • 54*8.7*12.36 inches


  • Can be used for dispensing water, dry food, and semi-solid food
  • Perfect for all breed sizes
  • Lightweight, easily movable, smooth-functioning


  • Cannot be controlled by owners away from home
  • Food storage isn’t transparent


  1. Aspen Pet Lebistro Programmable Cat and Dog Feeder

Aspenpet has covered another pet essential well in the form of this automatic dog feeder. The smart feeder comes with an LCD screen and buttons that help you customize the meal schedule. A simple twist-lock system for the lid ensures safety for the stored food. It comes with a removable bowl, making every day cleaning a lot easier. 18 cup and 30 cup capacity feeders are available, making way for the needed capacity choices. This product by Aspen manages to serve around three meals every day with pre-set portion control. This is why you should consider this if you’re looking for the best auto dog feeder. It is comparatively simpler and easy to operate for all owners.


  • Easy twist-lock lid
  • Effective portion control
  • Easy to set up
  • Easily removable parts

Material and Dimensions:

  • Blend
  • 5*9.75*15.25 inches


  • LCD screen for scheduling meals
  • Easy to clean
  • The twist-lock lid keeps kibble flavorful, healthy, and crunchy


  • Monitoring pet’s activity isn’t possible
  • The sensor does not recognize a half-full bowl leading to meal wastage


  1. HoneyGuardian Automatic Pet Feeder

HoneyGuardian automatic pet feeder is another good choice in the market. It is simple to operate and lets owners customize meal sizes according to the needs of the dog breed. It supports up to 13 cups of dry food storage. The eating dish is made out of stainless steel and can hold around 3 cups of food. One can easily schedule up to 6 meals a day. The permanent feeding memory storage also comes in handy as the feeder can remember and store your meal specifications until you decide to change them.

The feeder also comes with an inbuilt voice recorder and player that allows owners to invite their pets to mealtime. It comes with an easily removable food bowl and a blue-light LCD. The control buttons are easy to use and help set up the right meal plan.

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  • Premium message speaker
  • Infrared detection design to prevent food from being stuck
  • Easily washable bowl
  • Low food alarm
  • Ergonomic operation panel

Material and Dimensions:

  • Stainless steel
  • 9*11.4*7.1


  • Friendly control panel
  • Extremely easy to set up
  • Manual feeding choice
  • Voice recorder and a speaker that allows a 10-second long message


  • Does not allow pet’s actions to be monitored
  • The sensor allows a meal to be dispensed even in a bowl of leftovers


  1. Petmate Portion Right Programmable Dog and Cat Feeder

Petmate has introduced another simple auto feeder that can be seen as the best auto dog feeder you can purchase. The operating mechanism is simple and has three simple buttons. Pet parents can now pre-plan meals for their pets and meet lunchtime glazed with convenience. The meal counter delivers the set quantity of food at decided meal times. The transparent storage makes it easier to understand when it’s time for a refill. The simple yet vital twist-lock mechanism keeps the kibble healthy and crunchy.

18-cup and 30-cup models of the auto feeder are available. The eating bowl is removable and dishwasher safe. It can conveniently be placed in the top rack of the dishwasher for quick and effective cleaning. Simple set up and programming makes it likable by all pet parents.


  • Twist lock mechanism
  • LCD screen and three easy programming buttons
  • Effective portion control
  • Super easy setup
  • Easy to manage and clean

Material and Dimensions:

  • Blend
  • 8*11*11 inches


  • Simple and effective feeder
  • Personalized plans are easy to set and manage
  • Food hopper is transparent, allowing owners to check food quantity on time


  • Settings cannot be changed when owners are away
  • Not particularly sturdy


  1. Feastoria Automatic Pet Feeder

Feastoria has mastered the art of systematic feasts for pet dogs through this auto feeder. Food volume and timer is easy to set, and it engages your pet in a healthy eating routine every day. 4 sets of the meal can easily be set every day accompanied by your manual feeding habits. The depth of the feeding bowl is ideal for holding needed meal amounts, and it is easily washable. The top switch makes sure your notorious pet cannot get more food out than necessary. This is a requisite safety mechanism that makes the feeder even better.

App control allows easy management of the feeder no matter where the owner is. The notification system alerts users when the food level is low. Voice and Video interaction feature, along with an HD camera, entirely redefine your pet’s conventional eating routine. It is now possible to always keep an eye on your pet’s meals. This impact-resistant and friendly auto feeder for dogs is certainly a good choice.



  • Easy meal setup
  • Tamper proof
  • Voice and Video Interaction
  • Durable and reliable

Material and Dimensions:

  • Blend
  • 5*6.5*14.8 inches


  • HD camera lets you keep an eye on your pet during mealtime
  • Two microphone allows easy interaction with your pet
  • Anti-abrasion
  • Environment friendly


  • Suitable only for dry food
  • App problems can cause control issues when away


  1. HugSmart Pet Feeder

HugSmart’s reliable pet-friendly design pushes its product forward as quite a choice. This WiFi feeder controls the perfect pet meal times and portions to ensure everyday health goals are reached with your dog. A 2.4GHz WiFi signal and a TuyaSmart application on your phone (either android or iOS) are all you need to gets started. Setting up the right meal pattern is easy.

The feeder can manage up to 20 meals at a go with a total storage capacity of 4L. It accepts around 15 cups of dry pet food and dispenses accurately measured portions for your pet. Automatic battery backup allows the feeder to function at maximum efficiency even without a direct power source. The feeding dish is ideal in size and depth, along with being dishwasher safe.

