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A Quick Guide to Magnetic Screen Door for Dogs

Magnetic screen door for dogs

If you were searching for a magnetic screen door for dogs or looking for its benefits, get happy because you are in the right place. We will brief you on the advantages of a magic screen door and the ways to mesh screen doors.

Magnetic screen door keeps the privacy, comfort, and safety of your home intact, but meanwhile, it gives you a chance to see outside of your home without opening the door. The more exciting thing is passerby cannot foresee inside your house even if the doors are open.

It allows the sunshine and fresh air to enter the door without letting the door open. But the thing is how to mesh screen doors and how to avail these practical advantages??  Just scroll down to know the quick guideline of weaving the screen door; we have compiled many reasonable steps for your ease.

PART 1- Preparing the Magi Mesh:

  •     Spread out the Magic Mesh over the ground or another large and even surface.
  •     Pick up the magnets and arrange them symmetrically.
  •     Now peel the 12 adhesive strips and apply it to the back of the Magic Mesh screen.

PART 2- Applying the Magic Mesh:

  •     Use a clean and damp piece of cloth to wipe away dirt or debris from the surface door frame and let it dry.
  •     Measure the door’s height using a measuring tape because it will prevent it from touching the ground.
  •     Use a measuring tape to determine the width of your door frame and mark the center point with a pencil.
  •     Now you are just a few steps far, join the top and middle part of the Magic Mesh.
  •     Attach the mesh around the perimeter of the door and move out towards one side of the door, later another.
  •     Put the tacks through the mesh and push the nails into the wooden frame.
  •     Now all the steps are done, and it turns to Test out the Magic Mesh screen by walking several times through its center.
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The magnet will automatically split away when you pass through the magnetic screen door and close back together once you leave the doorway.

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