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Auto Dog Feeder Reviews 2020 and Buyers Guide

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Choosing an auto feeder that caters perfectly and specifically to your pet’s needs can be quite demanding. However, looking at the best choices in the market can certainly help you make up your mind. These feeders help your pet stay active and healthy by taking care of its eating habits while you are away. Our detailed auto dog feeder reviews coupled with the buyer’s guide help you make the best decision.

Go through these edgy and convenient auto dog feeders and their honest reviews before engaging in the delightful purchase.

  1. Peteme Automatic Feeder

Peteme auto dog feeder is another smart product in the category. It lets you schedule meal settings to deliver a healthy meal for your dog at all times. It functions according to the set meal plan. The feeder works through Wi-Fi, direct power, and batteries. In case the Wi-Fi connection is lost, it switches to the offline mode and continues to work on battery supply. It allows voice interaction with your pet, calling it when it is meal time through the recorded audio. Keeping an eye on the feeding logs lets you know the status of its functioning. In case pet parents are unavailable, Peteme makes it possible to share the smart feeder with friends and family that can take care of your pet’s meals.

The bottom features silicone pads and gives the feeder a firm grip on the floor. This auto dog feeder can schedule around six feedings a day. It remembers the set meal pattern and timing and works accordingly.


–        Customizable meal schedule

–        Voice recording option

–        Feeding through the smartphone app or Alexa

–        Adjustable portion sizes

–        Feed anytime from anywhere


–        The feeding mechanism works on battery even when the Wi-Fi signal is lost

–        Feeding log checking option is available to make sure the feeder is working properly

–        Voice interaction feature


–        Ideal only for small dogs

–        Monitoring the activities of your pet during mealtime isn’t possible

  1. Roffie Dog Food Dispenser for Small Pets

This compact auto feeder by Roffie is loaded with the ideal features needed to take care of the eating needs of your pet. It acts as a smart friend by dispensing timely meals yet never allowing the pet to interfere with the controls or overeat. With perfect portion measures, it brings together the best possible meal to make sure your pet stays healthy. The feeder is suitable for dry food only and works well with pets under 40cm in height. The material used reflects the good quality and it runs on direct power as well as batteries. It dispenses around four meals per day. The meal settings are easy to set and change. The best feature is a 7L hopper that can last for days without you having to engage in the refilling hassle. You can easily record a customizable message that will alert your pet to mealtime. With a special lid that keeps the meal nutritious and fresh, Roffie is a reliable companion to never let your pet miss a meal.


–        7L storage

–        Easily customizable meal settings

–        Voice recorder

–        Replaceable dispenser

–        Infrared detection technology

–        Timer


–        Auto feed your pet no matter where you are

–        Offers a great storage capacity

–        Infrared detection makes sure food is not spilled or stuck in the hole


–        Suitable only for pets under 40cms of height

–        Keeping an eye on your pet while it eats is impossible

  1. PETLIBRO Automatic Feeder

PETLIBRO smart feeder makes it a point to address the unique nutritional needs of your pet. Every detail of the product presents a premium finish and makes it shine through as a convenient lifestyle product.  Customizable meal portions and timings are now easy to set through this simple auto feeder. It has an LCD screen that helps you effortlessly go ahead with the initial settings based on the breed, age, activity, and weight of your dog.

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The brand gives a 4L food tank capacity along with a flexible feeding option. It is possible to schedule around four meals per day. This product by PETLIBRO is powered by a 5V DC adapter. It makes way for easy monitoring and control while boasting a very humanized design. The inbuilt desiccant box keeps the food fresh, crunchy, and delicious.