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  • Dual power
  • Application Control
  • Easy meal customization and control
  • Voice Interaction

Material and Dimensions:

  • Blend
  • 81*9.45*11.81 inches


  • Works on battery mode in the absence of Power
  • The feeder can be controlled on your smartphone through an application
  • Lets you design nutritious meals with careful portion sizes


  • Ideal only for smaller dog breeds/puppies
  • Problems with app control can cause issues or meal delays


  1. PetLike 4L Pet Feeder

PetLike’s auto feeder comes with a much needed 4.5L capacity that ensures adequate feeding over 5-7 days. It saves owners the trouble of having to refill the auto feeder from time to time. Setting meal times and quantity is super easy, and revising it every now and then isn’t a problem either. A built-in speaker allows you to call your puppy for mealtime. The feeder runs on both – AC Adapter and Batteries. This feature puts it in the list of best auto dog feeders.

A safe lid makes sure your dog cannot interfere with the meal. The improved design comes with an active sensor that alerts owners to add food when the feeder storage is emptying. The product is carefully designed and helps establish just the meal routine you feel the need to set for your pet.



  • LCD Panel
  • Programmable Timer Feeder
  • Sensor alert when food quantity is low
  • Built-in speaker and recorder for a personal message

Material and Dimensions:

  • Blend
  • 45*6.5*14.96 inches


  • Sensor alerts you to refill the feeder
  • Runs on direct power as well as batteries
  • Easy to clean wide meal tray


  • Suitable only for dry food
  • Ideal only for small animals


Buyer’s Guide

Why bring home an auto feeder?


There are several reasons to bring home the best auto dog feeder. It not only helps you manage meals better for your pet, but it also lets you unwind a little and keep aside the stress. With a variety of automatic feeders available in the market, the decision can get a little tiring. However, this simple buying guide helps buyers understand all they need to know about auto feeders.


There are three main reasons why you should consider getting home an auto feeder for your dog. Here’s the quick list:


  1. Never compromise on nutrition.


Busy days for owners must not mean days of neglect for the pet. These auto feeders are meant to look into your pet’s nutritional needs. This is the primary reason why getting a feeder is a good idea, especially for a busy or working household.


  1. Healthy meal quantity


An auto feeder dispenses a chosen quantity of food for your pet every day. This helps shape a routine for your pet. Pet parents can set the meal plans according to the pet’s needs while they are away at a job.


  1. Free yourself for other important tasks


It is a good idea to let the feeder do the everyday job while you still tend to your dog’s health and playtime. Getting the right auto feeder allows a better headspace for owners. Auto feeders make way for a stress-free air around your puppy’s mealtime.


Getting an auto feeder shouldn’t mean letting it do all the job. The disadvantages of auto feeders include noise and malfunctioning. While these aren’t everyday issues, malfunctioning could mean your pet missing meals. Fragile feeders could also pose a problem later. This poses an important question: “How to choose the best auto dog feeder?” Here are the best tips to help you get started.



How to pick the right auto feeder for your dog?


Picking the right auto feeder can certainly be challenging. No matter what you’re going for, there are a few basic guidelines that will help you make the right choice. Consider these parameters while shopping for the best auto dog feeder:

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  1. Storage capacity


While selecting the ideal feeder for your pet, it is important to match the storage size of the feeder with your pet’s everyday needs. This will help you get an idea of how long a full feeder will last and how many meals it will serve.

Choosing a small or a big feeder depends on the breed of the dog and the frequency of using the feeder.


  1. Meal portion settings


Portion control settings are extremely important and help one decide the quantity and time for each meal. It is best to choose a feeder that gives you convenient setting options so that you can change the meal specifications according to your needs.


  1. Kibble size concern


The kibble size allowed by the feeder is also important when the choice is being made. Let this match with the kind of food your dog eats for the best meal results.


  1. Easy cleaning


Endless pet feeders flock the market and yet choosing the best auto dog feeder is a task. To simplify your work, go in for a feeder with removable parts that can easily be cleaned. Look carefully into the material and the durability of the feeder before making the purchase.


  1. Pet friendly yet pet-proof


It is time to get a feeder once all these guidelines have been understood by owners. Another important tip is for owners to pay attention to the auto feeder being pet-proof. This means making sure that the food section is secure and your pet cannot meddle with the set meal pattern. Most feeders come with locking lids and security buttons to ensure safety. However, make sure your feeder is pet friendly too as the end goal is to feed your pet and take care of its nutritional needs.



Who should buy an auto dog feeder?


Getting an auto dog feeder is a great idea for couples or families that mostly stay out of doors. Automatic feeders make sure your dog does not miss out on timely meals and also takes care of the quantity served.


It is a good idea to spend on a feeder if you often get trapped in unusual routines. Whether you choose to use it every day or just once in a while when you are out, auto feeders are essentials for modern families with pets.


How to keep your auto feeder clean?


All good auto feeders in the market come with instruction manuals that guide you through the programming, using, and cleaning process. However, always make it a point to buy a feeder that has removable parts that can easily be cleaned. Most feeders in our list are dishwasher safe and easy to assemble and remove. A common practice you can take to is cleaning the removable eating dish in a dishwasher or by using soap and water manually.


Other parts of the feeder can be constantly wiped using a clean cloth and a mild disinfectant to keep the surface germ and dust-free. Auto feeders are easy to maintain when you go in for the right choice. Choose one that works best for your pet and you by keeping meal routines, breed size, and feeder specifications in mind.

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