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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Mobile Pet Grooming

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Mobile Pet Grooming

Each cat or dog requires grooming to look best and remain healthy, and I’m sure that you, like the most pet owners, treat your pet as a human with the top-notch professional groomers or facilities. But sometimes your daily schedule so tight, that you don’t have any time to take your pet to a professional groomer. Also, your dog may not love the car ride or cannot stay calm at the groomer’s place with other dogs present. A mobile pet grooming will help you solve these problems. With such service, you will not need to reschedule your business meeting or stress your pet.

Still not sure whether to use it or not? Here are 3 main reasons why you should use mobile pet grooming instead of visiting a professional groomer every time.

  1. Protection from diseases

At the groomer’s there are many other pets with different parasites and diseases, and therefore your pet will be highly exposed to the risk of getting complications. For instance, some infectious diseases are transmittable even before they are detected. Quality mobile pet grooming will enable you to maintain a happy, healthy, and relaxed pet in a safe environment. Grooming your pet at home is more sanitary than taking it to a professional groomer.

  1. Comfort for the pet

Mobile pet grooming is comfortable for old or young pets because they may become anxious in crowded places. Most pets become stressed while travelling and they develop carsick, which may worsen if the environment is not changed. Your dog or cat could start yawning more than usual times, and some pets tend to lose their appetite suddenly due to anxiety or being nervous.

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Some dogs might even begin panting due to the fear of the car ride, bathing, grooming equipment or the company of other dogs.

You do not have to expose your pet to such stress, but can switch to mobile services instead, hence the pet will always remain calm and comfortable. Again, your cat or dog will get undivided attention, and the grooming process will take less time, compared to taking your pet to a groomer, where you have to wait for other dogs to be addressed.

  1. Convenience

Mobile services come right to your door, and you will not have to transport the pet in your car. Mobile pet grooming offers to cut nails, trimming of hair in different styles, cleaning the ears, and tidying them up. With the usual groomer it is difficult to ask for special and extra services, like dry skin treatment, dematting coats, or brushing their teeth.

Change to mobile pet grooming where you only need to make call to make special orders, like deodorizing your dog, without rearranging your schedule to meet the appointment.

Using mobile pet grooming is more convenient for you and your four-legged friend than visiting the groomers studio. Grooming at home prevents pets from being exposed to dangerous transmissible diseases and makes them comfortable other than making scared of the car ride.

If such service is too expensive for you, it’s not a problem. You can groom your canine or feline companion with a discount or even for free at the various pet events. Such events may be hosted with the purpose of celebrating pet’s birthday, fundraising for animals or promoting pet related products and services. Mobile pet groomers use them as an opportunity to showcase their skills and find new customers, so you can take advantage of the promotional offer.

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