–        Customizable meal settings

–        Easy monitoring through the LCD screen

–        Humanized design

–        Inbuilt desiccant box


–        The special design of the product makes sure your dog cannot interfere with the meal settings

–        Desiccant box keeps kibble fresh

–        A classy design


–        Not ideal for multiple pets

  1. HICTOP Automatic Pet Feeder

Auto feeder by HICTOP comes in a classic black finish with a stainless steel food tray. Extra food remaining in the dish can be poured back into the storage container. The feeder has an L -shaped USB cable that doesn’t interfere with its placement on the floor. It is a great practical food dispenser with all the required meal control settings. The design keeps the food relatively fresh and shapes an optimal feeding schedule. The classic inbuilt voice recording feature allows you to call your pet to enjoy the treats while you are away. The desiccant box makes sure the food doesn’t get wet. A special elastic switch design keeps prying pause away. This model by HICTOP is easy to program and allows up to 4 meals a day. Its large feeder can capacity is about 6L and supports approximately seven days of feeding. The infrared detection mechanism prevents jamming and overflowing. Food isn’t dispensed if it is still left in the eating dish. Another special feature makes different meal amounts possible at different times.


–        Desiccant box

–        Programmable control panel

–        Visible food storage

–        Infrared detection mechanism

–        Removable food tray

–        10 seconds recording function


–        The safe lock design makes sure food isn’t clawed out

–        Visible container window with a large capacity

–        Removable stainless-steel eating dish


–        Keeping an eye on your pet isn’t a possibility

  1. Faroro Automatic Feeder

This product by Faroro is a smart Wi-Fi feeder. If your pet is active and independent and you plan on being out only for a short duration, think of Faroro as your pet sitter. It allows you to set up a healthy eating plan while letting you have complete control over every meal. The dual power feature makes sure it works at all times. It is recommended that you choose a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi signal when operating through the internet. If the feeder is on battery mode, the Wi-Fi connection is automatically disconnected. Despite changes in the power source, the auto feeder continues to function according to the pre-set meal settings. It is possible to operate the model using a phone app. Several other features are- a unique design, feeding record and alarms, and balanced meals. Combining a variety of great features, Faroro auto pet feeder finds its place among the best smart feeders you can bring home for your little puppy.


–        Programmable food timer

–        Food control through the app

–        6L feeder tank

–        Infrared monitoring

–        Dual-mode (power/battery)

–        Voice recording feature


–        Food alarm notification feature

–        Accessible feeding records of the last week

–        Good feeder tank capacity


–        Not possible to monitor the pet’s mealtime activity

  1. SKYMEE Petreat AI Smart Automatic Pet Feeder

SKYMEE Petreat feeder comes into the market with all the contemporary features expected in an auto feeder. Multi-user sharing of the app makes it easier for various family members to look into the pet’s meals. Two-way audio and an effective HD camera give you the privilege of watching and hearing your pet while also being able to invite it for a meal. Motion detection and night vision features also work with the model.

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The new 2020 design comes with great 8L storage. Pet parents can easily schedule meal plans. The features that stand out are the ones that prevent overfeeding and food spilling out undesirably. SKYMEE allows your pet to indulge in a balanced and flavorful meal every day with just a little effort from your side. Firmware upgrade is a major plus in the new 2020 design that the brand has come up with. This model seems to carry all the features needed by


–        Food bowl reinforcement

–        Lid seal

–        Bracket reinforcement

–        Firmware upgrade

–        Door cover protection

–        Easy meal scheduling

–        1080P HD Camera

–        Two-way audio


–        HD camera makes it possible to monitor pet activity during mealtime

–        Multiple users can access the phone application from the same account to feed the pet

–        IR Night Vision


–        Any issues with app control can be problematic


  1. AIIYME Automatic Dog Cat Feeder

AIIYME automatic pet feeder allows your pet to stick to a meal schedule while enjoying every meal. The dispenser makes way for approximately 8 meals a day. It comes with all the basic voice recording and app-compatibility features to allow pet parents to feed their pet from wherever they are. The white design goes easy on the eyes. The dual power mode is a saving grace as the feeder can then work on both – direct power as well as battery supply.

The storage tank has a 6L capacity, making the feeder ideal for smaller breeds and keeping the need for constant refill aside. Dry food is kept fresh through the desiccant and there is no set limit for manual feeding. Auto dog feeder review lists AIIYME as a special product as it also allows multiple manual feedings without any hassle.


