What Can Dogs Eat Besides Dog Food?

what dogs can eat

We all love and adore our canine friends, right? Now, one way of keeping them safe and healthy is by feeding them with the best dog foods. Just like their wild canine families, dogs are carnivores and mainly consume meat to stay healthy. However, for most of our domesticated dogs, feeding them with small amounts of omnivorous foods will help keep them strong and generally healthy.
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Can Dogs Eat Citrus Fruits?

dog eats citrus fruit

You have seen pictures and videos online depicting dogs being fed with fruits like oranges, lime, lemon, and grapefruit. The question is posed: is it the correct thing to do? The truth is that human beings process foods and particularly citrus fruits differently from dogs. To answer this question, you will have to understand all the possible effects of citric acid in dogs.
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Can Dogs Eat Biscuits?

dog and biscuit

Apart from the biscuits meant for human beings, there are others that are specifically meant for dogs. Having mentioned that, it is therefore in order to affirm that dogs can indeed eat biscuits. However,one important factor is the impact that the ingredients in the particular biscuit can have on the dog. This calls for a few special considerations. Read below for an in depth understanding.
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