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4 Home Remedies to Keep Your Neighbour’s Cats off Your Car

4 Home Remedies to Keep Your Neighbour’s Cats off Your Car

We all love animals; they provide us the company we need when no one else is around and quite frankly, even in a house full of people, you cannot but fall in love with the extra presence of a cute furry creature.

However, pets have some annoying perks and cats are definitely one of them. These feline creatures, despite being adorable have an annoying habit of peeing literally everywhere they go. They pee on our porches, patios, doors, foot mats, car tyres, air vents, and it doesn’t help that they have a really “stinky’ pee.

Cats are also infamous for their love of venturing onto the bonnets of cars where they sometimes leave paw prints or scratch marks. Spending money on getting rid of these scratches or repainting the cars altogether is definitely not something anyone would enjoy doing. So in this article, we explore some easy home remedies to keep cats off your car.

1. Orange and Lemon Juice Solution

This method entails spraying a citrus solution made up of oranges and lemons on your car.  As Emily from Cat Spraying Insider says, cats hate the smell of these fruits, and if your car smells this way, there is no way they are going near it. The recipe is very easy and it makes use of products easily available on our kitchen shelves.

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  1. Orange peels
  2. Lemon juice
  3. Dishwashing liquid
  4. Plastic spray bottle.


  1. De-pith the oranges and cut the peel into tiny pieces. Next, you boil in water for a few minutes.
  2. Juice enough lemons till you get a satisfactory quantity.
  3. Remove the orange peels from the water and leave the water to cool for a few minutes.
  4. Pour the orange water and lemon juice into a plastic spray bottle.
  5. Add the liquid to the bottle and shake well.

This mixture can be sprayed around your car. If that does stop the cats from climbing onto your car, don’t hesitate to spray it directly onto the car as this should stop them for sure.

2. Use of Dry Herbs

There are several herbs that can be used to deter cats from climbing our cars. Some of those herbs include rue, rosemary, lavender.

They can be sprinkled on car bonnets as well as other areas that the cats sit on. Just like oranges and lemons, cats detest the smell of these dry herbs. If one herb doesn’t work, you can try others. The trick is to try different herbs until you find the one that works. It should also be noted that all cats are not alike and what stops one cat may have no effect on the other.

3. Use of a Car Cover to Protect Your Car

Another easy way to protect your car from cats is to simply zip a car cover over it every night. This method has the added advantage of protecting your car from other disturbances such as rain, snow etc. It is definitely a win-win if you opt for this method.

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4. Removal of Food Sources from Areas Around Your Car

This is an often overlooked solution to keeping unwanted cats away. Cats are attracted to food sources so basic hygiene such as keeping their garbage area neat and the garbage cans themselves well covered could go a long way in stopping cats from venturing uninvited into our space. Ensure that there are no crumbs in or around your car either.

In conclusion, you can use any of these methods not only for keeping cats off your car, but for protecting your furniture from them also. Try them out and let us know if they worked for you.

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