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Basics to Training Obedience for a Puppy

Basics to Training Obedience for a Puppy

Obedience training will not only teach your puppy to behave better but it will also keep them safe.  It is never too later for dogs to learn but the earlier you start training them the better.

Training is important for several reasons.  Obedience training will help a pet adjust to family life.  It can help socialise your dog who are pack animals by nature.  It will teach them how to interact with the environment, strangers and their owners.

Start as a Puppy

Obedience training should start during the puppy’s first three months.  Puppies are fast to learn, and they can quickly adapt to their environment.  Puppies can become aggressive and fearful if they are not trained during this crucial time.  Puppies should be exposed to as many new places, other animals and people as possible in this time.

Basic Commands You Should Master

When you start training your puppy there are some basic commands you should concentrate on.

The sit command is the easiest and the most important in dog training and is the foundation for other training techniques.  Hold a treat close to your dog’s nose.  Move your hand up allowing the dogs head to follow the treat and in turn causing him to sit.  Say ‘sit’ as he does give him the treat.

Bob from Personal Protection Dogs said “The come command can help a dog out of trouble by bringing him back to you if they are off the leash or they run out of the house etc.”Put a leash and collar on the dog.  Say ‘Come’ while gently pulling on the leash. Reward with a treat and affection when they do it.  Once they have done it successfully with the leash, remove it and practice the command in an enclosed safe enclosure.

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Training to Heal

Training your dog to heel teaches your pet to walk next to you instead of in front of you.  Its head will be even with your knee.  This command will also teach our dog how to walk properly on the leash.

Down Command

The down command is a difficult one to learn for some dogs as it is a more submissive command. The benefits though are great to help anxious or scared dogs to relax.  The stay command can teach your dog self-control which can be very useful in every-day life.

Leave It

The leave it command can help a dog stay safe if it becomes curious about a potential, dangerous situation or item.  Place a treat in your hand and say, ‘leave it’.  Let him sniff, lick, mouth, paw and bark to try and get the treat ignoring all of this behaviour.  Give him a treat from the other hand once he stops trying.  Continue this until he stops and moves away from the other hand when you say, ‘leave it’.  Only give the dog the treat when he moves away from that first hand and looks up at you.

Be Patient

Remember do not rush the process of puppy training.  If your dog does struggle with any step go back to the previous stage and start again.  These simple commands can help your dog safer and will improve your relationship and communication with him too.  It is well worth the investment of your effort and time involved in training.

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