–        Feeding through the phone app

–        Portion control and healthy pet food

–        Voice recording

–        Dual Power mode

–        Easy to clean

–        Multiple user app access


–        6L capacity tank is ideal for small and medium pet dogs

–        The classic design with a white finish stands out

–        Easy to clean


–        No way to directly interact with your pet

–        Not ideal for bigger dog breeds

Buyer’s Guide

Why should you buy a pet feeder?

Finding the perfect auto feeder for dog reviews can be a little difficult. However, this curated list of the best dog feeders will help you make the big decision. Buying a dog feeder can become a necessity for a lot of different reasons. Smart and automatic feeders allow precise meal planning to take care of the dietary needs of your dog. It is a must-have for working parents and owners to make sure the pet in the house is never deprived of meals. There is a huge variety of feeders available online and picking your favorite isn’t all that easy. Following simple guidelines can help you get through the process.

Undoubtedly, there are several reasons why you should consider getting an auto feeder home. The auto feeder for dog review stresses these basic convincing reasons.

– Effective meal planning

A good auto feeder allows effective meal planning for your pet. This makes way for timely, pre-set, nutritious meals that your dog never misses out on.

– Adjustable portions

Most good feeders come with easy meal settings. This helps owners decide the right portion of food. Meals for your dog are regulated accordingly.

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– Make time for you

Making sure you feed your pet during your job hours can be tricky. This is where an auto feeder acts like your much-needed companion. Do not neglect your pet during busy hours by making the auto feeder do its job.

An auto feeder is meant to assist owners with the meal needs of their pets. Owners need to understand that the feeder cannot do all that a loving human heart can. While the smart feeder does its job, caring for your little pet is just as important.

What are the disadvantages of auto feeders?

Auto dog feeders certainly come with a lot of advantages. They are time-saving, easy to program and use, and effective meal partners for your pet. However, these are a few disadvantages your auto feeder can bring along.

– Noise: Some feeders or dispensers may generate a low-intensity constant noise. Although this might scare your pet initially, it will only be a day or two before your dog gets used to it. Most good feeders are smooth and do not startle your pet.

– Malfunctioning issues: A definite problem associated with relying on auto feeders is concerns related to malfunctioning. If your auto feeder malfunctions at any time, it could mean your pet missing out on a meal. This is why it is important to constantly keep an eye on your dog’s eating time and the meal dispenser.

– The multiple pet problem: Auto feeders can be quite problematic with multiple pets in the house. It can be difficult for pet parents to understand which pet got the most and which one went unfed on certain days. That is why getting home a pet feeder does not necessarily mean all the right boxes have been checked.

How should you choose the right dog feeder? 

When choices get confusing, here are a few basic tips that can help you make the right choice. Pay attention to these little details while trying to pick the perfect dog feeder.

– Look out for the storage capacity

– Understand the meal settings

– Find out the preferred kibble size

– Look into the ease of setup and programming

– Look for interaction features

– Look for tamper-proof designs

Why should you invest in a dog feeder?

Balancing time indoors and outdoors can be a tough task for working pet parents. A pet feeder makes sure you do not have to leave food lying open in the feeding bowl. Acting like your pet’s mealtime partner, it makes way for healthy and crunchy meals dispensed only during meal times.

Here are the top three reasons you should consider investing in an auto feeder:

  1. Monitor your pet’s mealtime

Competent auto feeders in the market now come with an HD camera that allows you to monitor your pet’s meal progress. Tracking your pet’s mealtime activities can be a satisfying feeling for most working families.

  1. Application Control

A variety of feeders now allow controls through mobile apps. Owners can now make adjustments to the meal plans and time even when out of doors. A notification alert lets you know whenever food is dispensed. The app can be accessed on more than one device to make sure both parents feel just as right.

  1. Customized Feeding

Pet feeders make customized feeding possible and that is the most common advantage across all feeder types. After skimming through the curated list of best feeders for your dog, it is time for the choice to be made.

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