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5 Ways To Show Your Cat How Much You Love Them

5 Ways To Show Your Cat How Much You Love Them

With these 5 simple methods, your cat will know how much you love them and live a long and happy life!

For centuries, cats have been loyal pets to humans all over the world. If you are a proud cat owner (like myself), you will understand how special these 4 legged creatures really are. Cats are naturally very affectionate, especially when they know they are loved. Here are 5 ways to show your kitty how much you love them, and to make them the happiest cat on Earth!

Give them treats

This might sound like a no-brainer, but I actually know some cat owners who never give their cat treats. Personally, I believe that giving your cat treats is great way to become closer to your furry companion. You don’t want to give them too many however, because they will become overweight. If you truly love your kitty, you want them to live a long and prosperous life. My advice is to give them treats only when they do something good as a way of positive reinforcement.

Bring them on adventures

Indoor cats can get very lonely, especially when you are always going places. I always had so much guilt whenever I left the house. This is why I bought a cat backpack with a window! These cat carriers are very convenient because you obviously wear them on your back. I bring my kitty everywhere I go, including car rides and on hikes. My cat loves sticking her head out the backpack window as she observes the nature around her! Many of these backpacks are airline approved, so you can even bring your kitty on family vacations.

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Download cat apps

We all enjoy apps on our smartphones, but did you know there are cat apps? On both iOS and Android you can download apps for your cat to play! Although I’d recommend using the apps on a tablet (because of the larger screen size), your cat will have a blast playing a game where they tap on a moving target. Not all cats will be entertained in this way (mine didn’t seem to care), but I have seen YouTube videos where cats go crazy for these apps. Your cat will definitely love you more if you let them play video games. Just set a time limit so they aren’t pulling all nighters playing games with their kitty-cat friends.

Brush their fur

Did you know that cats spend a third of the time they’re awake grooming themselves? Just like humans, cats love to take care of themselves. Why not help them out and brush their fur from time to time? Although my cat usually tries to bite the brush, she purrs really loud when I brush her back. After a few brushes your cat will probably have enough due to overstimulation, but they will definitely enjoy being brushed. My cat goes crazy for the spot on her lower back right above her tail.

Constantly give them fresh water

This may also seem like a no-brainer, but I know somebody who leaves their cat’s water bowl for a few days without replenishing it. I always tell her to refill it more often, but she insists that her cat doesn’t mind. Oh well. Anyways, in my experience cats are very finicky about their water. My cat won’t even drink her water if it’s a day old. I prefer refilling it constantly because dust particles and fur always seem to contaminate the water. Believe me, your cat will appreciate the little things such as constantly giving them fresh water.

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As you can see, it’s not hard to show your cat how much you love them. With just a few extra minutes per day, you can increase the affection in you and your cat’s relationship. Believe me, your cat will love these simple additions to your daily routine.

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